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Guatemala Infrastructure Report Q2 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... Includes 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: Guatemala's infrastructure industry will slow in 2016 as the fallout from the corruption scandal surrounding former president ... to weigh on construction industry growth. We expect growth to slow to 1.8% in real terms in 2016, and remain muted in 2017, before beginning a slow recovery. Much ...

Feb, 2016 24 pages
Denmark Medical Devices Report Q2 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... Includes 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: Denmark represents a mature medical device market with above average per capita spending. Cost containment ...

Feb, 2016 156 pages
Croatia Medical Devices Report Q2 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: We expect the Croatian medical device market to increase by 1.1% in US dollar terms in 2016, up from -17.8% in 2015, due to a ... benefit from improved economic performance, as well as recovering demand from Croatia's main eurozone trading partners. The market will remain ...

Feb, 2016 129 pages
Canada Retail Report Q2 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... oil, and its negative impact on Canada's export market, we expect to see Canada post real GDP growth of 1.8% in 2016. Household incomes are forecast to continue ... at 0.5% for the remainder of 2016, with inflation remaining comfortably within its target range. As a result, we expect Canada's dynamic retail sector to deliver positive expansion ...

Feb, 2016 69 pages
Vietnam Retail Report Q2 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... View: In the long term, the outlook is good for Vietnam's retail sector. Modern retail has made significant inroads into the largest cities ... for retailers in non-essential segments are limited. We forecast strong economic growth, with real GDP growth estimated at 6.4% in 2015, rising to 6.6% in 2016 before ...

Feb, 2016 53 pages
Thailand Freight Transport & Shipping Report Q2 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... Thailand's exports and act as a drag on trade and freight volumes. We have revised down a number of 2016 forecasts from last quarter, but expect freight ... freight is still set to be the outperformer in the Thai freight sector, expanding by 4.7% over 2016. We expect positive growth in freight volumes transported ...

Feb, 2016 39 pages
South Korea Tourism Report Q2 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... Includes 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: South Korea's tourism market will continue to grow healthily in the next five years, ... . The healthy increase in tourist arrivals will continue to drive up international tourism receipts value, at an average rate of 7.8% per year, reaching USD36.9bn ...

Feb, 2016 27 pages
Peru Infrastructure Report Q2 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... , high infrastructure demand and strong political support for infrastructure development will maintain construction growth. Latest Updates We expect a rebound in Peru's construction industry in 2016 ... of opposition candidate Fujimori, who we expect to win the April 2016 elections. A large infrastructure deficit, robust project pipeline and strong government support ...

Feb, 2016 48 pages
Ecuador Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q2 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... updates BMI View: Pharmaceutical companies will continue to benefit from Ecuador's growing demand for medicines due to the government's commitment to healthcare. Going forward ... Expenditure Projections Pharmaceuticals: USD1.6bn in 2015 to USD1.7bn in 2015; +5.9% in US dollar terms. Forecast has been maintained from Q116. Healthcare: USD7.7bn ...

Feb, 2016 50 pages
Cote d`Ivoire Food and Drink Report Q2 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... Includes 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: Cote d'Ivoire's economic expansion outlook is one of the strongest in Sub-Saharan Africa, ... and rising disposable incomes, provides advantageous conditions for rapid food and drink industry growth. Additionally, the mass grocery retail sector ...

Feb, 2016 38 pages
China Freight Transport & Shipping Report Q2 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... impact of net imports of commodities to intensify, affecting the freight transport sector with weaker than previously expected commodities ... freight volumes. Road will continue to remain the most important freight mode, also be helped by consumer demand. We maintain a belowconsensus growth forecast for China ...

Feb, 2016 55 pages
Belgium Power Report Q2 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... forecast total generation to decrease from 74.8TWh in 2016 to 40.5TWh in 2025, due to nuclear power plants being decommissioned from 2022 onwards ... by nuclear generation. Therefore, we are forecasting an increase in electricity imports by Belgium. Belgium has restarted the Tihange 2 nuclear reactor, despite ...

Feb, 2016 45 pages
Sudan and South Sudan Telecommunications Report Q2 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... 22.7% of mobile subscriptions in 2015 to 41.5% of the total market in 2020. We estimate that South Sudan had 3.34mn mobile telephony subscribers at the end of 2015, up by 17.3% y-o-y and ... 4.8mn mobile subscriptions and a penetration rate of 33.9% in South Sudan by 2020. We estimate that 3G subscriptions accounted for 10.0% of South Sudanese mobile subscribers in 2015 and expect ...

