Established in 2009, GS-Expert is a company specializing in research, analysis and monitoring of building materials, industrial minerals and related machinery industries/markets in Russia and other CIS countries. The reports published developed by GS-Expert are based on the materials collected via their own surveys and enclose precise analytical information and insightful reviews of markets and industries.

The reports prepared by GS-Expert’s experienced researches grant access to the results of various markets surveys and uncover relevant qualitative and quantitative data including production/consumption statistics, export/import dynamics, feedstock conditions, and descriptions of regulatory policy and profiles of the leading market participants. The reports developed by GS-Expert are devoted to the study of such industrial minerals as feldspar, glass, gypsum stone, carbonate rocks, diatomite and such building materials as cement, roofing materials, alloys, lime, gypsum, to name a few.

Research Reports By GS-Expert

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