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Congo Brazzaville Oil and Gas Report Q4 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... Includes 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: Congo-Brazzaville's oil production and exports are expected to double by 2018 as the new ... with Congo-Brazzaville in a bid to enhance energy development in the country. The company started oil production from the Nene Marine field offshore Congo-Brazzaville in January ...

Aug, 2015 113 pages
Australia Retail Report Q4 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: Australia's retail market is well developed, benefiting from a large proportion of mid to high ... means that in 2015 we expect to see a contraction in the retail market in US dollar terms, though we note that in local currency terms retail spending continues to increase ...

Aug, 2015 71 pages
Australia Metals Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... and the medium-term outlook for metals remains weak. We expect a slowdown in the metals industry in Australia on the back of slowing demand in China. Weak ... construction and a cooling export market will continue to undermine Australia's steel industry in 2015 and beyond. We do not expect crude to approach pre- ...

Aug, 2015 58 pages
Norway Power Report Q4 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... energy of choice in Norway) - we expect wind power's role in the Norwegian power mix to remain limited. Recent Developments: Over the forecast period, Norway's power production will increase by only 5.37%, from 135.96TWh in 2015 to 140 ...

Aug, 2015 59 pages
Chad Oil and Gas Report Q4 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... to Chad's crude production for the next two years, but following that, the output will gradually decline. Despite Chad's proven oil reserves ... investment in the sector. Nonetheless, Chad will remain a net exporter of oil products throughout our forecast period. Chad's crude and liquids production will ...

Aug, 2015 84 pages
Canada Retail Report Q4 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... : The global decline of oil prices is impacting the Canadian economy in 2015. Falling exports led to a prolonged contraction in the country's output which ... . Wealthy Canadian consumers will continue to support a diverse retail sector. A sharp decline in Canada's export value caused by the oil price slump will ...

Aug, 2015 77 pages
Bangladesh Autos Report Q4 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... five months of 2015 (most recent data available as this report was being compiled), a total of 21,438 vehicles were sold in Bangladesh. Breaking down ... opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), and especially their respective leaders, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Begum Khaledia Zia. In April 2015 ...

Aug, 2015 59 pages
Algeria & Morocco Insurance Report Q4 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... Includes 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: Both Morocco and Algeria are expected to see insurance premiums grow at a steady rate over our forecast ... written in the country. The development of Morocco's insurance market will be further boosted by the expected introduction of compulsory insurance lines over the next few ...

Aug, 2015 82 pages
Vietnam Defence and Security Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... Includes 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: We expect Vietnam's defence budget to continue increasing in absolute terms in the next five years. ... , a policy that has been characterised by a constant deficit in Vietnam's defence trade balance. The domestic defence sector, stateowned, comprises primarily two main companies ...

Aug, 2015 63 pages
United States Real Estate Report 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... policy and loose borrowing conditions contribute to a positive outlook on US commercial real estate. Recent financial troubles in China, resulting in a stock market sell-off ... performance of commercial real estate. However, the good underlying fundamentals look to buffer the nation from external pressures, and we forecast real GDP to be subdued ...

Nov, 2015 61 pages
Uganda Defence and Security Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... Uganda People's Defence Force (UPDF) and the country's arms procurement have grown significantly, manifesting itself in a record breaking budget for defence and security ... limited defence industry, Uganda is heavily reliant on procurements from foreign countries to meet the demands of its expanding armed forces. Uganda has important security cooperation ...

Aug, 2015 65 pages
Turkey Defence and Security Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... Includes 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: We expect Turkey's defence budget to continue increasing in absolute terms in the next five years. ... the objectives the government intends to follow in relation to its domestic defence industry in the coming years. First and foremost, the country ...

Aug, 2015 72 pages
South Africa Real Estate Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... leading to a slowdown in investment, the developed nature of South Africa's economy as a whole and its and commercial real estate sector will mean that the sector ... 's unwillingness to make necessary market reforms is a further deterrent to investors. However, South Africa remains by far the most developed economy in the continent, and ...

