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Found 1624 publications
World Virtual Training and Simulation Market - Opportunities and Forecasts, 2014-2022 US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

Virtual training is a methodology in which a simulated virtual environment is created to test the capabilities of a trainee that can contribute to ... training and non-instructor-supported training. Simulation is the imitation of the processes of a real-world operation or system over time. Furthermore, it is used to create a virtual training environment. Virtual training and simulation ...

Oct, 2016 120 pages
World Vetronics Market - Opportunities and Forecasts, 2014-2022 US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

Vetronics-a portmanteau of vehicle and electronics-is a term extensively used to refer to the ... . These systems are responsible for the integration of various types of vetronics systems used in military vehicles. Furthermore, these systems streamline various ...

Oct, 2016 103 pages
World Ultra-Mobile Devices Market - Opportunities and Forecasts, 2014-2022 US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

The ultra-mobiles are dual mode computing devices such as Chromebook, Surface Pro, convertibles, and lightweight PCs, that ... of a full-scale PC. These devices are available in various display sizes varying from 7 inches to 13.9 inches. The information architecture of ultra-mobile devices facilitates its use ...

Oct, 2016 122 pages
World Commercial Satellite Imaging Market - Opportunities and Forecasts, 201-2022 US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

Commercial satellite imaging refers to obtaining images of Earth with the help of satellites. Many private companies offer satellite images of Earth along with processing, and analysis for various ...

Oct, 2016 128 pages
World Cleanroom Disposable Gloves Market by Material Type (Natural Rubber Gloves, Nitrile Gloves, Vinyl Gloves, Neoprene Gloves, and Others), End User (Aerospace Industry, Disk Drives... US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

... . These gloves are manufactured from various materials such as natural rubber/latex, nitrile, vinyl, and neoprene. Natural rubber cleanroom disposable gloves are widely used in the market, as they are the most-conventional and provide ...

Nov, 2016 168 pages
World C5ISR Market - Opportunities and Forecasts, 2014-2022 US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

... terrorism and security concerns due to territorial conflicts drive the C5ISR market. In the current warfighting environment, the need for advanced communications ...

Nov, 2016 100 pages
World Automotive HVAC System Market - Opportunities and Forecasts, 2015-2022 US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system in a vehicle is used for controlling the internal temperature of the vehicle ...

Jun, 2016 140 pages
World Automotive Axle & Propeller Shaft Market by Axle & Propeller Shaft Type and Propeller Shaft Type and Vehicle Type - Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2014-2022 US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

Automotive axle and propeller shafts are key components to generate momentum in vehicles by transferring torque from differential to wheels and engine to differential, respectively. Axles transfer ... mounting for wheel assembly. The functioning of the axle depends on the position and type of axle. Commercial vehicles, such as heavy trucks, medium ...

Oct, 2016 160 pages
World Automated Radio Synthesis Modules Market - Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2014-2022 US$ 3,840.00 US$ 3,072.00

Automated radiosynthesis modules are automated equipment used in the formulation of radiotracers and in imaging techniques such as ... the end users. Benefits associated with the use of automated radiosynthesis modules include low capital cost, minimal infrastructural requirement, user friendly ...

Nov, 2016 36 pages
World Artificial Intelligence Market - Opportunities and Forecasts, 2014-2022 US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

The artificial intelligence (AI) has been one of the most progressive technologies since its ...

Nov, 2016 127 pages
Whey Protein Ingredients Market by Type (Whey Protein Concentrate 80 and Whey Protein Concentrate 35, Whey Protein Isolate (WPI)s, Hydrolyzed Whey Protein (HWP), Demineralized Whey... US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

Whey protein is considered as a complete protein supplement as it is composed of all the nine essential amino acids. These proteins are versatile in their usage and find wide ... wine, employ whey as a major ingredient in their production processes. Whey proteins are a mixture of spheroproteins, which are derived from whey during the production of cheese. Whey is traditionally ...

Apr, 2017 290 pages
Water Treatment Technology Market by Pumping System (Pumps, Valves & Controls, and Automation Systems), Chemicals (Coagulants & Flocculants, Antifoamants & Defoamers, Corrosion & Scale... US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

Water treatment technology involves removal of impurities contained in water during its use or storage and its conversion into usable form. The water treatment technology market is expected to witness substantial growth owing to increase in water scarcity and its use in various industrial and household sectors. The market for these technologies ...

