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Lithuania Insurance Report Q3 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... both the non-life segment and the life segment of Lithuania's insurance sector. In the life segment, those households who can afford ... in 2015. Growth of the non-life market will continue to be constrained by competitive conditions (falling prices) in the motor vehicle and property insurance sub ...

Jun, 2015 61 pages
Latvia Insurance Report Q3 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... Includes 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: Latvia is a small but rapidly growing insurance market. In the vastly more important non-life segment ... , Latvia would rank as a small but (in relation to the medium and long term) rapidly growing insurance market. As of 2015, Latvia's insurance sector consists overwhelmingly of non-life insurance ...

Jun, 2015 57 pages
Italy Petrochemicals Report Q3 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... in Porto Marghera was reopened in early 2015 a year after it was taken offline. However, BMI's latest Italy Petrochemicals Report points out that the ... in 2015, although this represents only a temporary fillip. However, the cracker is expected to close permanently by Q116 at the latest.Ethylene capacity in Italy has ...

Jun, 2015 76 pages
Germany Water Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... : Germany's water industry is highly developed, evidenced through high drinking water and sewage network connection rates, significant investment and strict drinking water criteria. However, in order to become a water powerhouse, Germany must further improve its overall water quality. We see the improvement of water quality as the ...

Jun, 2015 54 pages
France Retail Report Q3 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... a multi-year time frame. This poses threats to the wider retail sector's growth prospects, as we expect the French economy to be consigned to low ... , which, combined with a weakening euro could also improve French retail sales to tourists. To the downside, a further drop in consumer confidence could ...

Jun, 2015 64 pages
Estonia Insurance Report Q3 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... Eastern Europe, Estonia would rank as a small but (in relation to the medium and long term) quite rapidly growing insurance market. As of 2015, Estonia's insurance sector consists overwhelmingly of non-life insurance, which should generate about 80% of all premiums ...

Jun, 2015 64 pages
Italy Water Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... with incoherent water management systems and inconsistent water charges. This leads to numerous inefficiencies and a lack of clarity, which results in water wastage. It also ... requirements of industrial water users. We maintain that the Italian water sector is in need of modernisation and expansion in every stage of the process. Water extraction is fragmented ...

May, 2015 53 pages
Sweden Infrastructure Report Q3 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... healthy growth of 6.3% in 2015 as the sector continues to benefit from a robust residential infrastructure market and healthy fixed investment. Throughout the remainder of the forecast period, growth is expected to be more subdued at an average annual rate of 2.6% as Sweden ...

May, 2015 84 pages
Pakistan Insurance Report Q3 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... FREE quarterly updates BMI View: The insurance market in Pakistan is challenged by a multitude of factors - growing security concerns, widespread poverty ... group, United Insurance Company. Meanwhile, the growth of the micro-insurance market in 2015 is slowly increasing penetration of insurance coverage among ...

May, 2015 62 pages
Myanmar Power Report Q3 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... Includes 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: The Myanmar power sector is set to grow impressively over the coming decade, and ... in 2014. We believe growth in 2015 will continue to be primarily driven by hydropower and gas-fired generation, similar to 2014. We believe Myanmar's power sector will be one ...

May, 2015 49 pages
Mozambique Oil and Gas Report Q3 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... in Mozambique is growing confidence that operators have proven sufficient amounts of gas to support large LNG export projects. However, FID delays, falling oil and gas ... -point, we expect Mozambique to make its presence felt in the global LNG market by early in the next decade. Mozambique's proven gas reserves have increased ...

May, 2015 129 pages
Italy Retail Report Q3 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: Italy will emerge from a three-year recession in 2015, boosted by European Central Bank quantitative ... decade. However, as the economy strengthens, household spending on retail items is improving. The increase in retail sales in February represents the third consecutive ...

May, 2015 67 pages
Ghana Retail Report Q3 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... Ghana's retail market over our forecast period. Ghana's economy has shown successive year-on-year economic growth. We currently forecast Real GDP growth in 2015 to reach 5.81%, increasing to 8.00% in 2016. A stable political environment, combined with rich natural resources support our long-term outlook for Ghana's economy ...

May, 2015 59 pages
Germany Tourism Report Q3 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... Includes 3 FREE quarterly updates Germany's tourism market is well developed and has benefited from strong government ... remains a concern, both for the economy and the tourism market. Ultimately, Germany's tourism industry is built on solid foundations, with a central geographic location ...

May, 2015 56 pages
Denmark Insurance Report Q3 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... updates BMI View: The insurance market in Denmark is very well developed, with both life and non-life insurance enjoying high rates of penetration ... driven primarily by wider economic expansion in the country, though health insurance is expected to be the outperformer with more robust growth expected from ...

May, 2015 69 pages
Colombia Insurance Report Q3 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... view that the major multi-national and regional insurers are correct to see Colombia as a market opportunity that is exciting in global terms. Growth ... by the share fall in the COP, a trend which continues in 2015. Currently, Colombia's insurance sector is fairly under-developed. The main constraint to date has ...