Aug, 2015 59 pages
Slovakia Real Estate Report 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... commercial real estate market in 2015. We expect to see little change in the face of each sector in terms of new supply over the course of 2016, although ... remain a crucial driver of industrial production and labour market improvements in Slovakia's highly open economy.

Jan, 2016 55 pages
Poland Real Estate Report 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... outlook for Poland's real estate sector is bright. Strong growth in service sector output should drive demand for office space. The retail real estate sector ... and external sector will ensure all three markets in the real estate sector will benefit.

Oct, 2015 61 pages
Poland Defence and Security Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... that Poland's heightened sense of vulnerability to Russia in the wake of the Crimea annexation is likely to shape Poland's restructuring of the armed forces and defence industry for the foreseeable future. The biggest current security threat facing Poland comes from ...

Aug, 2015 67 pages
Philippines Real Estate Report 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... Includes 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: The Philippine economy has remained resilient in the face of the Chinese economic ... commercial real estate remains bright. In particular, the office and retail segments should provide opportunities for new players. We forecast real GDP growth of 6% in 2016 ...

Dec, 2015 58 pages
Peru Real Estate Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... growth is on the cards for Peru over the next few years however we expect the commercial real estate to remain resilient and record strong ... of 2015 and into 2016, driven by robust household spending and greater fixed investment into infrastructure. Therefore, we maintain our real GDP forecast of 3.8% in 2015 ...

Aug, 2015 53 pages
Malaysia Real Estate Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: Malaysia's commercial real estate market benefits from the country's location in Southeast Asia, as well as ... the Malaysian economy is facing some headwind as growth is reduced to an estimated 4.2% in 2015. This trend is expected to continue as growth only gradually returns to ...

Aug, 2015 69 pages
Kazakhstan and Central Asia Defence and Security Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... and energy supplies. Kazakhstan's domestic defence sector remains small on the global scale with one main company present (Kazakhstan Engineering). As such, ... for combat vehicle crews. A relatively healthy defence budget (compared with other countries of Central Asia) and favourable relations with Russia and ...

Aug, 2015 66 pages
Japan Real Estate Report 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: In 2016 we expect a fall in vacancy rates in all three commercial real estate sub-sectors we cover, as demand ... for Japan, it is dependent on trade, exposing the country to fluctuations in commodity prices and trade partner performance. For 2016 we forecast minimal real ...

Dec, 2015 61 pages
Indonesia Defence and Security Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... View: Indonesia's domestic defence sector is large but needs the current modernization and reorganization efforts underway to realize its potential. The defence industry ... the increasing transparency of the Department of Defence's processes will encourage both private sector interest and foreign investors to invest in Indonesia's local defence industries.

Aug, 2015 68 pages
Hong Kong Real Estate Report 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... same period. We have revised our economic forecast for growth in Hong Kong with real GDP to remain steady at 2.5% over 2016, no change from 2015 ... in areas such as tertiary services. We therefore opine real GDP to grow 1.1% to 3.6% by 2017. All three real estate sub-sectors that we cover are likely to benefit ...

Oct, 2015 68 pages
Greece Real Estate Report 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... the commercial real estate sector. Falling rental rates and subdued demand are a common theme that we expect to continue through 2016. However, the buoyant tourism market is providing some respite to the retail real estate subsector in particular.

Nov, 2015 53 pages
Germany Real Estate Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... in stability being offered to this European market amid eurozone confusion. Germany's commercial real estate sector has continued its development to become one of the ... growth in GDP forecast from 2016-2019 - following a year of neutrality in 2015 due to a positive national economy - will support the commercial ...

Aug, 2015 61 pages
France Defence and Security Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... Includes 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: France possesses one the leading defence sectors globally, and local manufacturers - a growing number of which ... piracy missions. France's military expenditure therefore remains high in a global comparison - although budget growth is limited. While the French defence ministry sources ...

