In the past, Inoviea services were comprised of intelligent information management and marketing consulting. Currently, our major specialization is research and advisories on:
  • Infrastructure
  • Solar energy
  • TP logistics
  • Real Estate
  • Marine projects
  • IT
  • Social business organizations
We monitor policies and reforms across assigned industry sectors and provide project design services, technical evaluation, and financial analysis.

Industry players long for integration and transformation prompts from us to join marketing and sales channels efficiently. In addition, we disclose policy restraints and risks for customers’ better performance and business growth.

Our professional vision is required for the projects like:
  • Industrial Parks
  • Solar Farms
  • Agriculture
  • Oil and Gas Refinery plants
  • Technology Centers
  • Smart City
  • Cold Storage and Warehousing
  • Container Bases
  • Vessel Bunkering
  • Freight Yards
  • Theme Parks
  • Dry Ports
Research by Inoviea includes two stages; one of them is a thorough preliminary study of senior functionaries’ opinions and policies of public agencies, private entities, and ministries.

Each report hinges on a detailed SWOT analysis of the industry and key industry players. Services from Inoviea are in demand for their extensive feasibility studies for high-profile projects and exclusive business planning recommendations.

Research Reports By Inoviea

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