May, 2015 69 pages
Caribbean Insurance Report Q3 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... in the region during 2015 is generally the result of continued USD strength, rather than structural weaknesses in the insurance sector. While offshore ... players who control large portions of most markets. The insurance markets of the Caribbean, particularly offshore business but also domestic sectors, are ...

May, 2015 158 pages
Uruguay Water Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... pipeline, we view Uruguay as one of the least open and least attractive markets in the region with regards to its water and sanitation sectors ... is a small project pipeline to improve and expand OSE's water and sanitation infrastructure. Uruguay's water infrastructure is well developed, especially in comparison with other Latin ...

May, 2015 42 pages
United Arab Emirates Defence and Security Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... - as part of its economic diversification strategy - is working to expand the local defence industrial base, and is actively encouraging joint ventures (JVs) between ... opportunities, especially for JVs in the UAE's defence sector. BMI expects strong growth in defence expenditure by the UAE over the next five ...

May, 2015 63 pages
Thailand Water Report 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... service. Latest Updates The severe water shortages seen in much of the country, and the concomitant water rationing announced by the government, has led us to revise our production forecasts for 2015 and the initial part of 2016. However ...

Oct, 2015 36 pages
Taiwan Water Report 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... Taiwan in light of the presidential elections coming up in 2016 is a key risk to our outlook for the current infrastructure improvements in the pipeline for the water ... to our water consumption outlook. Latest Updates China and Taiwan signed a deal on July 20 to pump water from the province of Fujian in mainland China to Taiwan's Kinmen ...

Oct, 2015 42 pages
Taiwan Defence and Security Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... Includes 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: We expect Taiwan's defence budget to remain stable at 2.2% of the GDP in the next five years as a ... ). Although KMN remained in power, the increasing domestic support for Taiwan to become increasingly autonomous has renewed tensions between China and Taiwan.

May, 2015 58 pages
South Africa Water Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... : South Africa's water industry continues to remain comparatively strong, with a large amount of projects in the pipeline. However, with numerous issues plaguing the water services ... the coming year. We highlight various core problems facing the water sector in South Africa. The first of these is the inadequate infrastructure - both the ...

May, 2015 57 pages
South Africa Metals Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: South Africa's metals industry will face the continued prospect of subdued refined metal prices, elevated energy costs, and ... stronger metals demand fundamentals in 2015. Lower oil prices will benefit private consumption and investment, leading to our upward revision for South ...

May, 2015 51 pages
Singapore Water Report 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... that Singapore's national water agency PUB has partnered Japan-based Mitsubishi to build a demonstration-scale plant within PUB's Ulu Pandan Water Reclamation Plant (WRP) in Jurong East, Singapore for testing cost-saving and energy-efficiency ...

Nov, 2015 34 pages
Saudi Arabia Metals Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... Includes 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: Saudi Arabia's metals sector is poised for rapid growth in terms of consumption over the ... across the main metals sub-sectors, leaving the country ever more reliant on imports to meet demand. During 2015, Saudi Arabian metals producers will ...

May, 2015 36 pages
Russia Defence and Security Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... security threats in the domestic, regional and international domains; a second factor which is also spurring the upsurge in defence spending. In addition, the country's defence ... of increases in defence spending in the Asia-Pacific and Latin American regions, plus a resurgence in arms purchases from Russia's ...

May, 2015 70 pages
Romania Metals Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... primarily the case for steel, the largest sub-component of Romania's metals sector. With modest growth in both autos production and ... in 2015, to reach 3.47mnt. Supporting this forecast, ArcelorMittal Galati Romania has announced that it expects to increase its steel production by 15% to more than 2mnt in 2015 ...

May, 2015 30 pages
Romania Defence and Security Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... View: Romania historically has under-spent on its defence requirements. The country has a wellestablished defence industry, and significantly faces regional security concerns which ... the years of the Cold War, Romania has worked hard to develop an indigenous defence industry, and a high level of defence selfsufficiency to this end. In particular ...

May, 2015 54 pages
Peru Water Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... water metering systems and progressive regulatory developments. However, water and sanitation access is not universal; and pollution issues remain a severe risk. Peru's water sector is of major importance to the country, as one of its main sources of economic strength, the mining industry, relies heavily on water. In spite ...

May, 2015 52 pages
Panama Water Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... is dedicated to improving the quality of its hydrological resources and its water supply and sanitation services, as well as promoting wider access to services ... what they perceive as 'their' water resources. Events such as the March 2014 protest by Silvia Carrera - leader of Panama's indigenous Ngöbe-Buglé - who appealed ...

May, 2015 42 pages
Pakistan Defence and Security Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... with significant export potential, such as the JF-17 fighter jet. Meanwhile Pakistan's defence expenditure remains elevated, due to the threat of major conflict with ... new products over our forecast period to 2019. We expect the defence budget in Pakistan to grow over 2015, as a military scale-up of offensives against militant ...

May, 2015 70 pages
Netherlands Metals Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... View: After back-to-back years of volatility in the Dutch metals sector, 2015 looks to have laid the foundation for a prolonged period of stability ... the Netherlands is a key producer. Long-Term Growth In Output After posting a contraction in both production and consumption in 2013 and 2014, 2015 will ...

