OPPORTUNITIES IN HEALTHY FOODS: Markets and Technologies - a Guide to Product Development Efforts and Market Trends

Date: March 21, 2013
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OPPORTUNITIES IN HEALTHY FOODS: Markets and Technologies - a Guide to Product Development Efforts and Market Trends
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The consumer outlook toward food products has changed significantly in recent years. Many con- sumers associate food with health and wellness. This perception has led to the evolution of functional foods, as well as to the development of a functional foods market. In essence, the healthy, or nutritious, foods cate- gory has grown to include those products that provide specific health benefits

In response to consumer demand for more nutritious foods, food companies and retailers have increased their selection of better-for-you foods. Food Technology Intelligence, Inc., publisher of the interna- tional monthly newsletter Emerging Food R&D Report, is offering a new in-depth report analyzing recent developments in the field of healthy and nutritious foods. The report also discusses potential market and regulatory issues that companies may need to address when developing and commercializing these prod- ucts.

Opportunities in Healthy Foods: Markets and Technologies gives you a first-hand look at commercially- viable product development efforts on the healthy foods front. Many of these are technologies that are avail- able for licensing from their developers; in other cases, scientists are seeking industrial support to help com- mercialize them in the near term.

More than 50 million Americans are turning 65 years of age over the next two decades, and the oldest of the 78 million baby boomers are entering their 60s. These market factors are creating more demand for condition- specific foods.

A person's diet and nutrition are important in addressing health concerns related to obesity, chronic disease, malnutrition and aging. Modifying one's consumption habits may help prevent some adverse health conditions. Foods that offer health benefits are becoming a key part of everyday life. Such health issues as high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and diabetes have created a need for functional and nutritious foods to help address these conditions. People want to consume more nutritious compounds, such as omega-3 fatty acids and plant sterols as part of a balanced, more nutritious lifestyle.

Now you have an opportunity to learn more about several technologies under development at universi- ties, companies and government research labs that will help you advance your company's own efforts in the healthy foods market. This report reviews key processes and highlights important information, including the potential applications for each process and product covered, and its status of development. You'll also learn how to take advantage of many of these technologies so that you can use them commercially before your competitors do.

Learn about several developments, including:
  • A multigrain bar with pomegranate jelly that is a source of antioxidants, fiber and protein.
  • Dietary fiber-fortified frozen dough pizza.
  • How high pressure can more than double the antioxidant content of fruit.
  • How unripe green banana flour can improve the health quality of Asian noodles.
Opportunities in Healthy Foods: Markets and Technologies enables you to track important developments in applied nutritional and healthy food research. This report helps you establish key contacts with researchers and learn about projects that will help you and your company stay competitive. Return your completed order form today!

The Need to Consume Healthy Foods
Strengthening the Body's System
Health Concerns
Obesity Issue
Cost is Also A Concern. . .
. . .but Companies Can Profit


Consumer Demands for Healthier Foods
Demonstrating Health Benefits to Help Prevent
Challenges Facing Nutritional Product Development
Technical Issues
Optimizing the Health Benefits of Products
Regulatory Issues
Supporting Evidence for Health Claims
Health Canada
Case Study: Probiotics
Label Information
Marketing and Distribution Issues
Analyzing and Positioning Products
A Marketing Strategy
Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods
Differing Product Benefits
Food as Medicine
Establishing Good Supply Chains
Key Decisions


Role of Social Media
Advances in Science Energize the Food Industry
Some Top Players
Important Product Categories


Biofortification improves micronutrient content of foods
Fortify products with pulse ingredients
Broccoli phytonutrient content optimized
Extraction technique improves juice yields, nutrient retention
Multigrain bar with pomegranate jelly is a source of antioxidants, fiber, protein
Iron-based nanostructures may find fortification applications
Develop fortified peanut butter-based infant formula
Milled pearled barley flour adds nutrition
Incorporate nutritional, functional properties of rice into value-added products
Develop healthy ingredients for infant formula
New approach available for nutritional analysis
Exotic fruits as a source of phytochemicals
Develop nutritional extruded salmon jerky snacks from byproduct


Embed nutraceuticals in fibers for slow release
More fiber in whole grain fiber
Miracle berry increases health benefits of beta glucan
Analyze wheat fiber
Resistant starch from modified pea starch creates a more nutritious bread
Resistant starch optimizes health benefits of biscuits
Replace muffin fat with soluble fiber
Dietary fiber-fortified frozen dough pizza
Flaxseed creates healthier bean snack
Chiffon cakes contain oat bran, psyllium husk fiber as fat replacers


Organically produced food may not offer more antioxidants than traditional products
Antioxidants impact the safety and shelf life of meat
Fish oil may protect milk against light oxidation
High pressure more than doubles fruit antioxidant content
Adding peanut seed coats to products increases antioxidant activity
Roasting and fermentation optimize antioxidant content and activity of soybean bread
Ultraviolet light can boost carrots' antioxidant capacity
Some grapes have marked antioxidant activity
Pomegranate offers antioxidant properties
Measure and optimize antioxidant properties of whey protein hydrolysates


Genetic change could reduce trans-fat levels
Harness genetics to optimize the tomato
Unripe green banana flour improves health quality of Asian noodles
Develop chemically interesterified healthy coconut oil blends
Develop reduced-fat sausage using high beta-glucan fractions of barley flour
Plant extracts may act as low-sodium salt replacer
Create a snack bar from jasmine rice, anchovy and peanut
Purslane-based vegetable patties have high levels of protein, good mineral content
Purple carrots a potential source of natural colorants
Ginger offers to improve functionality of baked products
Plant compound reduces age-related memory defects
Amaranth-based snack is a healthy alternative
Breed soybeans for oil that's more healthy
Consider a new bulgur product with vegetables
Pectin influences solubility of soy protein isolate
A natural fruit compound may help asthma
Develop a breakfast alternative using whole white sorghum and granola
Crackers from chickpeas offer options for the gluten- intolerant


Use filtration technology to produce functional beta- casein
Engineer brews based on complete beer proteome
Biorefinery system recovers oil, proteins and carbohydrates from algae
Rapid freeze-drying technique yields healthy product
Controlling enzyme hydrolysis affects functionality of ingredients
High hydrostatic pressure may facilitate development of probiotic fruit drink
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OPPORTUNITIES IN HEALTHY FOODS: Markets and Technologies - a Guide to Product Development Efforts and Market Trends
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