Feb, 2016 75 pages
Jordan Insurance Report Q2 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... Includes 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: The insurance market in Jordan faces numerous challenges. Regional unrest arising from conflict in Syria ... also see growth, primarily driven by the health insurance sector as the dominant motor insurance segment struggles to find avenues for new growth ...

Feb, 2016 47 pages
Italy Retail Report Q2 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... Includes 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: An improvement in Italy's economic climate, albeit gradual, should support positive growth in insurance ... both the life and nonlife insurance markets. The remodelling of Italy's pensions and welfare systems should create long-term growth ... investors. Key Updates And Forecasts We maintain our view that Italy's insurance sector will see an increase in M&A activity over the coming ...

Feb, 2016 60 pages
Germany Retail Report Q2 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... -term view on the German retail market is optimistic, based on increased consumer confidence, higher salaries and higher retail spending levels. This should ... limit opportunities for retailers. Key BMI Views We expect total household retail spending to rise from USD1,686.9bn in 2016 to USD2,162.5bn ...

Feb, 2016 54 pages
Australia Insurance Report Q2 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... Includes 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: As of early 2016, the general trends for Australia's insurance sector are positive. Thanks mainly to net immigration ... segment continues to be underpinned by the expansion of private health insurance. Demand for health insurance is being boosted by tax incentives, the growth of the population ...

Feb, 2016 53 pages
Saudi Arabia Renewables Report Q1 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... . In December 2015, in the context of the UN climate conference COP21, Saudi Arabia pledged to double its spending on research and development in the ... on the development and implementation of energy efficiency technologies and in renewable energy sources. We note that the introduction of greater efficiency ...

Feb, 2016 32 pages
New Zealand Retail Report Q2 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: New Zealand will see positive, but not spectacular growth in the retail sector in local nominal currency terms as the economy continues to grow at a reasonable pace. However, because of expected weakness for the New Zealand dollar ...

Feb, 2016 59 pages
New Zealand Renewables Report Q1 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... Includes 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: Investment in the New Zealand renewables sector could see new momentum over the coming quarters as a result of the ... ; our view is based on the fact that the majority of new renewables projects in New Zealand that hold an approved development permit are wind farms. As a result ...

Feb, 2016 34 pages
Netherlands Power Report Q2 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... quarterly updates BMI View: The Netherlands has a relatively mature power sector, that will experience slow power generation growth over the next ... . The Amer 8 and Gelderland-13 coal-fired power plants have reportedly also been linked to a closure in 2016, which would result in another decrease ...

Feb, 2016 51 pages
Morocco Renewables Report Q1 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: Morocco will be one of the most attractive markets for renewable energy investment in the MENA region over ... solar power (CSP) facility, was scheduled to start operating near Morocco's Ouarzazate town in December 2015, according to government officials. In late October ...

Feb, 2016 31 pages
Israel Power Report Q1 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... quarterly updates BMI View: During the period 2016 until 2024, BMI forecasts Israel's total power output will increase from 68.55TWh to 96.91TWh ... system - which would encourage investment. BMI's research suggests Israel will fail to meet its renewables targets during the period 2016 to 2024.

Feb, 2016 60 pages
Finland Renewables Report Q2 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... BMI View: We maintain our relatively muted forecast for Finland's non-hydropower renewables segment this quarter, as mooted cuts to wind power in order ... -fired power generation has yet to pick up sufficient steam to boost renewables growth rates. Latest Updates And Structural Trends The restructuring ...

Feb, 2016 31 pages
Chad Oil and Gas Report Q2 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... investment in Chad. Throughout our forecast period, Chad will remain a net exporter of refined fuels and crude oil. The non-existent gas infrastructure gives ... across all companies conducting exploration activity in Chad, posing downside risk to their exploration operations. We expect oil production to rise in 2016 and 2017 ...

Feb, 2016 58 pages
Australia Retail Report Q2 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... rate is bound to decline, however, we expect The Reserve Bank of Australia to preserve its historically low 2.0% interest rate policy this ... in H1 2016 following consistent financial underperformance. The list includes home improvement retailer Masters, electronics retailer Dick Smith and furnishing retailers ...

