Advances in Flavor and Aroma Technologies

Date: March 21, 2013
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Advances in Flavor and Aroma Technologies
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To help flavorists and product developers learn about new technologies that will help them combat flavor-related product challenges, Food Technology Intelligence Inc. has revised and updated the report Advances in Flavor and Aroma Technologies. The report analyzes about five dozen flavor and aroma developments that have taken place at company, academic and government research labs around the world. This comprehensive report will let you see first-hand technologies that you can harness to optimize your flavor-related product development efforts.

Some of the processes, techniques and products examined in the report are under development and have com- mercial potential. Others have completed development, and their developers are looking to license the technology or collaborate in other ways to commercialize it. Yet others already are commercially available.

The successful development and marketing of more nutritious and healthy foods, and the optimal processing of products to make them microbiologically as safe as possible, are without argument two major challenges currently facing the food industry. However, while these are major concerns, a product’s flavor also plays a significant role in its acceptance by consumers. Every day, flavorists, product developers and others are challenged to incorporate the most attractive flavors and aromas into products. Their goal: to attract the attention of consumers so that they pur- chase their products again and again.

Flavor is dynamic and elusive. The appealing aroma and flavor of freshly baked products can be lost in a day. It is important to harness flavors and aromas and incorporate them into products to make them appear fresh, whole- some and attractive to consumers for as long as possible. Just like some other compounds, flavors will react and escape from products. Once a product is on the store shelf, oxidation, hydrolysis and other processes may cause it to lose its desired attributes and develop off-flavors. Off-flavors are flavors too, and are another challenge facing product developers.

In Advances in Flavor and Aroma Technologies you’ll learn about several technologies, including:
  • Fruit-flavored yogurts that are enriched with health-beneficial fish collagen.
  • Enzymes that function in microaqueous media that could lead to the development of new flavors.
  • An artificial nose that uses a neural network to analyze aromas. Industrial support is being sought to further its development.
Advances in Flavor and Aroma Technologies reviews important technological developments in the field, dis- cussing their potential applications and status of development. You’ll be able to take advantage of these new tech- nologies through licensing or other arrangements. Contact information is provided for key researchers, enabling you to contact the experts with whom you can collaborate on innovative research.

Order Advances in Flavor and Aroma Technologies today and tap into the innovations that will help you meet your product development objectives.


The Promise of New Technologies
The Sweetness Response


Enzyme Systems
  Enzymes in Microaqueous Media
  Proteins Not Ideal for Encapsulating
    Sweetener Sourced from Corn
    Honey Facilitates Pasta Processing
    Honey for Extruded Products
    Honey for Breads
    Honey Peanut Butter
    Processing Flavored Milks
    Enhancing Skim Milk Aroma and Flavor
    Roasting Temperature and Coffee Flavor
    High-pressure Processing of Raw Milk
    Herbaceous Flavor in Concord Grape Juice
    The Chokeberry Alternative
    Precursor Atmosphere Technology
    Fruit-flavored Sports Drinks
    Fruit Yogurts with Fish Collagen
  Aroma Analysis
    Design and Build an Electronic Nose
    Artificial Mouth Eliminates Guesswork
    Neural Networks Optimize Artificial Noses
    Electronic Nose, Quantitative Measures
    Aroma Profile of Thornless Blackberry
    Food Aromas Could Generate Satiation
    Sulfur Volatiles in Grapefruit Juice
    Aroma Components of Bartlett Pears
    Fatty Foods Trigger Taste Buds
    Lipids Impact Flavors
    Enhance Cooked Turkey Quality
    Lipid Oxidation Impact on Cheese Whey
    Riboflavin Could Cause Lipid Oxidation in
    Salad Dressings
  Cheese Flavor
    Improve Cheese Flavor Development
    High Pressure and Color, Flavor
    Advances in Cheese Processing
    Expanding the Flavor of Cheese
    Brevibacteria and Cheddar Cheese
    Facilitate Umami Taste in Cheese
    Extended Frozen Storage of Caprine Milk
    Monitor Cheddar During Ripening
  Fatty Acids
    Fatty Acid Composition of Oils
  Meat Flavor
    Anka Rice, Nitrate and Roast Beef
    Trehalose and Frozen Smoked Sausage
  Additional Flavor Developments
    Use Superheated Water for Flavors
    Perceiving Flavor of Dietary Fats
    Improving Butter, Milkfat Fractions
    Antioxidants Improve Butteroil in Ice Cream
    Make Lower-fat Chocolate Tastier
    Optimize the Maillard Reaction
    Compare Volatiles in Frankfurters
    Encapsulate Flavors in Foam
    Supercritical Technology and Cheese
    Starch Granules Carry Flavor
    Profiling Primary Flavors
    Database Covers Aroma Compounds
    Fat Replacers and Nonfat Ice Cream
    Whey Protein Microencapsulating Agents
    Potato Chips Fried in Sunflower Oil
    Nonenzymatic Deamidation of Soy Protein
    Evaluate Steviol Glycosides in Leaves of
    Stevia rebaudiana
    Presoaking Hurts Rice Flavor
    Tagatose in Bakery Products
    Complexation by Maize Starch
    Search for Flavor Enhancers, Maskers

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Advances in Flavor and Aroma Technologies
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