Retail in Romania 2013

Date: November 1, 2013
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Retail in Romania 2013
How have changing economic conditions altered Romania’s retail sector?

Report provides market data, analysis and forecasts up to 2015.

What are the current market shares of the leading retailers active in Romania? Which prominent retail companies are planning to enter the market in the next few years? What is the current value of the market and its main segments? Are consumer prices expected to rise in the near future?

Businesses with a stake in the retail market in Romania want to know the answers to these key questions, and more. To satisfy their informational requirements, the market experts at PMR have issued the fifth edition of Retail in Romania 2013, Market analysis and development forecasts for 2013-2015. This document provides a comprehensive review of the market for first time readers and furnishes critical updates on market conditions for repeat clients, as well as precise market forecasts for the period up to 2015.

The report describes current market conditions and supplies historical data to illustrate the changes that have taken place in this market in recent years since the financial crisis. It highlights the main segments in the Romanian retail market – grocery, DIY, consumer electronics, clothing and footwear and cosmetics and toiletries – and furnishes data on value, structure and prospects for growth. The analysts provide details in the report on the distribution network that supports Romanian retail, with in-depth coverage of the largest channels.

This report reviews the top retail companies, including major chains, and evaluates their financial performance, size and prospects in the course of presenting valuable corporate profiles. It contains first-hand information from decision makers at the largest retail companies about their views on current market trends and insights into their strategic directions.

Targeted to meet the business information requirements of manufacturers and distributors in the main segments of the Romanian retail market, this convenient and comprehensive document is an all-purpose source of the newest statistical data and insightful analysis and forecasts prepared by PMR experts with years of experience in tracking the retail sector in the region. It is also a useful resource for importers and providers of supplies and support services for retail companies.

Retail in Romania 2013, Market analysis and development forecasts for 2013-2015 helps in preparing new businesses for launch, performing essential research on the competition in the marketplace, and assessing the market environment in terms of potential investments and merger and/or acquisition candidates. It makes compiling corporate reporting documents simpler, quicker and ensures data accuracy. The report contains all the market-oriented material necessary to gain a deep knowledge of operations in Romanian retail that supports efficient and cost effective strategy development and execution.

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The global economic crisis began to show its effects on the Romanian economy in mid-2008. Subsequently, in 2009 the clothing and footwear (C&F) market witnessed a steep decline of around 24% year on year. In 2010, the industry began to slowly recover; and starting in 2013, growth is expected to surpass the 3% rate, year-on-year, according to PMR’s new report, Retail in Romania 2013.

From 2009 to 2011, the C&F market was severely affected by contracting purchasing power in the context of the general macroeconomic environment, as well as by government austerity measures. The situation, however, worked in favour of international retailers, who took advantage of the market conditions and, beginning in 2010, resumed aggressive expansion in Romania. By the end of 2012, most of the major international C&F brands were present in Romania, directly or through franchise. The penetration of international brands would have probably been higher if the delivery of announced shopping centres had not been delayed.

The dominance of foreign retailers among the top 10 is clearly visible in the table below.

Top clothing and footwear retailers in Romania, by estimated market share (%), 2012
Top clothing and footwear retailers in Romania, by estimated market share (%), 2012 

A look at sales revenues in 2012 shows that foreign retailers were the drivers of growth in the market. H&M, C&A, and Peek & Cloppenburg were just a few of the companies reporting significantly more than 20% year-on-year growth in Romania last year. It is noteworthy, though, that there is a clear difference between the clothing and footwear segments in this aspect, as Romanian companies – some of which are both producers and retailers – continue to account for the majority of the top 10 positions on the footwear market. Domestic chains retained the lead in terms of store count as well, as the Leonardo, Jolidon and Mondex networks have the most stores, according to our data.

With regard to distribution channels, the share of C&F retail chain sales in the total market increased to 48% last year. Many of the new openings in 2012 were in shopping galleries and in hypermarket-led schemes, which also helped the specialised chains be closer and more accessible to customers. Mixed-assortment stores, such as hypermarkets and department stores, continued to account for a large share of the total sales of clothing and footwear: 14%. Given the retailers’ appetite for further expansion, this distribution channel is expected to at least hold its share in the future. The share of online sales in the C&F segment reached close to 5% in 2012, according to our estimate, and this channel will remain the fastest growing in subsequent years. The role of open-air markets in clothing and footwear purchases remains important in Romania, especially outside the largest cities.

The material was prepared in December, 2013.

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Retail in Romania 2013
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