Feb, 2016 64 pages
Timor-Leste Country Risk Report 2015 US$ 1,195.00

... quarterly updates Core Views There are numerous domestic issues in Timor-Leste that have yet to be addressed, such as the high levels of poverty ... , Gusmão remains in the government as minister of planning and strategic investment. Timor-Leste remains on course to record strong real GDP growth on the back ... on the oil and gas sector will expose the country to sector-specific risk. Dwindling oil production at the Bayu Undan and Kitan ...

Jan, 2016 23 pages
Grenada Country Risk Report 2015 US$ 1,195.00

... updates Core Views Economic growth in Grenada will remain subdued over the next 10 years, and the country will continue to run current ... 10-year average headline real GDP growth forecasts from 1.6% to 2.3%, as the country's attractiveness as an investment destination is set to improve, and the government will ...

Jan, 2016 25 pages
Equatorial Guinea Country Risk Report 2015 US$ 1,195.00

... taire de l'Afrique Centrale average, due to the country's high reliance on imported food and goods. Equatorial Guinea's fiscal position will face significant pressure ... over the country's political institutions and civil society, extreme wealth inequality and high poverty levels elevate the risk of social unrest ...

Jan, 2016 31 pages
Bermuda Country Risk Report 2015 US$ 1,195.00

... years. We expect that an international crackdown on offshore financial centres such as Bermuda will lead to a decline in financial services activity, one of the key ... separation of powers. Largely, this is down to Bermuda being an Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom, meaning that Bermuda's courts and legal system are ...

Jan, 2016 27 pages
Belize Country Risk Report 2015 US$ 1,195.00

... , as Belize's debt load continues to grow. A rising debt burden, combined with a history of defaults, will drive up financing costs and increase rollover risk in the country. Belize will continue along its present political trajectory over the ...

Jan, 2016 25 pages
Uzbekistan Infrastructure Report Q1 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... Structural Trends Uzbekistan announced a five-year USD55bn plan to carry out 900 projects to modernise industrial facilities and build infrastructure, especially in the ... President Islam Karimov signed a resolution on 317 new projects for 2016-2017 worth upwards of USD16.9bn. Several major rail projects ...

Jan, 2016 33 pages
United States Retail Report Q2 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... trends to continue to play out, with opportunities across the wide retail sector spectrum. Key Views And Developments We expect household consumption ... drive the expansion of smaller format stores and online grocery retail in the US over our forecast period to 2019. Combined with intensifying ...

Jan, 2016 68 pages
United States Country Risk Report Q2 2016 US$ 1,195.00

... deteriorate marginally as a percentage of GDP, as lower fuel costs cause the country’s import bill to shrink but global headwinds and a strong dollar ... in the US have been mixed over recent months, while downsides risks to global growth remain significant. Major Forecast We have downgraded our ...

Jan, 2016 51 pages
United Kingdom Retail Report Q2 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... discretionary spending in preparation for higher mortgage servicing costs. Secondly, retailers will be faced by increased costs in the form of the government's national ... remains exceptionally low and is unlikely to make a significant comeback in 2016. Retailers will be faced by increased costs in the form of the government's national ...

Jan, 2016 57 pages
United Kingdom Country Risk Report Q2 2016 US$ 1,195.00

Includes 3 FREE quarterly updates Core Views The UK economy outperformed most major developed states in 2015, and will continue to surpass the eurozone in 2016 and 2017. In light of positive structural economic reforms undertaken by the government, coupled with flexible monetary and exchange rate policies, ...

Jan, 2016 43 pages
Turkmenistan Infrastructure Report Q1 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... increasing investment in the country's key gas infrastructure, along with major inter-regional ... industry growth will slow slightly in 2016 to 7.5% due to economic headwinds. However, our 10- ... areas. Construction on the long-awaited USD10bn Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline project ...

Jan, 2016 33 pages
Switzerland Power Report Q1 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... Switzerland has an extensive national power grid, focused primarily upon hydropower and nuclear power generation. The country has committed to phasing out nuclear power ... grid holdings - it aims to acquire additional grid infrastructure in January 2016 and will compensate the previous holders with 30% Swissgrid ...

