Business Intelligence Market India 2011

Date: November 22, 2011
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Business Intelligence Market India 2011
Growth in the country’s GDP over the past years and a strong surge in trading activities within key industry verticals have resulted in the expansion pf business which in turn has directly amplified the customer base tremendously in India. This increase in customer base and an urgency to cater to the massive amount of data is stimulating the need for business intelligence and analytical tools market in India. Currently, the market is valued at INR 7.9 bn and is expected to attain a CAGR of 22% to reach INR 17.5 bn by 2015. Key industry verticals like Retail and the Healthcare will further intensify the demand for BI tools and vendors in the market will enjoy ample opportunity to capitalize.

The report commences with an illustration of Business Intelligence (BI) architectural model followed by an explanation of various types of BI solutions. The section enlightens readers on topics such as the basic function of a BI tool. Market Overview section lists the major BI adopting industry verticals and their primary reasons of adoption. The section also depicts the present and future market size figures of BI in India, thereby giving a clear picture of the current and future market scenario. It also illustrates the share of BI users in the SMB market space. Moving along, the report further elaborates on the BI market scenario within the SMB space, wherein market size and the segments of the type of BI used, is illustrated to give a better insight of the market space. It talks about the key areas of BI implementation amongst SMBs and highlights the breakup between traditional and SaaS based BI. The report also features a section on the Cloud Based BI or on-demand BI, which talks about the various crucial aspects with relevance to BI implementation such as evaluation of appropriate vendors, deployment strategy, usage and the benefits of on-demand BI. It is followed by the Popular Features section which lists and elaborates on the functionality of the most popular features within the Indian BI market. Primarily, the features have been derived and sorted after an in-depth research on the most widely used BI tools by organizations across industries in India.

This report features a separate section on Selection and Implementation of BI focusing solely on the most crucial phases of selection and implementation phases of a BI solution. The section enlists and elaborates on three important BI selection procedures, namely Selection by Solution Model, Selection by Solution Purpose and Selection by Solution Components, thereby giving readers with a comprehensive set of value added guidelines, using which the overall selection procedure within an organization can be effectively carried out. This section is immediately followed by Recurring Costs section which chalks out the major cost driven issues of BI implementation in an organization. It enlightens readers on the various BI associated expenditure, a company is likely to face post implementation of a BI tool. Best Practices section lists some strategically derived principles which can effectively reap maximum Return on Investment (ROI) within a span of an optimal time period. BI Benefits talks about the five basic advantages a company is most likely to gain after implementing a BI tool. It clearly distinguishes the primary benefits and the main objective of a BI solution.

The section on Future Trends elaborates on the prospective developments identified in the market which are expected to gain momentum in the coming years comprise of a gradual shift in inclination towards mobile BI, increased availability of ‘in-memory analytics’ enabled BI solutions and social media involvement in BI tools. Factors such as an increased mobility amongst enterprises, persistent decline in hardware prices and the rapid incorporation of social media will mainly govern these trends. This section offers strategic insights about the future market scenario and hence will particularly aide the BI vendors keen on garnering a better foothold in the Indian market in the coming years.

Key Players section comprises of a list of major foreign and domestic players, who have marked a significant presence in the Indian BI market. Individual players have been listed with their respective company snapshots, a generic overview of the business and operational highlights and major corporate activities. It also covers a sales intelligence segment which provides key point of contacts of the particular company. It is followed by an explicit detailed summary of BI products and services offered by these players, wherein readers can retrieve all valuable and needed information such as specifications, key features, and targeted verticals.

Major Users portion illustrates some major BI users across key industries such as Manufacturing, Healthcare, BFSI (Banking and Financial Services) and Others (Retail and Logistics), thereby depicting the scenario about the current BI users in India and hence can be effectively utilized to generate strategic lead and sales intelligence.

A set of case studies have been included under the Case Studies section wherein major cases across a range of industries have been mentioned with explicit details. The section begins by stating the client organization and its respective industry vertical along with the BI vendor. It then elaborates about the actual business need, the solution used and thereafter the benefits reaped by the client organization. It also highlights the specific technology used in the case.

The report concludes with a strategic recommendation derived after a thorough research of the market. The recommendations included within focus solely on the BI vendors and are intended to provide aide in the decision making process of a prospective BI vendor keen on expanding its business in the competitive Indian BI market.
Page 1: Executive Summary


Page 2: Illustration – Business Intelligence Architectural Model
Page 3: Types of Business Intelligence


Page 4: BI Market – Overview, BI Market Size and Growth (2010 – 2015e), Market Segmentation (2010-11)


Page 5: BI Market – SMBs Overview


Page 6: Overview, Evaluation of Vendors, Deployment, Usage and Benefits


Page 7: BI Features


Page 8: Selection Phases
Page 9: Summary – Selection Procedures
Page 10-11: Selection by Solution Model
Page 12-13: Selection by Solution Purpose
Page 14-15: Selection by Solution Components


Page 16: Recurring Costs – Y-0-Y Budget Increase, Individual Cost, Modifications and Upgrades and Project Time


Page 17-18: Business Intelligence – Best Practices


Page 19: Illustration – BI Benefits


Page 20: Illustration - Future trends in the business intelligence market


Page 21: International Business Machine Corp - Corporate Information, Business Highlights and Sales Intelligence
Page 22: IBM Product Information
Page 23: iGatePatni Computer Systems Ltd. - Corporate Information, Business Highlights and Sales Intelligence
Page 24: iGatePatni Product Information
Page 25: MAIA Intelligence - Corporate Information, Business Highlights and Sales Intelligence
Page 26: MAIA Intelligence Product Information
Page 27: Manthan Systems - Corporate Information, Business Highlights and Sales Intelligence
Page 28: Manthan Systems Product Information
Page 29: Microsoft Corporation - Corporate Information, Business Highlights and Sales Intelligence
Page 30: Microsoft Product Information
Page 31: Microstrategy - Corporate Information, Business Highlights and Sales Intelligence
Page 32: Microstrategy Product Information
Page 33: NetSuite Inc. - Corporate Information, Business Highlights and Sales Intelligence
Page 34: NetSuite Product Information
Page 35: Oracle Corporations - Corporate Information, Business Highlights and Sales Intelligence
Page 36: Oracle Product Information
Page 37: Pentaho - Corporate Information, Business Highlights and Sales Intelligence
Page 38: Pentaho Product Information
Page 39: PivotLink Corp - Corporate Information, Business Highlights and Sales Intelligence
Page 40: PivotLink Product Information
Page 41: QlikView Technologies Ltd. - Corporate Information, Business Highlights and Sales Intelligence
Page 42: QlikView Product Information
Page 43: SAP AG - Corporate Information, Business Highlights and Sales Intelligence
Page 44: SAP AG Product Information
Page 45: SAS Software Ltd. - Corporate Information, Business Highlights and Sales Intelligence
Page 46: SAS Product Information
Page 47: Teradata Corporation - Corporate Information, Business Highlights and Sales Intelligence
Page 48: Teradata Product Information


Page 49: Illustration – Major BI Users Across Key Industries


Page 50-52: Case Studies


Page 53: Strategic Recommendation
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Business Intelligence Market India 2011
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