Aug, 2015 79 pages
Egypt Metals Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... stabilisation in the Egyptian pound. We remain positive about the effects of Egypt's transition towards a democratic government, as investors will begin to look more ...

Aug, 2015 35 pages
Czech Republic Real Estate Report 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... the Czech commercial real estate sector over the medium term. Demand for high quality space should remain high across all three real estate ... consumer spending support this positive outlook, and the commercial real estate market in general is likely to benefit from this improving economic picture ...

Nov, 2015 57 pages
China Real Estate Report 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... . China's real GDP growth has been falling since 2010 from a high of 10.6% to 6.7% in 2015 and is forecast to continue falling to 5.9% in 2016. BMI forecasts the growth in real GDP to remain at this level for the foreseeable future, coming in at a slower than normal rate for the country. Within China's economy ...

Nov, 2015 66 pages
Bahrain Water Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... Includes 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: Bahrain's water sector will continue to face considerable challenges in the years ahead. ... change over 2015 and into 2016. As socio-economic development continues, the aggressive demands on water supply are expected to persist, with water consumption ...

Aug, 2015 46 pages
Bahrain Real Estate Report 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... for Bahrain's commercial real estate sector, considering the precipitous drop in commodity prices. However, we expect rental rates to remain fairly stable for 2016 across each of the sub-sectors we cover, as demand for retail and office space rises. Bahrain is a small island ...

Jan, 2016 58 pages
Australia Real Estate Report 2016 US$ 1,295.00

BMI View: Australia's real estate sector continues to see investment from Asia as slowing local markets ... weaknesses, and we therefore maintain our below consensus 2015 and 2016 real GDP growth forecast of 2.3% (versus 2.7% in 2014).

Oct, 2015 79 pages
Argentina Real Estate Report 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... and falling vacancy rates. The established nature of the real estate market in Argentina presents opportunities in the long-term, but at the ... indicators point to a recovery in Argentina from next year. Real GDP growth, estimated to be 0.7% in 2015, is set to rise to 2.5% in 2016 and average at 2.9% per annum ...

Oct, 2015 56 pages
Ukraine Water Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... resulted in severe water shortages. We expect these to continue over the second half of 2015. In addition, the central and western regions of Ukraine are facing ... off of gas supplies from Russia. The volatile political situation in Ukraine continues, as violent conflict between separatist and governmental parties resumed ...

Aug, 2015 50 pages
Turkey Water Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... number of dams and desalination projects are increasing available surface water. This latter factor is in turn supporting our expectations of moderate growth ... mains) as domestic and industrial users alike capitalise on the increase in water availability in many regions. Moreover, additional investment is boosting wastewater collection ...

Aug, 2015 51 pages
Spain Water Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... limited extensions of existing water networks due to lack of funds and an incoherent, under-regulated sector. Spain's water sector is highly developed. Water supply networks and sanitation are of a relatively high quality due to the application of advanced technology, and water tariffs ...

Aug, 2015 47 pages
Republic of Congo Telecommunications Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

BMI View: Congo's mobile market contracted at the end of 2014, but BMI believes ... impact on subscriber growth, BMI believes that over the forecast Congo's mobile market will grow an average 1.4% per annum. Key Data ...

Aug, 2015 57 pages
Kosovo Telecommunications Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

BMI View: The Kosovan telecommunications market offers few opportunities for prospective and existing investors ... launch of 3G services, steady but modest subscription growth is forecast for 2015-2019, culminating in 1.778mn subscriptions.

Aug, 2015 40 pages
Japan Metals Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... lead Japan's metals industry to see minimal growth to 2019. The country's construction and infrastructure industries will see declining growth by late-2015 after ... is likely to encourage exports, supporting stable production levels. Japanese refined metal production and consumption will see minimal growth in the coming ...