Jan, 2016 47 pages
Spain Retail Report Q1 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... to ease the high levels of unemployment which in turn is stabilising the retail market. Households are gradually becoming more confident owing to ... rates of unemployment. Spain currently has the second highest unemployment rate within the EU, which is forecast to drop only slightly to 21.3% in 2016. Owing to ...

Jan, 2016 66 pages
South Africa Country Risk Report Q2 2016 US$ 1,195.00

... no sign of abating, inflation expectations are at risk of becoming disanchored. To prevent this, the South African Reserve Bank will have to hike ... are ramping up our expectations to 75 basis points in hikes this year. South Africa’s current account deficit has improved from 5.5% of GDP in Q1-Q314 to 3.9% in ...

Jan, 2016 41 pages
Slovakia Country Risk Report Q2 2016 US$ 1,195.00

... in light of looming constitutional debt brakes, we believe Slovakia is on a sustainable fiscal trajectory with few risks to its solid sovereign credit profile. The short ... and a stable, long-term external funding structure minimise associated risks and ensure a stable balance of payments position. Major Forecast Changes ...

Jan, 2016 41 pages
Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo Country Risk Report Q2 2016 US$ 1,195.00

... negotiations between Serbia and the EU at end-2015 offers little cause for optimism that the country will join ... Kosovo, as nationalist elements in Kosovo will obstruct progress on cooperation with Serbia. Meanwhile, Belgrade will continue to deny Kosovo's sovereignty for the foreseeable future. Serbia ...

Jan, 2016 37 pages
Philippines Country Risk Report Q2 2016 US$ 1,195.00

... Philippine bonds to be less vulnerable than regional peers such as Indonesia to a Fed liftoff, owing to the country's improving fiscal and external positions. The Philippine peso is facing growing downside risks amid a precarious equity market ...

Jan, 2016 43 pages
Pakistan Country Risk Report Q2 2016 US$ 1,195.00

... coming years. The inflation cycle in Pakistan has likely turned and we expect the State Bank of Pakistan to begin hiking rates in mid-to-late ... trade deficit, providing support to both economic growth and the country’s international reserve buffer. The Pakistani government remains broadly on course ...

Jan, 2016 39 pages
Oman and Yemen Country Risk Report Q2 2016 US$ 1,195.00

... the risk of a forced devaluation will grow throughout the coming years, given the deterioration in Oman's fiscal and external dynamics and the country's low foreign reserve buffers Core Views We expect the formation of a fragile federalised state in Yemen ...

Jan, 2016 59 pages
Netherlands Infrastructure Report Q1 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... Updates And Structural Trends The Netherlands's construction industry is expected to sustain strong growth in 2016 and 2017 - at 5.2% and 4.2% respectively - driven ... tool in the transport and social infrastructure spaces. Infrastructure will remain the laggard over 2016/17, as major transport projects have ...

Jan, 2016 32 pages
Mongolia Infrastructure Report Q1 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... underpinning Mongolia's construction outlook over the next decade, namely GDP growth, the underdeveloped state of much of the infrastructure, expanding ... adjusting to 6.5% in 2016 and averaging 5.4% annually to 2024. Foreign inflows are returning to Mongolia. USD65.7mn worth of FDI flowed into Mongolia from ...

Jan, 2016 34 pages
Mexico Country Risk Report Q2 2016 US$ 1,195.00

... Includes 3 FREE quarterly updates Core Views We remain optimistic toward Mexico's long-term growth outlook on the back of a booming manufacturing sector ... Mexican peso, from MXN16.20/USD to MXN17.70/USD. Increased global risk aversion given tighter global liquidity conditions and rising market ...

Jan, 2016 45 pages
Malaysia Country Risk Report Q2 2016 US$ 1,195.00

... of the measures raised in Malaysia proposed 2016 budget are largely aimed at tackling short-term problems, the country has retained its commitment ... the deficit in 2016 to come in at 3.1% of GDP. The decision by Bank Negara Malaysia to keep its overnight policy rate steady at 3.25% during its November ...

Jan, 2016 39 pages
Lithuania Country Risk Report Q2 2016 US$ 1,195.00

... future investment can be drawn, as increasing inflation dampens levels of consumption. Lithuania will record a slightly larger budget deficit over our shortterm ... ensure the deficit remains sustainable. The Social Democratic Party of Lithuania (SDP) will perform well at the parliamentary elections in October 2016 ...

Jan, 2016 43 pages
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