Agricultural Market in Russia.

Date: March 1, 2007
Pages: 55
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Agricultural Market in Russia.

Research objective:

To review the Russian agricultural market

Structure of the research:

1. The research covers main problems of agricultural sector.
2. General characteristics of the sector, in which agricultural products, material, technical basis, area under crop and investment cost in the sector are investigated.
3. Research of agricultural sector is carried out through plant cultivation and animal breeding sub-sectors, where major factors and challenges of agricultural sector development are thoroughly examined.
4. The particular attention is given to Federal State Statistic Service Data review.
5. Analysis of major economic and financial indices of agricultural organizations is carried out (profit, efficiency and solvency).
6. All prospective trends are outlined and examined in detail.

The research involves 22 tables, 31 charts and 10 graphs.


Monitoring of print and electronic media, review of Federal State Statistic Service, Customs Service Data, analysis of corporate figures and major agricultural web sites.

Excerpts from the Research:

1. The products volume of all agricultural organizations made up 1.617 billion rubles in 2006. The largest part of the total volume was produced by private sector.
2. Shortening of areas under crop averagely by 1.8 % per year, but the general trend of crop yield level rising in the period between 2000 and 2006 can be observed.
3. The number of agricultural organizations reduced by 10.5 % in 2005 and made up 26.579 against 2001.


1.1. Parameters of the Research
1.2. General Sector Characteristics
  1.2.1 Plant Cultivation Sub-sector
  1.2.2 Animal Breeding Sub-sector
  1.2.3 Agricultural Organizations
  1.2.4 National Project



3.1 General Sector Characteristics
  3.1.1 Agricultural Products
  3.1.2 Agricultural Grounds
  3.1.3 Agricultural Resource Basis
  3.1.4 Agricultural Sector Investment
  3.1.5 Major Sector Challenges


4.1 Plant Cultivation
  4.1.1 Area Under Crop
  4.1.2 Croppage
    Structure of Croppage by Federal Regions
  4.1.3 Crop Productivity
  4.1.4 Prices of Agricultural Products Realization
  4.1.5 Import & Export of Plant Cultivation Products
  4.1.6 Main Trends and Perspectives in the Grain Crop Market in 2006
4.2. Animal Breeding
  4.2.1 Main Cattle and Poultry Species Breeding
    Animal Breeding Products Manufacture by Federal Regions
  4.2.2 Livestock
    Livestock by Federal Regions
  4.2.3 Cattle and Poultry Productivity
  4.2.4 Import & Export of Animal Breeding Products


5.1 General Characteristics of Agricultural Organizations
5.2 Subsidies
5.3 Analysis of Efficiency
5.4 Analysis of Solvency
5.5 Profiles of Main Participants (Agricultural Holdings)
  5.5.1 AGROHOLDING Group of Companies
  5.5.3 RUSAGRO Group of Companies


6.1 Description of the Project (Objectives and Methods)




Table 1 "Prices of Agricultural Products (All Agricultural Categories) Established in the Period between 2002 and 2005 (Billions of Rubles)"
Table 2 "Agricultural Areas Under Crop (All Agricultural Categories, 2000-2005, Thousands of Hectares)"
Table 3 "Availability of Tractors and Harvesters in Agricultural Organizations, 1990-2005, items"
Table 4 "Availability of Combustible Materials in Agricultural Organizations, 1993-2005, kg"
Table 5 "Other Sector Investments, Hunting and Forestry, 2003-2005"
Table 6 "Area Under Crop (All Agricultural Categories, Thousands of Hectares)"
Table 7 "Plant Cultivation Croppage, 2003-2006, Millions of Tons"
Table 8 "Structure of Plant Cultivation Croppage by Federal Regions in 2005"
Table 9 "Crop Productivity of Main Agricultural Crops (All Agricultural Categories, centners/hectare of treated area under crop)"
Table 10 "Average Prices of Sold Agricultural Products (All Agricultural Categories, 2000-2005, Roubles per Ton)"
Table 11 "Summary Table of Cereal Import & Export on the Basis of Quantities and in Value Terms in 2005"
Table 12 "Structure of Corn Import by Countries of Origin in Value Terms in 2005"
Table 13 "Structure of Buckwheat Import by Countries of Origin in Value Terms in 2005"
Table 14 "Dynamics of Animal Breeding Products Manufacture (All Agricultural Categories, 2003-2006, Millions of Tons)"
Table 15 "Realization of Main Animal Breeding Products, Millions of Tons"
Table 16 "Allocation of Animal Breeding Products Manufacture by Federal Regions, %"
Table 17 "Structure of Livestock by Federal Regions"
Table 18 "Productivity of Cattle and Poultry in Agricultural Organizations, 2000-2005,kg"
Table 19 "Summary Table of Animal Breeding Products Import & Export on the Basis of Quantities and in Value Terms in 2005"
Table 20 "Summary Table of Animal Breeding Products (Frozen and Cold) Import & Export on the Basis of Quantities and in Value Terms in 2005"
Table 21 "Specific Weight of Unprofitable Organizations in their General Number by Federal Regions"
Table 22 "Summary Financial Information by Results of Agricultural Organizations’ Activities"


Chart 1 "Structure of Agricultural Products by Agricultural Categories, 2005 (%)"
Chart 2 "Structure of Main Types of Agricultural Products Manufacture by Agricultural Categories, 2005 (%)"
Chart 3 "Distribution of Agricultural Lands, 2000-2005, Millions of Hectares"
Chart 4 "Structure of Areas Under Crop"
Chart 5 " Provision of Agricultural Products’ Manufacturers with Machinery, 2006 (%)"
Chart 6 "Agricultural, Hunting and Forestry Basic Capital Investments, Millions of Rubles in Established Prices between 2000 and 2005"
Chart 7 "Rates of Areas Under Sugar Beet, Sunflowers and Potatoes in 2000-2005 (Thousands of Hectares)"
Chart 8 "Comparison of Gross Yield of Plant Cultivation Products in 2006 with Average Annual in the period of time between 2003 and 2005 (Thousands of Hectares)"
Chart 9 "Structure of Gross Grain Yield by Federal Regions"
Chart 10 "Shares of Sugar Beet, Potatoes and Vegetables in Federal Regions, %"
Chart 11 "Comparison of Crop Productivity in 2005 with Average Annual 2001-2005 (centners/hectare)"

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