The Evolution of Beauty Ingredients in Food and Drinks: Innovation and future strategies for success

Date: September 22, 2009
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The Evolution of Beauty Ingredients in Food and Drinks: Innovation and future strategies for success
The concept of what is good for the inside must be good for the outside is a mantra captured by the by evolving market of beauty through better nutrition. The current buzz words of cosmeceuticals, dermaceuticals, biocosmetics and nutricosmetics are used to describe the application of ingredients traditionally found in foods offering skin health benefit. Following the modern day recognition of the nutricosmetic market by Raymond Reed, the commercialisation of foods and beverages offering beauty benefits has emerged as a standalone category. The potential of this market is yet to be fully realised but its consumer based reaches across genders, age groups and continents.

This report provides a unique insight and analysis into the what key consumer messages, ingredients, and brand security is required to develop a finished product. The following chapters of the report will provide the required fiscal analysis, forecasting, NPD, and well-informed and practical steps needed to deliver such products within the beauty space.

Key benefits from reading this report

  • Understand the key growth countries within Europe and the global potential of the US and Asian beauty food category.
  • Gain and invaluable insight into the current consumer perspective on this under exploited market and help design you products to meet their demands.
  • Evaluate the current crop of beauty food ingredients impacting the market and the next generation of branded and generic ingredients making a name within this category.
  • See the most successful products and brands and what strategies they have utilised to become a profitable and sustainable within this market.
  • Gain valuable guidance into what 6 key factors should be utilised in navigating this market when looking to design, market and launch a function beauty product .

  • Key findings of this report

    By 2011, the market is expected to be an estimated $6.6bn, with a strong growth rate of 4.8% predicted between 2008-2011.

    By 2011 the US will be the largest market for anti-aging skincare goods, which is set to accelerate to double-digit growth over 2011–14, at a CAGR of 11.8%.

    Out of the Asia Pacific countries, one of the most over looked in terms of potential by the western research analysts is South Korea. Current estimates place the value of this market at around $296m, rising to $426m by 2014.

    Beauty foods in the UK represent the greatest growth over 2006–2011 (15.6%) and also leads in dietary supplement growth (9.6%). Unlike the US, consumer in the UK are generally more accepting of functional foods and as such may be an early adopter for this category.

    Of the new products classified as being innovative between 2005 and 2008, 15% had a packaging benefit. This was the second largest source of innovation after formulation, which accounted for 68% of new products classified as innovative.

    Any claim made on a product taken orally falls under EU food law, and a 'beautifying effect' must be brought about by a physiological reaction to the ingested nutricosmetic (a biological active ingredient or formulation). Any effect claimed to occur, even visual, must be initiated from within and as such is influencing a biochemical and physiological process. Under this premise, all claims made by manufacturers selling nutricosmetics must comply with the EU nutrition and health claim directive EC 1924/2006, and supply evidence to support any claims with regard to the modification of physiological function.

    Key questions answered by this report

    What markets will experience double digit growth over 2011-2014?

    Of the Europeans market which countries will crack the $150mn mark by 2011?

    How will the US market grow until 2016? And will it be competitive with Europe and Asia?

    Of foods, beverages and dietary supplements which is set to be the delivery format of choice based of value and consumer insight data?

    What are the 11 key driver and inhibitors of growth within the beauty category?

    How are consumers describing beauty across the EU, US and Asian markets and is theer a significant difference?

    What is the perception of beauty across multiple age and gender groups?

    What is the impact of media, experts and professional associations on consumer perception of product efficacy?
    The Evolution of Beauty Ingredients in Food and Drinks
    Executive summary 10
    The evolution of beauty from within 10
    The science of skin health 11
    The beauty consumer – demographics, attitudes, and trends 12
    Analysis of the beauty market 13
    Current ingredient trends and innovations 14
    Futureceuticals – innovations in ingredients, packaging, and marketing 15
    Key strategies for success in the beauty category 16


    Summary 18
    Introduction 18
    The history of the beauty market 18
    Transitioning from cosmetics to foods 19
    Functional foods and the beauty market 20
    Recession and premiumization 20


    Summary 24
    Introduction 25
    Aging process 25
    Skin damage and repair 26
    Oxidative 26
    Sun/UV damage 26
    Inflammation 27
    Hydration 28
    Measuring skin damage – a consumer perspective 28
    Clinique skin computer 29
    DermaScan 29
    Pharmanex BioPhotonic scan 30
    Lancôme Diagnosis Expert 31
    Nutrition treatments 32


    Summary 36
    Introduction 37
    Demographics 37
    Attitudes on aging, beauty and advertising 39
    The impact of the media on beauty foods 43
    Gender and beauty foods 44
    Trends and opportunities 45