Dec, 2016 150 pages
Wafer Level Packaging Market by Integration Type (Fan-in WLP and Fan-out WLP), Packaging Technology (3D TSV WLP, 2.5D TSV WLP, WLCSP, Nano WLP, and Others), Bumping Technology (Copper... US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

Wafer level packaging (WLP) is a technology of packaging an integrated circuit where most or all of the packaging process steps are carried out at the wafer level in contrast to the conventional chip scale packaging and wire bonding. The advancements in wafer level packaging deliver ...

Sep, 2016 214 pages
Vision Guided Robotics Market by Component Type(Hardware, Software, Services), Industry Vertical(Automobile, Electrical and Electronics, Aerospace and Defense, Food and Beverage,... US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

... sensors to provide a feedback indication to the robot controller and move towards the target location. Deployment of vision guided robotics technology enables increased production efficiency ... , food & beverage, healthcare & pharmaceutical, and metal processing. The global vision guided robotics market was valued at $3,834 million in 2015, and is projected to reach $7,718 ...

Apr, 2017 160 pages
Vertebral Compression Fracture Devices Market by Product (Balloon Kyphoplasty Devices and Vertebroplasty Devices) and Surgery (Open Spine Surgery and Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery) -... US$ 3,840.00 US$ 3,072.00

Vertebral compression fracture (VCF) is a type of spinal disorder caused by the fracture of bones in the spinal cord due to osteoporosis, arthritis, and trauma. ... and balloon kyphoplasty. These procedures involve injecting cement in the fractured vertebral body to achieve immediate pain relief and stability.

Mar, 2017 141 pages
Vascular Guidewires Market by Product (Coronary Guidewires and Peripheral Guidewires), Coating Type (Coated, and Non-Coated), and End User (Hospitals and Ambulatory Surgical Centers... US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

... guidewire is a long and flexible wire (or spring in some cases) used to assist ... ) into a patient’s body. The guidewires used during any vascular procedure (a procedure involving cardiovascular system) are termed as vascular guidewires. Vascular guidewires are important during various ...

Apr, 2017 213 pages
Vacuum Insulation Panels Market by Raw Material (Plastics and Metals), Core Material (Silica, Fiberglass, and Others), Type (Flat Panel and Special Shape Panel), and End-User Industry... US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

Vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) are ultra-thin, high-performance insulants that are expected to be 20 times more viable than traditional protection items. VIPs provides vitality proficiency, space benefits for home machines, temperature-controlled bundling, and refrigerated transportation frameworks.

Mar, 2017 223 pages
UK IVF Services Market by End Users (Fertility Clinics, Hospitals, Surgical Centers, and Clinical Research Institutes), and Cycle Type [Fresh Cycle (non-donor), Thawed IVF Cycle... US$ 1,950.00 US$ 1,658.00

The UK IVF services market is estimated to reach $685.4 million by 2022, registering a CAGR of 7.7% during the ... , delayed marriages, and late parenthood decisions propels the market growth. Furthermore, IVF services, has become popular in the UK owing to the supportive regulation ...

May, 2017 43 pages
U.S. Dry Aging Beef Market - Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2014-2022 US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

... Dry Aging Beef Market was valued at $10,605 million in 2016, and is expected to reach $11,176 million by 2020, supported by a CAGR of 1.3% during the forecast period. The aging of beef ... aging process, beef pieces are vacuum-packed in plastic containers, and shipped in the market. Most of the food service companies offering dry aging beef order beef as individual ...

Jan, 2017 47 pages
U.S. Airborne LiDAR Market by Component (Lasers, Inertial Navigation Systems, Cameras, GPS/GNSS Receivers, Microelectromechanical Systems), Application (Corridor Mapping, Seismology,... US$ 2,780.00 US$ 2,363.00

Aerial LiDAR system is a mapping technology that uses a laser beam to measure the distance from an aircraft to the earth’s surface by utilizing onboard GPS and inertial measurement unit (IMU) sensors to determine the geospatial location of terrestrial objects and their features with high precision.

Oct, 2016 104 pages
Travel Insurance Market by Insurance Cover, User and Distribution Channel - Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecasts, 2014-2022 US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

... , the million-dollar question always remains whether or not to take a travel insurance. Although, one may consider it a mere waste of money, however, opting ...

Oct, 2016 110 pages
Transparent Ceramics Market by Type (Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline), Material (Sapphire, Yttrium Aluminum Garnet, Spinel, and Aluminum Oxynitride), and Application (Optics &... US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

Transparent Ceramics Are Inorganic Solid Materials That Permit Light To Pass Through Them Without Diffusing It To Obtain A Clear Image Of The Object Behind. They Are Usually Glassy And Crystalline In Nature, And Are Derived From Silica-Based Glass By The Crystallization Process.

