Japan Agribusiness Report Q4 2015

Date: September 30, 2015
Pages: 85
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BMI View: The ageing Japanese agriculture sector is seeing some green shoots in the form of technological innovations. The use of robots in primary industries of agriculture and fisheries and utilisation of data in dairy farming is proof that the agriculture industry is making changes in the way it operates - a long awaited development for the traditionally old-fashioned and less progressive industry. The Japanese government has launched a series of initiatives to support advancements in the industry, including investing in USD10mn in robots aimed at reducing farming workloads and investments into cloud-based agriculture technologies such as wearable devices and peripherals for monitoring livestock.

On the political front, the government's plan to diminish the influence of the once-powerful Central Union Agricultural Cooperative (JA-Zenchu) is a strong indication to us that much-needed structural reform of the agriculture industry is underway. By 2019, the JA Zenchu is expected to become a general incorporated association with co-ops having the option of engaging independent auditors instead of working with those associated to the JA Zenchu. By reducing the power of the Union, the government is sending out a clear sign that it is serious about the reforms, as further reflected in the increased openness towards a compromise for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
BMI Industry View
Business Environment
Industry Forecast
Rice Outlook
  Table: Rice Production & Consumption (Japan 2013-2019)
  Table: Rice Production & Consumption (Japan 2009-2014)
Grains Outlook
  Table: Wheat Production & Consumption (Japan 2014-2019)
  Table: Corn Production & Consumption (Japan 2014-2019)
  Table: Barley Production & Consumption (Japan 2014-2019)
  Table: Wheat Production & Consumption (Japan 2009-2014)
  Table: Corn Production & Consumption (Japan 2009-2014)
  Table: Barley Production & Consumption (Japan 2009-2014)
Livestock Outlook
  Table: Poultry Production & Consumption (Japan 2014-2019)
  Table: Pork Production & Consumption (Japan 2014-2019)
  Table: Beef Production & Consumption (Japan 2014-2019)
  Table: Poultry Production & Consumption (Japan 2009-2014)
  Table: Pork Production & Consumption (Japan 2009-2014)
  Table: Beef Production & Consumption (Japan 2009-2014)
Soybean Outlook
  Table: Soybean Production & Consumption (Japan 2014-2019)
  Table: Soybean Production & Consumption (Japan 2009-2014)
Commodities Price Analysis
Monthly Grains Update
Monthly Softs Update
Upstream Analysis
Asia Fertiliser Outlook
Asia GM Outlook
  Table: Selected Countries - GM Crops Use
Asia Machinery Outlook
  Table: Select Countries - Average Size Of Farms, Hectares
Downstream Analysis
Food Consumption
  Table: Food Consumption Indicators - Historical Data & Forecasts (Japan 2012-2019)
  Table: Confectionery Value/Volume Sales, Production & Trade - Historical Data & Forecasts (Japan 2012-2019)
  Table: Meat Volume Sales, Production & Trade - Historical Data & Forecast (Japan 2014-2019)
Alcoholic Drinks
  Table: Alcoholic Drinks Value/Volume Sales, Production & Trade - Historical Data & Forecasts (Japan 2014-2019)
Hot Drinks
  Table: Hot Drink Value/Volume Sales, Production & Trade - Historical Data & Forecasts (Japan 2014-2019)
Soft Drinks
  Table: Soft Drinks Sales, Production & Trade (Japan 2014-2019)
Mass Grocery Retail
  Table: Mass Grocery Retail Sales By Format - Historical Data & Forecasts (Japan 2014-2019)
Regional Overview
  Table: Impact Of El NiƱo On Crops
Competitive Landscape
  Table: Main Agribusiness Players
Demographic Forecast
Demographic Outlook
  Table: Population Headline Indicators (Japan 1990-2025)
  Table: Key Population Ratios (Japan 1990-2025)
  Table: Urban/Rural Population & Life Expectancy (Japan 1990-2025)
  Table: Population By Age Group (Japan 1990-2025)
  Table: Population By Age Group % (Japan 1990-2025)
Industry Forecast Methodology
Sector-Specific Methodology
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Japan Agribusiness Report Q4 2015
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