The Video Gaming Industry Outlook

Date: May 22, 2011
Pages: 169
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The Video Gaming Industry Outlook
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This report examines developments across the rapidly evolving video gaming industry. It discusses the emergence of new gaming platforms, provides market sizing and forecasting by segments and geography, underlines the demographic shift and emergence of new video gaming sectors and technologies, and provides actionable insight with regards how to best approach this fast-changing market.

Features and benefits
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of how market trends are impacting on the potential of the video gaming industry.
  • Predict the key growth areas in the video gaming industry, arising from changing demographics and gamers’ preferences.
  • Analyze the video gaming market opportunity, gaining an insight into the business potential of the console, online, mobile, and PC gaming sectors.
  • Learn from the strategies of leading video gaming industry stakeholders in order to target future growth sectors effectively.
  • Benchmark your performance against major video gaming developers and publishing companies.

Business Insights forecasts that the global video gaming market (including both hardware and software segments) will grow at a CAGR of 5.1% during the period 2009–14. Software revenues will contribute the majority share, while hardware revenues will post a CAGR of 0.2% during the forecast period.

The online gaming segment is rapidly gaining traction, and is gradually taking over the PC and console gaming segments. Business Insights forecasts that the online gaming market will post a CAGR of 13.9% over the period 2009–14.

Social gaming is the fastest growing segment of online gaming, posting a CAGR of 27.2% in 2009–14, followed by casual gaming and MMO (Massively multi-player online) gaming. However, MMO gaming is the largest revenue contributor to online gaming in 2009.

Your key questions answered
  • Which factors are driving and inhibiting growth of the video gaming market, and what trends will shape the future of the market?
  • Which are the fastest growing segments and regions for the video gaming industry?
  • Who are the key stakeholders in each segment of the video gaming industry, how have they been performing, and what are their growth strategies?
  • How is the changing demographic profile of gamers producing fresh demand for quick, cheap and easy games with built-in social elements?
  • What are the emerging sectors and technologies in the video gaming industry, and which are likely to be disruptive and eventually become mainstream?
Executive Summary
  The video gaming industry outlook
  Video gaming market chain and pricing models
  Console gaming market analysis
  Online gaming market analysis
  Mobile gaming market analysis
  PC gaming market analysis
  Major video gaming stakeholders
  The future of video gaming
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  What is this report about?
  Who is this report for?
The video gaming industry outlook
  Global video gaming industry market size by value
  Geographic segmentation of the industry
  Sub-segments of the video gaming software industry
  Global video game publishers – competitive landscape
  Drivers of the video gaming industry
    Mobile apps hold the key for mobile gaming growth
    Portable devices are facilitating increased game consumption
    Increasing development costs are inhibiting growth
    Piracy is a major concern
    Concerns over trust and security are increasing
    Free games adversely impact premium titles
    Platform incompatibility
  Key features and trends of the video gaming industry
    Entry of more sections of the population driving industry growth
    Successful titles contribute to a major proportion of revenues
    Multiple gaming platforms generating additional revenues
    Outsourcing software development to cut costs
    Increasing number of user modified games
Video gaming value chain and pricing models
  The video gaming industry value chain
    Traditional value chain
    Role of various players
    Emerging value chain – disruption of the traditional system
  Video gaming pricing models
    The pricing model is shifting from packaged goods to digital services
  Major monetization models
    Digital distribution
    Microtransactions and virtual goods
    In-game advertising
    Subscription model
    Episodic games
Console gaming market analysis
  Evolution of gaming consoles
  The console hardware market
    Console hardware market size by value
    Console hardware market size by volume
  The console software market
    Console software market size by value
    Console software market size by volume
  Geographic segmentation of console gaming
  Major console hardware manufacturers
  Major console software publishers
  The online console market
    Segments of the online console market
    Online console security – the Sony PSN data breach
Online gaming market analysis
  Global online gaming market size
    Segments of online gaming
  Geographic segmentation of online gaming
  MMO (Massively multi-player online) gaming
    Segments of MMO gaming
    Major MMO games and publishers
    Major monetization methods in MMO games
  Social gaming
    Segments of social gaming
    Social gaming demographic breakdown
    Major social networking platforms
    Major social game developers
    M&A deals in the social gaming segment
    Major monetization methods in social games
  Casual gaming
    Segments of casual gaming
    Major casual games developers
    Major monetization methods in casual games
Mobile gaming market analysis
  Global mobile gaming market size by value
    Mobile gaming market size by segments
  Geographic segmentation of the market
    Top mobile apps and publishers on Apple’s App Store
    Android Platform– emerging as a strong contender to iOS
PC gaming market analysis
  Global PC gaming market size by value
  Geographic segmentation of the market
    Top PC games and publishers
  Reasons for the decline in PC gaming
    Console cannibalization
    Growing popularity of online and mobile gaming
    What is keeping PC gaming alive?
Major video gaming stakeholders
  Profiles of major console game publishers
    Sony Computer Entertainment
    Microsoft Game Studios
    Activision Blizzard
    Electronic Arts
  Major social and casual games developers
    Playdom (acquired by Disney)
    Big Fish Games
    Playfish (acquired by Electronic Arts)
  Major mobile game publishers
    Electronic Arts (EA) Mobile
    Glu mobile
The future of video gaming
  Emerging sectors in video gaming
    On-demand gaming
    Serious gaming
    User-generated content
    Thought controlled games
  Emerging technologies
    Motion sensors
    3D technology
    Connected TVs
    HTML5 technology
    Impact of technological advancements
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The Video Gaming Industry Outlook
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