Feb, 2017 230 pages
Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) Market by Procedure (Transfemoral Implantation, Transapical Implantation, and Transaortic Implantation) - Global Opportunities and... US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

Transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI), also called as transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), is a minimally invasive surgical procedure, wherein a diseased aortic valve is replaced with artificial valve through blood vessels. The procedure is designed to treat high-risk patients suffering from aortic stenosis. These ...

Sep, 2016 120 pages
Toluene Market by Derivative Type (Benzene & Xylene, Toluene Diisocynates, Solvents, Gasoline Additives), Production Process (Reformate, Pygas, Coke/Coal, and Styrene), Application... US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

The global toluene market size is expected to reach $23,393 million by 2023 from $16,597 million in 2016, registering a CAGR of 5.0% from 2017 to 2023. Toluene is a clear ... in the manufacturing of other organic chemicals, such as benzene, xylene, and toluene diisocyanate. It is used as a solvent in paints, thinners, adhesives, and inks. Cosmetic ...

Apr, 2017 110 pages
Thermoset Molding Compounds Market by Resin Type (Phenolic Resin, Epoxy Resin, Polyester Resin, Urea Formaldehyde Resin, Melamine Formaldehyde Resin, and Others), and by End user... US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

Thermosetting molding compounds provide thermal resistance, dimensional stability, high flexural strength, electrical insulation, and capabilities to the thermosetting plastic parts makes them ideal ... such as electrical & electronics, automobile bodies, and aerospace. The global thermoset molding compound is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 6.2% to reach $12,298 million by 2022, from $8,096 ...

Feb, 2017 195 pages
Thermoform Packaging Market by Material, Type, Heat Seal Coating and End User Industry US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

Thermoforming Is A Relatively Simple Plastic Manufacturing Process That Is Inexpensive As Compared To Other ... Until The Sheet Is Cooled To Form A Finished Part. The Global Thermoform Packaging Market Is Expected To Register Substantial Growth During The Forecast Period, Attributed ...

Mar, 2017 190 pages
Textile Chemical Market by Product Type (Coating & Sizing Chemicals, Finishing Agents, Colorants & Auxiliaries, Surfactants, Desizing Agents, Yarn Lubricants, and Bleaching Agents), by... US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

... textile chemical market is expected to reach $27,560 million by 2022, from $21,770 million in 2015. The demand for textile chemicals is increasing due to technological advancement in mechanized-produced textiles ... textile chemical products are employed in clothing industries, agriculture, packaging, environmental protection, and transportation sectors. Rise in demand for textile chemical market has reduced the domestic textile ...

Dec, 2016 131 pages
System in Package (SiP) Technology Market by Packaging Technology (2-D IC Packaging, 2.5-D IC Packaging, and 3-D IC Packaging), Packaging Type (Flat Packages, Pin Grid Arrays, Surface... US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

The global system in package (SiP) technology market is anticipated to register a CAGR of 9.0% from 2016 to 2022 to attain a market size of around $30 billion by 2022. SiP is a combination of number of integrated circuits enclosed in a single module, which can perform all the functions of electronics systems. In SiP, all the ...

Dec, 2016 226 pages
Surgical Sutures Market By Product Type [Automated Suturing Devices (Disposable Automated Suturing Devices, And Re-Usable Automated Suturing Devices), and Sutures (Sutures by Type... US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

Surgical sutures, also called stitches, are surgical threads used to repair lacerations in the skin and to close surgical incisions. In addition, these sterile threads are used to stich skin, internal organs, blood vessels, and other tissues after the surgical procedure.

Nov, 2016 170 pages
Surgical Navigation Systems Market by Technology, by Application, by End User - Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2014-2022 US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

... that develops precise geometrical structure of the targeted surgical area or the region to be operated. Surgical navigation systems market is primarily driven by factors such as increasing incidence & prevalence ... and development of surgical navigation systems, launch of technologically advanced navigation systems, and increasing acceptance of minimally invasive surgical procedures. However, factors like high cost of navigation systems, and stringent ...

Mar, 2017 160 pages
Surgical Microscopes Market by Application (Dentistry, ENT, Gynecology & Urology, Neurosurgery & Spine Surgery, Oncology, Ophthalmology and Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeries), by... US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

Elementary operational microscope is an optical, mechanical, electrical device, or a combination of lenses, which provides magnification, ... basic microscopes are inefficient during surgeries. Surgical microscope is a solution to present problem of complex and difficult surgical interventions. The common examples of procedures that use surgical microscope ...

