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Category Packaging Opportunities: Pet Products

September 2019 | 19 pages | ID: C719266BD282EN

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Category Packaging Opportunities: Pet Products


The pet products sector has been growing for many years but the growth has been even more noticeable recently, with millions of households across the globe now owning or taking care of pets. For many pet owners, pets are perceived as equal family members that deserve premium treatment. This is reflected in packaging that helps to create a stylish, premium image for gourmet products and, in many cases, to blur the boundaries between human and pet food offerings. Many packaging solutions are also designed to make travel with pets hassle-free. Functional aspects are also important as well as pro-environmental trends: some packs are made to be refilled or reused for a different purpose. We have used GlobalData's Pack-Track packaging innovation tool to identify new packaging developments within the category, and this report discusses special features and benefits of examples we like, and how they fit in with current consumer trends within GlobalData's TrendSights framework.

'Category Packaging Opportunities: Pet Products', explores new packaging formats and value-added features in the pet products category, using examples from GlobalData's Pack-Track innovation tool.

Key Questions Answered

What drives packaging innovations in pet products?

What notable new formats and value-added features have been introduced in this category in recent years?

Which consumer trends have these packaging innovations capitalized on?

How can pet products manufacturers use packaging to stay ahead of the game in a crowded marketplace?

  • Pet packaging is becoming more sophisticated nowadays, with many consumers looking for something special to please their pets and themselves.
  • Increased mobility of people who very often travel with animals creates a demand for easy-to-carry, portioned products that can be consumed by pets straight from the pack while reducing the risk of over-feeding.
  • In addition, some of the changes in pet products packaging are due to the advent of online purchasing, therefore the packs have to be eye-catching and instantly communicate the nature of the offering. Many manufacturers are also trying to go well with the environment and switch to more sustainable materials or solutions.
  • Use GlobalData's Category Packaging Opportunities reports to inspire innovation.
  • Understand the relevant consumer trends that drive and support innovation so you can tap into what is really impacting the industry.
  • Appreciate the importance of packaging in the overall consumer experience of a product and how this can help to drive brand loyalty.
Executive Summary
Category Packaging Opportunities: Pet Products
Category Packaging Opportunities: Spotlight
Category Packaging Opportunities: Examples We Like
Category Packaging Opportunities: TrendSights
Category Packaging Opportunities: Action Points


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Mars Petcare UK Ltd
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United Pet Group Inc.
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