FEMSA Company Watch 2010

Date: March 22, 2011
Pages: 22
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FEMSA Company Watch 2010

A detailed analysis of FEMSA's activities in the Brazilian beer Market


The FEMSA Company Watch report contains a detailed analysis of the company’s activities in the Brazilian beer market, looking at their portfolio and identifying volumes by price segment, beer type, alcoholic strength, local segment and modus operandi (imported, licensed or domestic). A full profile of the company contains details of ownership, company history and strategy; and the location and capacities of breweries are shown. The performance of leading brands is analysed in depth, including a full set of data tables showing volumes and growth. Data from 2006 is provided and all analyses contain forecasts for 2010. The market share development of key competitors is also provided as well as an update of leading companies’ performance.

Reasons To Buy
  • An essential read for anybody interested in major brewers, the FEMSA Company Watch report provides detailed information on the company’s portfolio; its key competitors and brand performance in the Brazilian beer market.
  • This wealth of data is supported by numerous graphs for an “at a glance” understanding of the data.
  • An invaluable aid for equity research,competitor analysis, M&A targeting and for companies looking for distributors or partners.
  • Published by Canadean, Company Watch reports areavailable for leading brewers in over 50 markets worldwide.

Key Highlights
  • Company profile including ownership, company history, strategy and location/capacity of production facilities
  • Key brands analysis - Segment analysis, 2010F; Key brand attributes (price segment, beer type, modus operandi)
  • Brand portfolio analysis - Brand volume and market share 2006 to 2010F; Incremental growth 2006 to 2010F; Top 6 brands market share growth, 2005 – 2010F; Fastest growing brands, CAGR 2008-2010F; Share of portfolio by beer type, alcoholic strength, local segment and modus operandi (imported, licensed or domestic)
  • New product development in 2009
  • Key competitor analysis - Market volumes & share, 2010P; Market share growth, 2005 – 2010F
FEMSA Company Watch 2010 Contents
KEY FACTS - Corporate Address, Telephone, Fax, URL


Chart - Price Segment Analysis, 2010F
Chart - Beer Type Segment Analysis, 2010F
Chart - Modus Operandi Segment Analysis, 2010F
Table - Segment Analysis (Price, Beer Type, Modus Operandi), CAGR 2008–2010F
Table - Key Brand Attributes (Brand, Price Segment, Beer Type, Modus Operandi)


Price Segmentation
Beer Types
Modus Operandi


Chart - Key Competitor % Market Share, 2010F
Table - Key Competitor Volumes 000s HL/% Market Share, 2010F
Brewers Market Update
Chart - Competitive Dynamics: % Market Share Growth, 2005-2010F
Table - Competitive Dynamics: % Brewer Share Growth, 2005-2010F
Ownership & Control
Company History
Strategic Information
Production Facilities, Capacity, 000’s HL


Chart (Merimekko) - Brewer Volume/Shares, 2010F
Table - Brewer Volumes 000s HL/% Market Share, 2010F
Table - Portfolio: Key Brands, Volume 000s HL/% Brand Share, 2010F
Chart & Table – Key Brand Share Performance, % Market Share, 2005-2010F
Charts - Top 6 Brands % Market Share, 2005-2010F
Chart - Fastest Growing Brands, CAGR 2008-2010F
Chart & Table - Brands by Alcoholic Strength, % Share of Portfolio, 2010F
Chart &Table - Brands by Local Segment, Share of Portfolio, 2010F


Table - Beer Definitions by Type – Local Segmentation


Chart - Brands by Type, % Share of Portfolio, 2010F
Table – Brands by Type, Volume 000s HL / % Share of Portfolio, 2010F


Chart - Brands by Modus Operandi, % Share of Portfolio, 2010F
Table – Brands by Modus Operandi, Volume 000s HL, 2010F


Table - Brand Volumes, 000s HL, 2006-2010F
Table - Incremental Growth by Brand, 2006-2010F


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