Emerging Flavors in Food: Exotic, botanical and spicy influences, and future opportunities

Date: March 22, 2010
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Emerging Flavors in Food: Exotic, botanical and spicy influences, and future opportunities
Flavor is an integral part of how humans interact with and experience the world around them. Flavor is linked to our survival instinct and taste stimuli allowed the earliest humans to identify and select the most beneficial nutrients and avoid the poisonous ones. New research suggests that our experience of taste is programmed into our genes, and is influenced by factors as diverse as gender, ethnicity, upbringing, weight, and perception of color.

The flavor sector spans multiple industries globally; from food and beverage manufacturers to chemistry, biotechnology, genetic engineering, and horticulture. Current and emerging trends in taste and flavor are resulting in new challenges and new opportunities for the industry. This report will identify, evaluate, and demonstrate these trends, and outline some of the key ensuing market opportunities. .

Key features of this report

  • Identifies the macro drivers that are shaping trends in the food industry and the tastes and flavors that are emerging as a result.
  • Analyses the top and fastest growing flavors in 2009 across a range of food sectors,
  • and the most popular product claims in each category.
  • Provides a detailed industry perspective by outlining the regulatory and scientific developments impacting the flavor industry.
  • Evaluates the key innovations in food flavoring and explores the leading scientific discoveries, company developments, and NPD.
  • Assesses how macro trends and key industry issues will shape the future development of food and drinks flavors.

  • Scope of this report

  • Identify the most popular flavors by category and sub-category and gain insight into the future potential of these flavors.
  • Evaluate growth opportunities within food and drinks flavors and identify the emerging consumer segments and their market potential.
  • Understanding the main challenges facing the food and drinks flavors industry, and establish how to gain competitive advantage.
  • Gain insight into the latest scientific and technological and innovations driving the flavors industry.

  • Key Market Issues

  • Significant demographic shifts are impacting consumers’ food preferences and an aging population is driving the growth of functional foods and bold flavors.
  • Immigration and travel are contributing to an increased interest in exotic foods including Latin American cuisines such as Mexican and Peruvian;
  • Health and wellness is one of the most important trends in food flavoring and is driving innovation. Taste replacement technology is at the forefront of flavor development, and industry players are collaborating to produce healthy applications;
  • Health and ethical concerns are converging and ‘natural’ claims are losing consumer value due to their ubiquity;
  • Media and technology is impacting flavor development by increasing access to information. Food bloggers can influence the popularity and growth of flavors and manufacturers are able to track consumer preferences more effectively;

  • Key findings from this report

  • Dairy is a key category for flavor innovation, and had the most significant flavor movements in 2009
  • The dairy sector is primarily dominated by stable and consistently popular sweet flavors, particularly classic fruits. Milk and yogurt products had the most innovation in terms of new flavors and chocolate was the highest occurring flavor in desserts.
  • Chocolate and fruit are the most popular confectionery flavors and exotic fruits continue to grow. Botanical and flower flavors are also on the increase, appearing in more new products in 2009 compared to 2008.
  • Traditional flavors dominate the bakery and cereals sector, although coconut and ginger are gaining popularity.
  • Chocolate declined as a snack flavor, while ethnic and experimental flavors appeared in more new products. Spicy flavors grew in importance in potato chips, and more healthy alternatives were launched in 2009.

  • Key questions answered

  • What are the key global macro-economic and social drivers affecting food flavors in 2009?
  • What flavor trends and opportunities are emerging from macro drivers?
  • What are the top food flavors and product claims in each market sector in 2008-2009?
  • Which flavors are growing in popularity, and which are declining?
  • What are the emerging scientific and technological developments that are having the biggest impact on the industry
  • Emerging Flavors in Food
    Executive summary 10
    Introduction 10
    Macro drivers and developments 11
    Top flavor trends by sector 11
    Industry analysis 12
    Conclusions 13


    Summary 16
    Introduction 16
    Research methodology 17
    Definition of flavor 17
    Report structure 18


    Summary 20
    Introduction 20
    Demographic changes 23
    The influence of an aging populations is growing 23
    Age plays a vital role in taste preferences 25
    Consumer trends 26
    Migration and tourism introduce Latino and Asian flavors 28
    Immigration patterns are shifting 28
    Southern Asia is the most popular new tourist destination 30
    Consumer trends 31
    Economic pressures continue 33
    Trading down does not always mean lower quality 34
    Consumer trends 36
    Media and technology are broadening the scope of flavor influence 37
    Increased access to information 37
    Media influences 37
    Technology developments 38
    Consumer trends 38
    Health and ethical concerns converge 39
    Removing, replacing, and refining flavor 39
    Flavor replacement and enhancement 41
    Flavor modification 44
    Flavor and function 48
    Cross-demographic appeal 49
    Superfruits 50
    Sourcing and sustainability 51
    Sales of natural foods have nearly doubled since 2005 52
    Ethical sourcing is a growing influence on food sales 52
    Ethical and health claims are converging 53
    Summary and conclusion 55
    Market maturity is driving the need for flavor innovation 55
    Accurate consumer profiling is vital for effective product positioning 56


