Cutting-Edge Offer from Tariff Consultancy

We are more than happy to inform that our partner, Tariff Consultancy Ltd, has recently released new issues of its 2015 SnapShots Series.

These series provide in-depth coverage of issues related to telecoms pricing.

If you are interested in the service, you can purchase it as a subscription. The subscription costs USD 1,999. As a result, you will receive 20 issues over a one-year period.

Otherwise, you can purchase any of already published Snapshots for USD 299.00.

Some of key topics covered in the SnapShots include: roaming pricing, mobile value added services, LTE-advanced pricing, Big data bundles, etc.

If you are interested in the offer, please, contact Alison, our Sales Manager. You can write her an email or reach her by phone at +44 208 144 6009.

Found 5 publications
Tariff Trends SnapShot 50 - High Capacity Mobile Data Bundles US$ 299.00

... SnapShot 50, TCL analyses the present status of high capacity mobile bundles ...

May, 2015 27 pages
Tariff Trends SnapShot 52 - The Use of Subbrands US$ 299.00

... SnapShot 52, TCL analyses the use of sub-brands, by the fixed & mobile ...

May, 2015 28 pages
Tariff Trends SnapShot 51 - Mobile Messaging Services US$ 299.00

... SnapShot 51, TCL analyses the current state of mobile messaging services worldwide, ...

May, 2015 32 pages
Tariff Trends SnapShot No. 46 - Pricing for the Apple iPhone 6 US$ 299.00

... SnapShot 46, TCL examines the growth in Apple iPhone sales, with the ...

May, 2015
Tariff Trends SnapShot 41 - French Mobile Pricing Update US$ 299.00

... Tariff Trend SnapShot Service. It is a Research & Analysis Service published by Tariff Consultancy Ltd (TCL) providing a brief snapshot analysis of a new pricing trend for mobile ... of Free Mobile – this latest SnapShot considers whether low pricing is sustainable in France, the attempts being made to add ...

May, 2015
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