    Summary 48
    Introduction 48
    A global skincare market 49
    Global beauty foods market 51
    The European market for beauty foods and beverages 52
    The market for beauty foods and beverages in Asia Pacific 53
    The US market for beauty foods and beverages 54


    Summary 58
    Introduction 59
    Superfruits 59
    Açai 59
    Goji 60
    Pomegranate 61
    Mangosteen 62
    Evodia 63
    Lycopene and carotenoids 64
    Acerola 65
    Camu-camu 66
    Protein 67
    Milk proteins 67
    Soy protein 69
    Teas 70
    White 71
    Green 71
    Study 1 72
    Study 2 73
    Pu-erh 73
    Rooibos 74
    Berries and herbs 76
    Sea buckthorn 76
    Study 1 77
    Study 2 77
    Blueberries 78
    Raspberries 79
    Rosemary 80
    Burdock root 81
    Ginseng 82
    Other natural ingredients 83
    Collagen 83
    Ceramide and Ursolic acid 85
    Hyaluronic acid 87
    Rhodiola rosea 88
    Pre/probiotics 88
    Ayurveda 90


    Introduction 95
    Branded beauty ingredients 95
    Solbar (Solgen Ltd) 95
    Praventin (Friesland Campina/DMV) 96
    Sendara 98
    Boswellin 99
    FloraGlo lutein and zeaxanthin 101
    Peptan collagen (Rousselot) 102
    Generic ingredient trends 103
    Spices 103
    Ginger 104
    Curcumin 105
    Botanicals and naturals 106
    Polypodium leucotomos 106
    Amaranth – A source of squalene for skin health 107
    Algae 109
    Proteins and related bioactives 110
    Packaging – making beauty products beautiful 111
    Perricone MD 113
    Borba beauty 114
    SoCal Cleanse – Eco-friendly and organic 115
    Functionalab – beauty and style 117


    Summary 122
    Introduction 123
    Six strategies for success 124
    Choose a health benefit 124
    Gender 124
    Health gate-keeper 124
    Life-stage 125
    Fix the format 125
    Format and formulation 126
    Format and ingredient choice 126
    Feel the benefit 127
    See the solution 128
    Connect with the consumer 128
    Distribute with distinction 131
    The future of beauty 133


    An interview with Caroline Negre, marketing manager at Rousselot SAS 136
    Biography 140
    Index 141


    Figure 1.1: Europe's first beauty supplement Merz Spezial Dragee from Merz Pharmaceuticals GmbH 19
    Figure 2.2: Clinque Computer 29
    Figure 2.3: Dermoscan from Imedeen UK 30
    Figure 2.4: Pharmanex S2 BioPhotonic scanner 31
    Figure 3.5: Key drivers and inhibitors of growth within the beauty category 38
    Figure 3.6: What signs of skin aging concern you? 39
    Figure 3.7: What are the key attributes of being beautiful? 40
    Figure 3.8: What are the key attributes of being beautiful? 41
    Figure 5.9: Beauty ingredients by category 59
    Figure 6.10: Works With Water's beauty beverage for clear skin (with Praventin) 97
    Figure 6.11: Life Extension's 'Fernblock' with Sendara 99
    Figure 6.12: Acne treatment from Orovo LLC containing 25mg Boswellin per serving 100
    Figure 6.13: Hair, Skin and Nails super formula from Purity Products – Contains FloraFlo for skin beauty 101
    Figure 6.14: Innovation type as percentage of all innovative food and drink launches, 2005–2008 112
    Figure 6.15: Perricone MD Targeted Care dietary supplement 113
    Figure 6.16: Perricone MD Skin beauty supplements 114
    Figure 6.17: Borba Gummi Bear Booster 115
    Figure 6.18: Socal Cleanse Organic Protein + Detox 116
    Figure 6.19: Functionalab beauty products 118
    Figure 6.20: Functionalab in-store packaging at Henri Bendel, Fifth Avenue, New York (left) and POS retail lay-out (right) 118
    Figure 7.21: Key strategies for success 123
    Figure 7.22: Sip beauty beverage from Inside Out Beauty Ltd 131
    Figure 7.23: Glowelle beauty beverage from Nestlé 131
    Figure 7.24: Borba Inc – Skin Balance Waters 132


    Table 3.1: Is beauty only about appearance? 42
    Table 4.2: Anti-Aging skincare sales by country, ($m), 2008–2014 50
    Table 4.3: Total beauty food market value, ($m), by country, 2008-2014 51
    Table 4.4: Total beauty supplements value, ($m), by country, 2008-2014 53
    Table 4.5: Oral beauty market for foods and beverages 54

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    The Evolution of Beauty Ingredients in Food and Drinks: Innovation and future strategies for success
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