Russia Agribusiness Report Q2 2015

Date: January 30, 2015
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We have considerably downgraded our outlook for medium-term growth across the general Russian agricultural sector. A currency crisis leading to a severe deterioration in the fiscal situation of the Russian government will result in lower subsidies to the developing dairy and livestock industries. As such, we have revised down our outlook for both out to 2018/19. That said, the country's ban on agricultural imports from certain countries will provide a boon to production over the coming year, as domestic producers take advantage of the lack of competitive imports. We believe that grains production will post positive growth over the coming years, though will decline in 2015/16 owing to poor weather over the planting season. On August 7 2014, Russia introduced a one-year ban on imports of certain agricultural products from select countries. We outline the major implications of the trade sanctions below:
  • Multilateral food trade will, generally speaking, be relatively unaffected.
  • The US poultry and Norwegian fish sectors will be the biggest losers.
  • The Brazilian meat sector and Belarus's agricultural industry will be the main beneficiaries.
  • The import ban is likely to marginally increase Russian food price inflation, which will provide added impetus for Russia's central bank to raise interest rates in the coming months.
  • The ban adds downside price pressure to world grain markets.
BMI Industry View
  Table: Banned Food Products & Implications
Operational Risk SWOT
Industry Forecast
Rice Outlook
  Table: Rice Production & Consumption (Russia 2013-2019)
  Table: Rice Production & Consumption (Russia 2009-2014)
Grains Outlook
  Table: Wheat Production & Consumption (Russia 2014-2019)
  Table: Corn Production & Consumption (Russia 2014-2019)
  Table: Barley Production & Consumption (Russia 2014-2019)
  Table: Wheat Production & Consumption (Russia 2009-2014)
  Table: Corn Production & Consumption (Russia 2009-2014)
  Table: Barley Production & Consumption (Russia 2009-2014)
Dairy Outlook
  Table: Milk Production & Consumption (Russia 2014-2019)
  Table: Butter Production & Consumption (Russia 2014-2019)
  Table: Cheese Production & Consumption (Russia 2014-2019)
  Table: Milk Production & Consumption (Russia 2009-2014)
  Table: Butter Production & Consumption (Russia 2009-2014)
  Table: Cheese Production & Consumption (Russia 2009-2014)
Livestock Outlook
  Table: Beef Production & Consumption (Russia 2014-2019)
  Table: Poultry Production & Consumption (Russia 2014-2019)
  Table: Pork Production & Consumption (Russia 2014-2019)
  Table: Russia - Beef, Pork & Poultry Imports
  Table: Beef Production & Consumption (Russia 2009-2014)
  Table: Poultry Production & Consumption (Russia 2009-2014)
  Table: Pork Production & Consumption (Russia 2009-2014)
Commodities Forecast
Monthly Softs Strategy
  Table: Select Commodities - Performance & BMI Forecasts
Monthly Grains Strategy
  Table: Selected Commodities - Performance & BMI Forecasts
Upstream Analysis
Europe GM Outlook
Europe Machinery Outlook
Europe Fertiliser Outlook
Downstream Analysis
Food Consumption
  Table: Food Consumption Indicators - Historical Data & Forecasts (Russia 2011-2018)
  Table: Dairy Volume Sales, Production & Trade - Historical Data & Forecasts (Russia 2013-2018)
Snack Foods
  Table: Sweet Biscuits Volume Sales, Production & Trade - Historical Data & Forecasts (Russia 2013-2018)
  Table: Jams & Jellies Volume Sales, Production & Trade - Historical Data & Forecast (Russia 2013-2018)
Alcoholic Drinks
  Table: Alcoholic Drinks Value/Volume Sales, Production & Trade - Historical Data & Forecasts (Russia 2013-2018)
Soft Drinks
  Table: Soft Drinks Sales, Production & Trade (Russia 2013-2018)
Hot Drinks
  Table: Hot Drink Value/Volume Sales, Production & Trade - Historical Data & Forecasts (Russia 2013-2018)
Mass Grocery Retail
  Table: Mass Grocery Retail Sales By Format - Historical Data & Forecasts (Russia 2013-2018)
  Table: Sales Breakdown By Retail Format Type
Regional Overview
Regional Overview- Europe
Competitive Landscape
  Table: Main Agribusiness Companies
Demographic Forecast
  Table: Population Headline Indicators (Russia 1990-2025)
  Table: Key Population Ratios (Russia 1990-2025)
  Table: Urban/Rural Population & Life Expectancy (Russia 1990-2025)
  Table: Population By Age Group (Russia 1990-2025)
  Table: Population By Age Group % (Russia 1990-2025)
Industry Forecast Methodology
Sector-Specific Methodology
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