Fairness Cream Market in India 2011

Date: October 22, 2011
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Fairness Cream Market in India 2011
The fairness cream market in India is driven by not only growth in the women’s sector but also growth in the male grooming segment. Due to the rise in disposable income and enhanced awareness with the help of larger penetration of media, fairness cream in India is experiencing stronger demand. Due to the increase in organized retailing and trends towards tapping untapped potential of men’s segment, Indian fairness cream market is poised for further growth.

The report begins with an overview of the skin care industry in India giving its market size and growth as well as a clear segmentation on the types of products that constitute this sector. This is followed by an overview of fairness cream market describing the market and includes information regarding market size and growth. Segmentation in the market in terms of types of fairness cream-based products has been provided. A clear indication of percentage break-up in terms of segments based on women’s and men’s market along with its size and growth has also been highlighted. Additionally, distribution channels adopted by the players are highlighted.

The section on EXIM provides an overview to the imports and exports. It covers the overall imports and exports as well as the segmented share across major countries participating in trade.

Social media insights make up the next section which speaks of the market trends and characteristics from a social media perspective. This primarily deals with source distribution, source distribution by tonality and topics of discussion. Additionally, analysis in the forms of customer experience and sentiment has also been provided.

An analysis of the drivers explains the factors for growth of the market including increase in disposable income, rise in organized retail, increase in awareness, increase in male grooming and low penetration. Products like fairness cream does not fall under the purview of necessary goods and therefore it becomes imperative for its survival that people have more income at their disposal. The growing Indian economy and the growth in disposable income have led to strong demand for fairness creams. Further, with enhanced awareness through increased media penetration, people are more aware about the sector and its products. Additionally, with increased organized retail in India, more brands including global brands are seen within the reach of the masses. Another potent source is the fact of increased male spending on grooming products. The growth of this segment has been exponential which is reflected by the trend of major players looking for product extensions towards the male segment. Finally, a latent but effective driver could be the fact of low penetration of these products in the market. An underpenetrated market always crates scope for enormous growth. However, the sector is also facing certain challenges. Factors such as presence of harmful steroids in fairness creams and availability of substitute products pose as barriers for growth.

The major trends indentified in the market include value added factors, array of international brands and adoption of newer packaging methods.

The competition section begins with the overview about the major players and their market shares. A section on social media has also been highlighted to focus on the share of voice in social media platform and a brand wise sentiment analysis. A product matrix has been provided with the major players, their brands and its prices. This is followed by a competitive landscape of the players in the market which contains a snapshot of their corporate information and business highlights. Strategic recommendations for this market have been provided.
Page 1: Executive summary


Page 2: Skincare Market – Overview, Market Size & Growth (2010 – 2012e), Market Segmentation (2010)
Page 3: Fairness Cream Market – Overview, Market Size & Growth (2010 – 2012e), Segmentation (2010)
Page 4: Women’s Market – Market Size & Growth (2010 – 2012e), Men’s Market – Market Size & Growth (2010 – 2012e)
Page 5: Distribution Channels


Page 6: Fairness Cream Market – Imports (value) (2007-08 – 2010-11), Segmentation – Country-wise (value) and (volume) (2010-11)
Page 7: Fairness Cream Market – Exports (value) (2007-08 – 2010-11), Segmentation – Country- wise (value) and (volume) (2010-11)


Page 8: Source Distribution, Source Distribution by Tonality
Page 9: Topics of Discussion, Topics of Discussion by Tonality
Page 10: Analysis of Customer Experience
Page 11: Sentiment Analysis, Overall Tonality (percentage)


Page 12: Summary
Page 13-17: Drivers
Page 18-19: Challenges


Page 20: Summary
Page 21-23: Key Trends


Page 24: Competition – Summary
Page 25: Competition – Overview, Market Share (2010)
Page 26: Social Media – Market Share by Share of Voice (2011 – Jan to Sep)
Page 27: Brand-wise Sentiment Analysis, Brand-wise Tonality
Page 28-30: Product Matrix
Page 31-42: Profile of Major Players – Corporate Information, Financials and Business Highlights


Page 43: Strategic Recommendations
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Fairness Cream Market in India 2011
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