Innovation in Savory Snacks: Premiumization through new healthy, natural, ethical, gourmet and ethnic products

Date: January 22, 2010
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Innovation in Savory Snacks: Premiumization through new healthy, natural, ethical, gourmet and ethnic products
In 2009 the global savory snacks market was worth $74.7bn. The market is set to grow in value by $10.8bn to $85.4bn by 2012. Value growth will be driven by a mix of steady growth in the most established markets in Western Europe, the US and Asia Pacific regions and high growth of the emerging markets, in particular South and Middle American markets and the Chinese, Indian, Russian and Turkish markets.

Three key areas of innovation will drive development in snack formulations; these are premiumization, health and ethics. Innovation will be most significant in areas where the trends overlap, and as a result the ‘natural’ positioning will significantly increase in importance.

Through analysis and forecasts, this report provides insight into growth opportunities by region and category. Innovation trends are identified through a study of global new product introductions. Legislation, self-regulation and social trends impacting the savory snacks market are highlighted and the importance of emerging trends assessed

Key features of this report

  • Overview of legislation and self regulation impacting on and shaping innovation in the savory snacks market.
  • Identification of key trends shaping the market as well as an evaluation of trends that are likely to shape the market over the next few years.
  • Analysis of savory snacks sales values in Europe, North America, South America, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East & Africa with projections to 2012.

  • Scope of this report

  • Gain an understanding of how legislation and self regulation are influencing NPD and learn how manufacturers are adapting product positionings accordingly.
  • Understand each regional market in terms of absolute size.
  • Quantify value growth potential in major regional markets and across savory snacks categories.
  • Take advantage of a comprehensive review of global NPD with detailed analysis of innovation in savory snack products between 2005 and 2009.

  • Key Market Issues

  • With Governments increasingly concerned about the strain of obesity on their nation’s health and wealth high profile awareness campaigns have been orchestrated to raise awareness of health and diet.
  • With the cost of heart disease an increasing burden on the global economy the World Health Organization now recommends that the most effective way to tackle heart disease is to introduce population-wide efforts to reduce risk factors through multiple economic and educational policies and programs.

  • Key findings from this report

  • The processed snack category, which includes extruded snacks, tortillas and corn chips is the largest snack category with a value of $30.1bn in 2009.
  • The highest growth category is the ‘Other Savory’ category which is set to enjoy a CAGR of 6% between 2009 and 2013. Growth within the ‘Other Savory’ category is being driven by growth in meat snacks and ethnic snacks.
  • Self regulation and legislation are heavily impacting the snacks market, with manufacturers and governments alike committed to reducing salt and fat levels in snack food products.
  • Governments have also sought to make consumer choice easier through rulings relating to food labeling. The impending Article 13 health claim regulation will require that all functional health claims made on snack products be substantiated with scientific evidence and this will impact on health positioned NPD.

  • Key questions answered

    1. What is the size of the savory snacks market by region and category and what are the forecast growth rates to 2012.
    2. Which emerging markets are projected to see the highest levels of growth to 2012.
    3. How are government regulations and industry self regulation shaping savory snacks NPD and innovation.
    Innovations in Savory Snacks
    Executive summary 10
    Market drivers and resistors 10
    Growth opportunities in snacks 11
    Innovation and NPD in snacks 12
    Key trends 13


    What is this report about? 16
    The snacks market defined 16
    Report structure 17


    Summary 20
    Introduction 21
    Health as a market driver 23
    Obesity 23
    Cardiovascular disease 25
    Natural choices 27
    Free-from 28
    Minimal processing and real ingredients 30
    Premiumization - changing consumer tastes 31
    Ethical awareness 32
    Self regulation and legislation 34
    Reducing salt and fat in snack foods in the UK 34
    US 36
    Substantiation of health claims 36
    Labeling of trans fats 37


    Summary 40
    Introduction 41
    Snacks market overview 41
    Value by country 42
    Emerging markets 43
    Value by category 44


    Summary 48
    Introduction 48
    Regional analysis 49
    Regional overview 49
    Category analysis 51
    Category overview 51
    Processed snacks 53
    Nuts and seeds 54
    Potato chips 55
    Popcorn 57
    Other snacks 58
    Changing positioning in snacks 59
    Flavor trends 62


    Summary 66
    Introduction 67
    Health 67
    Better for you 68
    Vegetable and fruit snacks 68
    Baked snacks 70
    Dehydrated snacks 70
    Freeze dried snacks 71
    No Trans Fats 72
    Reduced salt 73
    Reduced fat 75
    Functional 76
    Superfoods 76
    Energy 79
    Vitamin and mineral fortification 81
    Digestive health 83
    Weight control 85
    Positioning products for the ‘diet’ market 85
    Portion control 86
    ‘Light’ and ‘diet’ products 87
    Satiety 89
    Natural 91
    Niche marketing of natural snack products 91
    Premiumization 93
    Ethnic foods 93
    Japanese 93
    Thai 94
    Indian 95
    Tex Mex 96
    Super hot ingredients 97
    Wasabi 97
    Habanero 98
    Bhut Jolokia 98
    Gourmet 99
    Ethical awareness 101
    GM Free/Non GMO 101
    Organic 102
    Fairtrade 104
    Animal welfare 105
    Vegan and vegetarian 107


