Bahrain Retail Report Q1 2016

Date: December 2, 2015
Pages: 69
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BMI View: The Bahrain retail industry is one of the most prosperous in the world, boosted by an affluent and urban population (which is expected to grow in size due to an increased number of expats) and an increase in the level of income on the back of economic growth. Shopping centres are common in the capital of Manama, and the population is familiar with modern retail formats and informed on international brands. More shopping complexes are expected to be built in the future to support the growing demand. The food and drinks sector is less mature and has much room to grow, and retailers have a chance to establish themselves in this growing sector.

Bahrain's economy is expected to increase at a strong rate and reach USD45bn by 2019, seeing an increase of USD10bn from its level in 2015. Though the increase is impressive, it is not, in absolute terms, in the same league with some of its more illustrious Middle Eastern neighbours, such as the UAE or Qatar. This is mostly due to Bahrain's size, which is relatively small, and a population of only 1mn, which limits the market size for retailers. Like all the Gulf States, Bahrain was affected by the drop in oil prices in 2014, as Bahrain - though not a large producer of oil - has a large industry that processes and refines oil which comes from nearby producers. The decline in oil prices has stabilised, and while the growth in the economy will not be as strong as over 2011-2014, it will still be healthy and consistent. The high economic growth means that the average Bahraini is reasonably wealthy with per capita income of USD10,567 in 2015, which is further boosted by the fact that taxation is relatively low.
BMI Industry View
Retail SWOT
Industry Forecast
Headline Retail Forecast
  Table: Total Household Spending (Bahrain 2012-2019)
  Table: Retail Sector Spending, % Of Total (Bahrain 2012-2019)
  Table: Retail Sector Spending, % of GDP (Bahrain 2012-2019)
  Table: Headline Retail Sector Spending (Bahrain 2012-2019)
Retail Sector Forecast
Food, Drink & Tobacco
  Table: Food, Drink & Tobacco Spending (Bahrain 2012-2019)
Clothing & Footwear
  Table: Clothing & Footwear Spending (Bahrain 2012-2019)
Household Goods
  Table: Household Goods Spending (Bahrain 2012-2019)
Personal Care
  Table: Personal Care Spending (Bahrain 2012-2019)
Household Numbers And Income Forecast
  Table: Household Income Data (Bahrain 2012-2019)
  Table: Labour Market Data (Bahrain 2012-2019)
Demographic Forecast
  Table: Total Population (Bahrain 2012-2019)
  Table: Population: Babies (Bahrain 2012-2019)
  Table: Population: Young Children (Bahrain 2012-2019)
  Table: Population: Children (Bahrain 2012-2019)
  Table: Population: Young Teens and Older Children (Bahrain 2012-2019)
  Table: Population: Young People (Bahrain 2012-2019)
  Table: Population: Older Teenagers (Bahrain 2012-2019)
  Table: Population: 21yrs + (Bahrain 2012-2019)
  Table: Population: Young Adults (Bahrain 2012-2019)
  Table: Population: Middle Aged (Bahrain 2012-2019)
  Table: Population: Urban (Bahrain 2012-2019)
Macroeconomic Forecasts
Economic Analysis
  Table: Bahrain - Real GDP Growth, % Chg Y-O-Y
  Table: Bahrain - Components of GDP (% of total)
  Table: Government Consumption Forecasts
  Table: Private Consumption Forecasts
  Table: Bahrain - Main Infrastructure and Industrial Developments
  Table: Fixed Investment Forecasts
  Table: Net Exports Forecasts
Industry Risk/Reward Index
Middle East And North Africa Risk/Reward Index
  Table: Middle East And North Africa Retail Risk/Reward Index, Q116
Bahrain - Risk/Reward Index
Market Overview
Competitive Landscape
Industry Forecast Methodology
Risk/Reward Index Methodology
  Table: Retail Risk/Reward Index Indicators
  Table: Weighting Of Indicators
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