Aug, 2015 49 pages
Czech Republic Metals Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... of new product lines by its leading producers. The Czech Republic is one of the larger industrial metals producers in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), producing ... the back of the Czech Republic's sizeable automobile manufacturing industry. However, like that of many EU states, the country's metals sector has faced a series ...

Aug, 2015 38 pages
Vietnam Retail Report Q4 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... Includes 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: Vietnam is one of the most attractive destinations for retailers in the South East Asian region, due ... spending will go from USD102bn to USD160bn from 2015 to 2019, which on average per capita is USD1,092 in 2015 to USD1,659 by 2019. This however ...

Aug, 2015 70 pages
Uganda Infrastructure Report Q4 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... devaluing currency posing a threat. Furthermore, the eurobond Uganda had planned to release to fund infrastructure projects has been suspended amid these ... expected to begin electricity generation later in 2015. Dutch development bank FMO and the Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund have provided 70-80% of the ...

Aug, 2015 40 pages
Turkey Insurance Report Q4 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... BMI View: The expansion of the Turkish insurance sector in USD terms will be hampered, both in 2015 and through the forecast period as a whole ... vehicle insurers should benefit from the rise in the number of cars on Turkey's roads and from coverage of previously uninsured vehicles. Property insurance should ...

Aug, 2015 76 pages
Nigeria Insurance Report Q4 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... updates BMI View: In spite of low penetration levels, Nigeria's life and non-life insurance segments are set to grow at high single-digit ... insurance premiums, and a penetration rate of 0.1% (ie, life premiums as a percentage of GDP), life insurance is the smaller and relatively more underdeveloped segment of the overall insurance ...

Aug, 2015 68 pages
New Zealand Retail Report Q4 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... View: As a highly developed country, New Zealand has a diverse retail market. High household incomes allow a wide range of retailers to offer innovative solutions and benefit ... been sliding since mid-2014, reducing incomes for around 6.5% of New Zealanders working in the agriculture sector. If prices slump further, the country ...

Aug, 2015 62 pages
Libya & Tunisia Insurance Report Q4 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... updates BMI View: The ongoing civil war in Libya is likely to ensure that that country's insurance sector remains at an embryonic level of development at the ... the impact on the economy in general (and the insurance sector in particular) will be limited. Tunisia's non-life segment should benefit from the ... over the forecast period. Angola provides an example of how premiums in Libya's insurance sector could grow rapidly over the long term beyond ...

Aug, 2015 78 pages
Ethiopia Infrastructure Report Q4 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: Ethiopia's construction and infrastructure industry has been growing at a rapid pace over the last ... investment. Key Trends And Developments We forecast real growth in Ethiopia's construction industry in 2015 to 20.1%, following a particularly strong year of growth in 2014, ...

Aug, 2015 37 pages
Cambodia and Laos Oil and Gas Report Q4 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... quarterly updates BMI View: Like many of its oil-producing neighbours in South East Asia, Cambodia is hoping to tap its potential resources. Progress ... and Myanmar. Major Trends And Developments In Cambodia's Oil and Gas Sector: In June 2015, CPHL (Cambodia), an associated company of Hong Kong's Mirach Energy ...

Aug, 2015 80 pages
Bermuda Insurance Report Q4 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... View: Bermuda's easy business environment has allowed the establishment of a major global centre for reinsurance, providing offshore services to insurers from North ... the greatest moves may be behind us. Bermuda is firmly established within the framework of the global insurance market, providing reinsurance services to companies in North ...

Aug, 2015 50 pages
United States Retail Report Q4 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... updates BMI View: The retail sector in the United States will be experiencing tectonic shifts in the next four years. Local retailers will be downscaling their ... retailers, which offer a wider supply of products, fast deliveries, more pleasant shopping experience and even lower prices. Online retail is prospering in the United States ...

Jul, 2015 70 pages
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