HDFC Bank Case Study: India's HDFC Bank has Launched an Ultra-Premium Credit Card

Date: January 30, 2012
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HDFC Bank Case Study: India's HDFC Bank has Launched an Ultra-Premium Credit Card

This case study reports on HDFC Bank's Infinia credit card, which is targeted at India's growing high net worth individual customers segment.

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Infinia's lack of a pre-set spending limit, other benefits, and marketing are all intended to position it as a highly exclusive product for the ultra-rich only.

The new product challenges existing products for these customers, such as American Express. It fits in with and extends HDFC's current range of premium services.

Your key questions answered
  • What are Infinia's key selling points?
  • Why is HDFC targetting high net worth individuals?



HDFC has launched Infinia, an ultra-premium credit card
  Initially, 5,000 Infinia cards were issued to customers ‘by invitation only’
  Infinia is positioned at the top of HDFC's credit card range and targets the wealthiest customers
India has a growing class of HNWIs
  Economic growth has created a fairly prosperous middle class in India
  India also has a smaller class of HNWIs
  HNWIs have specific consumption patterns
  The 1 to 10 rule makes HNWIs and UHNWIs a lucrative market
Infinia fits in with and extends HDFC's existing premium services
  The bank offers a range of premium services targeting different levels of personal wealth.
  HDFC has a strong but not dominant position in India’s credit card market
  HDFC has a range of credit card products
  Is Infinia a way to strengthen HDFC's position in the HNWI and UHNWI space?


Infinia enhances HDFC’s offer for richest customers


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HDFC Bank Case Study: India's HDFC Bank has Launched an Ultra-Premium Credit Card
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