Future directions in confectionery

Date: March 22, 2011
Pages: 112
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Future directions in confectionery

The global confectionary market is forecast to grow to $171bn by 2014. Demand will be driven by increasing consumer sophistication in developed markets, and socio-economic shifts in emerging markets. This report analyses new product development in confectionery between November 2007 and October 2010, market data on the value growth of the confectionery market, and emerging market trends.

Features and benefits
  • Analyzes key trends, market drivers and resistors to the growth of global confectionary market.
  • Reviews new confectionery products launched between 2007 and 2010 and assesses the innovations landscape in confectionery.
  • Improve targeting and effectiveness of NPD strategies based on this report’s analysis of ‘Product Launch Analytics’ data of over 18,600 new products.
  • Assesses the future outlook for current trends and understand which offer the greatest growth potential.
  • Predict future confectionary market size and growth levels using this report’s forecasts to 2014.

This report provides comprehensive insight into growth opportunities within the global confectionery market, including a focus on key emerging markets, as well as new prospects in developed markets and sub-categories.

New innovations in confectionery are explored to understand the key trends driving new product development, as well as strategies for successful launches in the confectionery market.

Key trends driving the confectionery market are analyzed to provide understanding on the direction of future growth and innovations.

Your key questions answered
  • How will the global confectionary market grow during 2010–14?
  • How will consumer health concerns and regulatory trends drive innovations and NPD in confectionery?
  • Which product categories and geographic regions offer the greatest growth opportunities for confectionery?
  • Which product categories geographic regions registered the highest in NPD in confectionary during 2007–10?
  • What will consumers expect from confectionery in the future?
Executive Summary
Confectionery drivers and resistors
Growth opportunities in confectionery
Innovations landscape in confectionery
The outlook for trends in confectionery
About the author
What is this report about?
Market definition
Report structure
Confectionery drivers and resistors
Changing consumer demand in confectionery
Confectionery means different things to different consumers
Consumers in emerging markets
Consumers in mature markets have reduced spending power
Nostalgic consumers yearn for retro confectionery
Confectionery with an interactive element
Consumer demand for confectionery made with care - Fairtrade and organic
Consumer demand for healthier confectionery – the move towards natural
Confectionery as a delivery mechanism for functional benefits
Legislative changes and governmental policy
Concerns around obesity, heart disease and sugary and fatty foods
Concerns about the use of artificial additives
Regulation of health claims about functional ingredients
Global pricing pressure on raw materials
Cocoa prices
Sugar prices
The impact of higher cocoa and sugar prices
Growth opportunities in confectionery
Total confectionery market overview
Growth forecast by category
Geographical opportunities for growth
Value by country
Focus on emerging markets
Innovations landscape in confectionery
Innovation type
The changing position of confectionery products
Category overview
Sugar confectionery
Examples of innovations in confectionery
Premiumization in chocolate
Unusual flavor or formulation pairings
Use of natural colors and flavors
Inclusion of real fruit
Healthy chocolate
Oral health
Energy and mood management
Wellness fortification
Weight Management
Vegetarian and vegan
Packaging innovation
Mass customization
Regional analysis
North America
The outlook for trends in confectionery
Conspicuous consumption of indulgent confectionery in emerging markets
Differentiation through premiumization or cross-category innovation
Private label
Natural confectionery
Confectionery as a delivery mechanism for functional benefits
Future directions in confectionery
Indulgence continues to be a key driver
Move towards health
Shift towards provenance, ethical and environmental issues
Response to the economic recession
Mass customization
Regional growth opportunities
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Future directions in confectionery
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