    10 key trends for the future 110
    1. Emerging markets 111
    2. Better for you 111
    3. Natural 112
    4. Ethnic 113
    5. Super hot 113
    6. Functional 114
    7. GMO free 114
    8. Organic 115
    9. Fairtrade 115
    10. Unique flavors 116
    Index 117


    Figure 2.1: Key areas of innovation by category 22
    Figure 2.2: Drivers/ inhibitors of natural snacks 28
    Figure 2.3: Drivers/inhibitors of ethical snacks 33
    Figure 3.4: Fast growth markets snacks, by country ($m) 2005-2008 44
    Figure 4.5: Share of snacks launched, by region (%), 2006-2009 49
    Figure 4.6: % Share of snacks launched by category 2007-2009 51
    Figure 4.7: Growth of snack product launches, 2007-2009 52
    Figure 4.8: Tohato Yaki Choco Caramel Corn Bitter, Sweet Corn Snack 53
    Figure 4.9: Gourmet nuts and seeds 55
    Figure 4.10: Nando’s Peri Peri Chips 56
    Figure 4.11: Gourmet popcorn 57
    Figure 4.12: Heartfield Soy Wonders, Health positioned snacks 59
    Figure 5.13: Fruit and vegetable snacks 69
    Figure 5.14: Baked snacks 70
    Figure 5.15: Veggie Chips, Umpqua Indian Foods, US, 2009 71
    Figure 5.16: Crispy Green, FruitziO, US, 2009 72
    Figure 5.17: No Trans Fat, Nonni’s baked pitas 73
    Figure 5.18: Reduced salt snacks 74
    Figure 5.19: Reduced fat snacks 76
    Figure 5.20: Terra Exotic Harvest Vegetable Chips. US, 2008 78
    Figure 5.21: Snacks with flaxseed 79
    Figure 5.22: Golden Flake NRG™ Phoenix Fury Potato Chips, US, 2007 80
    Figure 5.23: Natural Energy - Supercharged Sunflower Seeds, US, 2008 81
    Figure 5.24: Denroku Ukon no Kaki Pea, fortified to aid liver function, Japan, 2009 82
    Figure 5.25: Smart Puffs with Probiotics, US, 2008 83
    Figure 5.26: Farmer’s Snack Fitness Snack, Bulgaria, 85
    Figure 5.27: Kettle Foods Inc, Lightly Salted 100 Calories Potato Chips, US 2008 86
    Figure 5.28: Diet brand Slim Fast. UK 2006 88
    Figure 5.29: Light brand extensions adapted for snack market, Philadelphia Splendips, Europe 2007, 2008 89
    Figure 5.30: Satiety Positioning; Beanitos Black Bean Chips, US, 2008 90
    Figure 5.31: Natural snacks 92
    Figure 5.32: Snacks with Thai flavors 94
    Figure 5.33: Snacks with Indian flavors 95
    Figure 5.34: Snacks with Tex Mex flavors 96
    Figure 5.35: Snacks with Habanero 98
    Figure 5.36: Snacks with Bhut Jolokia 99
    Figure 5.37: Gourmet snacks with natural ingredients 100
    Figure 5.38: Soya Tostada, GMO free, Ecuador, 2007 102
    Figure 5.39: Fairtrade; Liberation Nuts 105
    Figure 5.40: Shelton’s free range turkey jerky 107
    Figure 6.41: Ten key future trends in the snack market 110


    Table 2.1: Obese and overweight children (5-13 year olds) in Europe and US (%), 2002-2012 24
    Table 2.2: Prevalence of ADHD in seven major markets (‘000), 2008 29
    Table 2.3: Minimal processing claims made on new snacks launches globally (% of products with tag), 2006-2008 30
    Table 3.4: Value of the snacks market, by region ($m), 2006-2012 41
    Table 3.5: Snacks market value, by country ($m), 2006-2012 42
    Table 3.6: Value of the snacks market, by category ($m), 2009-2013 45
    Table 4.7: Top 20 tags on new snacks launches (% of products with tag), 2007-2009 60
    Table 4.8: Total private label penetration and spend, ($m) in Europe, Asia Pacific and the US, by country, 2002–2012 61
    Table 4.9: Top 20 flavors in new product introductions (% of snacks product launches) 2007-
    2009 63

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    Innovation in Savory Snacks: Premiumization through new healthy, natural, ethical, gourmet and ethnic products
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