Sep, 2016 110 pages
Surgical Equipment Market by Product Surgical Sutures & Staplers, Handheld Surgical Devices [Forceps & Spatulas, Retractors, Dilators, Graspers, Auxiliary Instruments (Clamps, Cannulas,... US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

A Surgical equipment is specially designed device or tool for performing specific actions carried out during different types of surgical procedures or operations and aid the physical modification of biological tissue.

Nov, 2016 180 pages
Surge Protection Devices Market by Product (Plug-in Devices, Hardwired Devices, Line Cord Devices, and Power Control Center) and Application (Residential, Commercial, and Industrial) -... US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

Surge protection devices (SPDs) are designed to protect electrical appliances from voltage spikes. SPDs limit the voltage supplied to an electric device either by blocking or shorting to ground ... networks, telephone networks, and various communication systems. The global surge protection devices market accounted for $2,137 million in 2015, and is estimated to reach $3,167 ...

Jan, 2017 86 pages
Superalloys Market by Base Material (Nickel-Based, Iron-Based, and Cobalt-Based) and Application (Aerospace, Industrial Gas Turbine, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Industrial, and Others) -... US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

... global superalloys market was valued at $3,727 million in 2015, and is projected to reach $7,150 million by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 9.5% from 2016 to 2022. Superalloys are ...

Apr, 2017 220 pages
Super Absorbent Polymer Market by Type, Application and Production Method - Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2014-2022 US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

Global Super Absorbent Polymer Market was valued at $6,174 million in 2015 and is expected to garner $8,551 ... forecast period 2016 - 2022. Super absorbent polymers (SAPs), also known as slush powder, are physically or chemically cross-linked polymer gels exhibiting hydrophilic property ...

Mar, 2017 297 pages
Sugar Confectionery Market by Product Type and Others - Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2014-2022 US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

Confectionery is related to food products that comprise high sugar content such as chocolates, caramel, sweets, gums, candies, cookies, and marshmallows. These products are used to reduce stress, alleviate boredom, and to satisfy cravings.

Mar, 2017 150 pages
Substation Automation Market by Component, Module and Communication Channel - Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2014-2022 US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

... Substation Automation Market Was Valued At $106,891 Million As In 2015 And Is Expected To Reach $154,876 Million By 2022, Growing At A Cagr Of 5.5% From 2016 To 2022. Substation Automation Is A System That Used To Control, Protect, Operate And Monitor Electricity Substations. Substation Automation Equipment Should Be Able To Monitor And ...

Feb, 2017 103 pages
Structural Heart Devices Market by Product (Structural Heart Repair Devices and Replacement Valves), Age Group, and Indication US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

Structural heart disease refers to cardiac defects that are congenital in nature and can also be acquired through wear & tear of heart valves or chambers of the heart. Rapid advancements in the medical field have replaced the open heart surgical procedures with ...

Feb, 2017
Sterilization Technologies Market by Type (Ethylene Oxide, Formaldehyde, Filtration, Gamma Radiation, Electron Beam Radiation, Thermal, and Others) and End User (Pharmaceuticals, Medical... US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

... global sterilization technologies market was valued at $5,445 million in 2015, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.8% from 2016 to 2022 to reach $8,578 million by 2022. Sterilization technologies are ... medium. These technologies effectively sterilize a wide range of products developed from different materials with varying configurations, densities, and orientations. Sterilization is achieved by exposing ...

Jan, 2017 180 pages
Stents Market by Stents Type (Coronary (Drug-Eluting, Bare-Metal Coronary, Bioabsorbable), Peripheral (Iliac, Femoral-Popliteal, Renal, Carotid), Stent-Related (Synthetic Grafts, Vena... US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

... stent is a metallic or a polymer tube implanted into the lumen of any blood vessel or a duct in order to keep the passage open. A variety of stents for different clinical conditions are available in the market. A stent implant is most commonly used for the ...

Aug, 2016 122 pages
Sports Nutrition Market by Type, Distribution Channel and End User - Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecasts, 2014-2021 US$ 5,550.00 US$ 4,440.00

Sports nutrition products include protein powder, capsule/tablets (creatine/branched chain ... supplements. These products are widely used in strength sports (weightlifting & bodybuilding) and endurance sports (cycling, running, swimming, rowing, and others). In addition ...

