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The Top 25 European Developers of Therapeutic Dermatological Pharmaceuticals

December 2012 | 65 pages | ID: T6D36EBBC94EN
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Skin diseases are extremely common in Europe and becoming even more prevalent. It is estimated that at least one quarter of Europeans have a skin disease at any one time. Some 20% of pre-school children in Europe have atopic dermatitis, and 2% of Europeans suffer from psoriasis. Due to the increasing age of the population and damaging environmental factors, the frequency of skin diseases is also rapidly increasing. It is no surprise to learn then that skin diseases pose a significant burden on public health in Europe.

There are many European developers of pharmaceuticals. This report profiles the Top 25 dermatological ones. These are the companies with the most innovative and effective products to treat the widest range of dermatological pathologies. They are located right across Europe from the United Kingdom and France to Sweden and Denmark.

Profile information for each company in “The Top 25 European Developers of Therapeutic Dermatological Pharmaceuticals” typically includes:
  • Company Contact Information - Address, Telephone and Fax Numbers, Email and Website Addresses
  • Key Company Decision Makers - From CEO and Main Board, to Key Senior Managers
  • Specialised fields such as Company Description, Ownership, Products, Indications, Foreign Trade, Year Established, Number of Employees and Turnover.
Report Target Market:

1) Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology Companies

Usage: competitive/financial analysis and strategic partner/alliance identification.

2) Suppliers

“The Top 25 European Developers of Therapeutic Dermatological Pharmaceuticals” is useful to suppliers of services and technologies e.g. Contract Research Organisations specialising in dermatology and Drug Delivery Technology Companies with expertise in topical drug delivery, to identify new potential customers.

3) Distributors

This report is perfect for distributors with a focus on prescription dermatological pharmaceuticals who wish to identify all the leading European manufacturers of these products.

Note: Most people will be aware of some of the major European developers of dermatological pharmaceuticals such as Galderma S.A., Intendis GmbH and ISDIN, S.A. but this report looks at all 25 of the top companies - companies like - Creabilis SA - headquartered in Luxembourg, the company is creating highly innovative new drugs to tackle unmet medical needs in serious dermatological diseases.

Report data field structure is as follows:
  • Company Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Street Address
  • Telephone
  • Fax
  • Email
  • Website
  • Parent Company Name
  • Year Established
  • Number of Employees
  • Key Executives
  • Company Description
  • Products
  • Indications
  • Turnover €m
  • Foreign Trade
  • Location Status
  • Ownership
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Author: The scientific advisor on this report was Katie Ryan. Katie has degrees in physiology and medicine from Trinity College Dublin and is a full-time researcher there in the School of Medicine.

Keywords: Dermatological, Europe, Pharmaceuticals, Prescription, Skin Diseases, Therapeutic.

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