    Summary 58
    Introduction 59
    Methodology 59
    Geographic scope 59
    Cross-sector summary 60
    Bakery and cereals 62
    Top and fast growth flavors 63
    New Product Development (NPD) roundup 68
    Breakfast cereals remain traditional 70
    Product claims in bakery and cereal products 71
    Confectionery 73
    Top and growth flavors 73
    New flavors are emerging 75
    NPD roundup 78
    Exotic fruits and pepper combine with chocolate 78
    Botanical flavors represent innovation in sugar confectionery 79
    Mint flavors expand 81
    Product claims in confectionery 82
    Dairy 83
    Top and growth flavors 83
    NPD roundup 87
    Fruit flavors reign in milk-derived products 87
    Plain and simple is preferred in cheese products 89
    Chocolate flavors are the most popular in new dessert products 91
    Product claims in dairy products 92
    Snacks 94
    Top and growth flavors 94
    NPD roundup 97
    Potato chips flavors vary in popularity by region 97
    Snacks offer healthy alternatives 99
    Wide flavor array for nuts and seeds snack products 100
    Product claims in snack products 100


    Summary 104
    Introduction 104
    Industry overview 105
    Key industry trends 106
    Transparency and regulation 106
    Europe is in the process of introducing standardized labeling laws 107
    The US is facing calls for more rigorous labeling regulation 108
    Economic impact 108
    Volatile cocoa prices 109
    Disintegrating bee colonies 110
    Dairy flavor extension 110
    Downsizing is leading to collaboration 111
    A focus on emerging markets 111
    Health and wellness 112
    Developing healthy applications has encouraged industry collaboration 113
    Taste replacement technologies are driving innovations in health food 114
    Natural flavors, sourcing, and sustainability 118
    Clean label requirements drive innovation in ‘natural’ flavorings 118
    The ubiquity of “natural” flavors has devalued the claim 119
    Regulatory clarification is needed 120
    Sustainable business practices are increasing 121


    Key trends in food flavors 124
    Economic and demographic pressures 124
    Travel and media influence 124
    Health and sustainability 124
    Opportunities and challenges 125
    Index 126
    References 127


    Figure 2.1: Factors driving the demand for new food flavors 22
    Figure 2.2: Principal factors influencing taste perception 26
    Figure 2.3: Recessionary impact on market structure 33
    Figure 2.4: Trading down in a recession 34
    Figure 2.5: Growth in discounter share of European grocery market value, 2003-2008 35
    Figure 2.6: Percentage of obese adults by country (%), 2004-2009 40
    Figure 2.7: Percentage of obese adults by region (%), 2008-2012 40
    Figure 2.8: Example of the use of nanomaterials in food 47
    Figure 2.9: Source and sustainability factors influencing product choice 51
    Figure 2.10: Key flavor trends emerging from macro drivers 55
    Figure 3.11: Top five flavors in products launched by sector, 2009 61
    Figure 3.12: Top five product claims on products launched by sector, 2009 62
    Figure 3.13: Top 10 flavors in breakfast cereals launched (%), 2009 71
    Figure 3.14: Top 10 flavors in sugar confectionery products launched (%), 2009 80
    Figure 3.15: Top 10 flavors in milk derived-products launched (%), 2009 88
    Figure 3.16: Top 10 flavors in cheese products launched (%), 2009 90
    Figure 4.17: Potential benefits and concerns of stevia usage, 2009 117


    Table 2.1: Consumers aged 55 and over by region 24
    Table 2.2: Inflows of foreign population by nationality (thousands), 2000-2007 28
    Table 2.3: Functional food and drinks sales ($m), 2007-2012 49
    Table 2.4: Natural food and drinks market by category ($m), 2000-2010 52
    Table 2.5: Global sales of fair trade products (€), 2007-2009 53
    Table 3.6: Top 20 flavors in bakery and cereal products launched (%), 2009 63
    Table 3.7: Top five flavors in bakery and cereal products launched (%), 2005-2009 64
    Table 3.8: Flavor groups in bakery and cereal products launched (%), 2008-2009 65
    Table 3.9: Fruit flavors in bakery and cereals products launched (%), 2008-2009 66
    Table 3.10: Top 20 claims in bakery and cereals (%), 2008-2009 72
    Table 3.11: Top 20 flavors in confectionery products launched (%), 2006-2009 73
    Table 3.12: Flavor categories in confectionery products launched (%), 2008-2009 74
    Table 3.13: Dessert and candy flavors in confectionery product launches (%), 2008-2009 75
    Table 3.14: Top 20 fastest growing flavors in confectionery products launched (% change), 2008- 2009 76
    Table 3.15: Top 20 fastest growing flavors in confectionery products launched (change in rank position) 2008-2009 78
    Table 3.16: Top 20 claims on confectionery products launched (%), 2009 82
    Table 3.17: Top 20 flavors in dairy products launched (%), 2009 84
    Table 3.18: Flavor categories in dairy products launched (%), 2008-2009 85
    Table 3.19: Top 20 fastest growing flavors in dairy products launched (change in rank position), 2008-2009 86
    Table 3.20: Top 20 claims on dairy products launched (%), 2009 93
    Table 3.21: Top 20 fastest growing claims in dairy products launched (change in rank position), 2008-2009 94
    Table 3.22: Top 20 flavors in snack products launched (%), 2009 95
    Table 3.23: Flavor categories in snack products launched (%), 2008-2009 96
    Table 3.24: Spicy/ethnic flavors in snack products launched (%), 2008-2009 96
    Table 3.25: Top 20 fastest growing flavors in snack products launched (% growth change), 2008- 2009 97
    Table 3.26: Top 20 claims on snack products launched (%), 2009 101
    Table 4.27: Top 10 flavor and fragrance companies, 2008 105

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    Emerging Flavors in Food: Exotic, botanical and spicy influences, and future opportunities
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