GrowthPraxis is “facts” based consulting and research firm. We work with global organizations and help them in defining growth, mitigating risks and solving business challenges. We provide advice ranging from entering new countries to entering new product lines and services. We have served 12 Fortune 500 companies and have done projects in more than 40 countries. Having done studies in 40 countries, GrowthPraxis has managed to develop a strong database of key industry participants in each one of them. GrowthPraxis is different from other consulting firms due to unique methodology and network. GrowthPraxis adopts an exhaustive Primary and Secondary Research process wherein data is collected from Industry Associations, Regulatory Bodies and industry participants giving exhaustive and factual perspective including latest trends, faster insights, and experiences about the industry. This, coupled with other techniques such as leveraging of social networks, participant databases, gives a sound base for the collection of appropriate data.

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