May, 2015 29 pages
Mexico Water Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... latter concern is compounded by droughts, water shortages and rationing. In Mexico, there are a number of issues inhibiting the water industry's full development, including widespread pollution, the over-politicisation of the water sector ...

May, 2015 55 pages
Mexico Mining Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... Includes 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: Mexico's mining industry will experience steady growth due to the sector's solid ... - to medium-sized silver mines as well as gold deposits found alongside silver. Furthermore, copper production will continue to be driven by Grupo Mexico, though we expect ...

May, 2015 66 pages
Malaysia Water Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... an incoherent water management structure, can pose risks to water utilities companies, as can the high levels of water losses and non revenue water consumption. As with ... are compromising the quality of drinking water supplies and are contributing to higher water shortage frequency. However, overall Malaysia offers large volumes of surface ...

May, 2015 57 pages
Libya Defence and Security Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... into Libya's highly fragile security environment. Due to historical over-reliance on defence imports, political instability and a deteriorating economy since the civil war, Libya has been unable to establish a significant defence industrial base ...

May, 2015 72 pages
Japan Water Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: Overall, Japan has a strong, established water sector with good water availability, developed infrastructure, and effective and ... a severe inhibitor to industrial consumers in particular. We believe the swift deceleration in Japan's construction and infrastructure growth in 2014 supports our view that ...

May, 2015 51 pages
Italy Metals Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... for Italian producers of steel and other metals to remain extremely challenging over 2015 and beyond. Italy's metals sector is at a crucial stage of its development. Having traditionally been a high volume producer of key industrial metals, including ...

May, 2015 47 pages
Italy Defence and Security Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... . Although Italy is home to a large defence sector and is a major exporter of defence equipment, the country has in recent years suffered a downturn in defence spending. Italy has experienced a year-on-year reduction in defence ...

May, 2015 68 pages
Iran Metals Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... of it consumption of steel and other industrial metals. The Comprehensive Steel Plan, announced in 2013, plans to raise Iran's steelmaking capacity from 20 million ... mnt) before accelerating to around 15% y-o-y during the first two months of 2015. Tehran is also aiming to triple the country's aluminium smelter ...

May, 2015 46 pages
Iran Defence and Security Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... committed to achieving its goal of military self-sufficiency. Iran has a large number of domestic defence companies, capable of manufacturing products such as small arms ... in exports until 2016 at the very earliest. In 2015, therefore, we expect Iran's defence spending to remain modest on a regional comparison, reaching USD9.8bn. This ...

May, 2015 88 pages
Indonesia Water Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... updates Overall, we take a positive outlook with regard to the future of Indonesia's water sector as infrastructure and legislative improvements are undertaken. However, the ... strong government support and ambitious targets, in addition to rising industrial water demand, we expect the country to benefit from a swathe of investment over ...

May, 2015 55 pages
India Water Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... for water continues to rise off the back of increasing agricultural, industrial and domestic requirements, as the population expands and India becomes more industrialised. Inadequate access to clean water impacts investors involved water-intensive industries or those with a large ...

May, 2015 62 pages
Hong Kong Water Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... BMI View: Although Hong Kong has little in the way of domestic water resources, the city state benefits from strong water infrastructure - a selling point ... Total Water Management Strategy, Hong Kong's Water Supplies Department (WSD) is hoping to contain the country's freshwater consumption while also tapping into alternative sources of water ...

May, 2015 54 pages
Germany Defence and Security Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... updates BMI View: Germany possesses one of Europe's largest defence sectors. The country is a major exporter of materiel around the world. Germany enjoys a reputation ... . However, following several years of defence expenditure reductions, Germany will begin increasing its defence spending in 2015, and is expected to sustain defence spending increases up to the ...

May, 2015 63 pages
Egypt Defence and Security Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... Includes 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: Security issues for Egypt both at the domestic and regional level continue to be of major concern. ... bode well for lasting stability on Egypt's eastern frontier. These drivers have given Egypt a continued need for defence procurements to manage against the ...

May, 2015 63 pages
Croatia Defence and Security Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... conflict. As a consequence of its self-sufficiency in the provision of land armaments, Croatia emerged from the conflict with a significant land armaments ... defence companies have enjoyed high levels of export sales to former Warsaw Pact nations, and also to developing countries unwilling or unable to secure ...

May, 2015 56 pages
China Water Report 2016 US$ 1,295.00

... rise in population and urbanisation has put a strain on Chinese water resources. China is using up water at an unsustainable rate, with many of the country's rivers ... Huai Fang reuse water treatment facility in Beijing due to be commissioned by mid-2016, we have upgraded our projections for 2016 and 2017 ...

Nov, 2015 40 pages
China Defence and Security Report 2015 US$ 1,295.00

... spenders on defence but the US claims that China still has the disadvantage in terms of size and quality of equipment. The growth of China's defence budget has been a recurring one for quite some time. The defence industry in China has benefitted from this ...

May, 2015 67 pages
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