Oct, 2016 187 pages
Spine Bone Stimulators Market by Product (Non-Invasive and Invasive Spinal Bone Stimulators) and Surgery (Open Spine Surgery and Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery) - Global Opportunity... US$ 4,290.00 US$ 3,432.00

Spine bone stimulators are used during a spinal fusion surgery along with spinal instrumentation (plates, rods, and screws) and bone grafts. Their main ... surgery. A bone stimulator, internal or external, is a small device that delivers low-voltage electrical currents directly to the spinal area where bone growth (spine fusion ...

Mar, 2017 172 pages
Spinal Fusion Devices Market by Product (Thoracolumbar Devices, Cervical Fixation Devices, and Interbody Fusion Devices) and Surgery (Open Spine Surgery and Minimally Invasive Spine... US$ 3,840.00 US$ 3,072.00

Spine-Related Disorders And Deformities Are Treated Using Spinal Fusion Devices. Disorders Such As Spinal Stenosis And Lumbar Degenerative Spondylolisthesis Are Caused Due ... In Spinal Fusion Surgical Procedures, Such As Plates, Rods, And Screws, Which Facilitate Fusion, Correct Deformities, Stabilize, And Strengthen The Spine. Most Of The Spinal Fusion ...

Feb, 2017 191 pages
Solar Energy Market by Technology, Solar Module, Generation and Application - Global Opportunity Analysis & Industry Forecast, 2014-2022 US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

The global solar energy industry is expected to reach $422 billion by 2022 from $86 billion in 2015, growing at a CAGR of 24.2% from 2016 to 2022. Solar energy is the radiant heat emitted from the sun, which is harnessed by using a wide range of technologies such as solar heating, photovoltaic cells ...

Feb, 2017 400 pages
Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) Market by Network Solution (Software-defined compute, SDN and Software-defined storage), Services (Consulting & Assessment Services, Integration,... US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

Software-defined data center (SDDC) refers to a data storage facility where all elements of an infrastructure including storage, CPU, networking, and security are virtualized and provided as a service. SDDC leverages virtualization and cloud technology to enable end-user access to all the data center resources through software. Moreover, it primarily aims ...

Aug, 2016 151 pages
Smart Weapons Market by Type (Air-to-ground missiles, Surface-to-air missiles, Smart bombs, Sensor fused weapons, Directed energy weapons, Precision artillery munitions, Electromagnetic... US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

... . Precision guided weapons are intended to hit the target precisely and reduce the collateral damage and lethality. Smart weapons are operated and assisted by the use of external operating system located at a distant place. Smart weapons system has changed ...

Apr, 2017 120 pages
Smart Transportation Market by Solution and Service - Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2014-2022 US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

... smart transportation market size was valued at $63,667 million in 2015, and is projected to reach $237,701 million by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 18.6% from 2016 to 2022. Smart transport consists of intelligent transportation systems (ITSs) that aim to offer innovative and superior services for different modes of transport and traffic ...

Mar, 2017 78 pages
Smart Textile Market by Function (Energy Harvesting, Sensing, Thermoelectricity, Luminescent, and Others) and End User (Healthcare, Military & Defense, Entertainment, Automotive, Sport &... US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

... global smart textile market size is expected to reach $5,369 million by 2022 from $943 million in 2015 with a CAGR of 28.4% from 2016 to 2022. The global smart textile market is thriving and witnessing significant growth owing to the numerous applications in various industries. Smart textiles having superior performance attributes ...

Mar, 2017 106 pages
Smart Pulse Oximeters Market by Product Type (Fingertip, Hand-Held, Wrist-Worn, and Pediatric Pulse Oximeters), and Geography (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and LAMEA) - Global... US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

Smart Pulse Oximeters Are Non-Invasive Devices Which Monitors The Heart Rate ... The Need Of A Ventilator For The Treatment Of The Patient. Therefore, Smart Pulse Oximeters Are Helpful For Diagnosis And Post-Surgery Management. These ...

Mar, 2017 145 pages
Smart Polymers Market by Stimulus (Physical Stimuli Responsive, Chemical Stimuli Responsive, and Biological Stimuli Responsive), Type (Shape Memory Polymers, Electroactive Polymers,... US$ 5,370.00 US$ 4,296.00

... global smart polymer market was valued at $1,250 million in 2015, and is projected to reach $3,070 million by 2022, growing at CAGR of 12.6% from 2016 to 2022. Smart polymers are tough, easy to process, flexible, resilient, and biocompatible that are used in numerous applications. The significance of smart polymers is increasing day ...

Apr, 2017 380 pages
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