Poland Retail Report Q1 2016

Date: December 9, 2015
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BMI View: Economic recovery and growth over the forecast period will directly benefit the retail sector. Reducing unemployment, a swelling middle class and substantial growth in household incomes will provide for improving levels of disposable income that will benefit retailers through higher levels of spending in the market.

While Warsaw and medium sized cities offer the greatest rewards for retailers, there will be a noticeable shift in opportunities towards more rural areas as competition in the larger markets intensify. Household spending, which was growing consistently in 2013-2014, is going to post a slump in 2015 in terms of US dollar. Appreciation of US dollar will be the main determinant of the 12.7% projected decline of household expenditures in 2015. Meanwhile, in zloty terms, there will be heavy growth of 3.6%, faster than in 2013-2014. This indicates a large real gain, since inflation is projected to amount to only 0.8% at the end of this year. The Polish economy retains a rapid growth rate, with its real GDP expected to expand by 3.5% this year, causing positive developments across the country. Unemployment continues to decline, making more households independent of social welfare, wages are growing and consumer confidence is improving. The country remained relatively intact after Russia's counter-sanctions late in 2014, which were initially forecast to hurt Poland's economy and especially its agricultural sector. With a constant flow of foreign direct investments and rising entrepreneurship within the country, more businesses are creating employment and fuelling the economic growth.
BMI Industry View
Industry Forecast
Headline Retail Forecast
  Table: Total Household Spending (Poland 2012-2019)
  Table: Retail Sector Spending, % Of Total (Poland 2012-2019)
  Table: Retail Sector Spending, % of GDP (Poland 2012-2019)
  Table: Headline Retail Sector Spending (Poland 2012-2019)
Retail Sector Forecast
  Table: Food, Drink & Tobacco Spending (Poland 2012-2019)
  Table: Clothing & Footwear Spending (Poland 2012-2019)
  Table: Household Goods Spending (Poland 2012-2019)
  Table: Personal Care Spending (Poland 2012-2019)
Household Numbers And Income Forecast
  Table: Household Income Data (Poland 2012-2019)
  Table: Labour Market Data (Poland 2012-2019)
Demographic Forecast
  Table: Total Population (Poland 2012-2019)
  Table: Population: Babies (Poland 2012-2019)
  Table: Population: Young Children (Poland 2012-2019)
  Table: Population: Children (Poland 2012-2019)
  Table: Population: Young Teens and Older Children (Poland 2012-2019)
  Table: Population: Young People (Poland 2012-2019)
  Table: Population: Older Teenagers (Poland 2012-2019)
  Table: Population: 21yrs + (Poland 2012-2019)
  Table: Population: Young Adults (Poland 2012-2019)
  Table: Population: Middle Aged (Poland 2012-2019)
  Table: Population: Urban (Poland 2012-2019)
Macroeconomic Forecasts
Economic Outlook
Real GDP By Expenditure Breakdown
  Table: GDP By Expenditure (Poland 2012-2019)
Industry Risk Reward Ratings
Central And Eastern Europe Risk/Reward Index
  Table: Central And Eastern Europe Retail Risk/Reward Index, Q116
Poland Risk/Reward Index
Market Overview
Competitive Landscape
Mass Grocery Retail
Clothing And Footwear
Personal Care and Pharmacies
Consumer Electronics
Industry Forecast Methodology
Risk/Reward Index Methodology
  Table: Retail Risk/Reward Index Indicators
  Table: Weighting Of Indicators
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