Considering expanding market opportunities Vietnamese economy had a great demand of exclusive research and data provider. As a result, in 2007 Financial and Economic Intelligence Services Joint Stock Company (FineIntel) was founded. Relevant information is acquired by the agency directly from manufacturers, financial and public bodies, various state and regional enterprises and other credible sources.

FineIntel has produced a range of multifaceted reports covering retail, aviation, automobile, textile, ICT, energy, trade sectors and others.

Today FineIntel offers a number of reports which include:
  • Market overviews;
  • Business planning;
  • Financial expertise;
  • Economic growth prospects;
  • Valuable strategic advice;
  • Investment opportunities;
  • Partnership search.
Thankful to in-depth insight into the current economic situation in the country the experts are able to track risks, export and import patterns, and efficient market fostering tools. Thus, consumers are empowered with unique knowledge on how to boost enterprise growth and make right decisions.

Research Reports By FineIntel

Found 12 publications
Vietnam's green industry update US$ 249.00 Feb, 2012
Vietnam's retail update US$ 249.00 Dec, 2011
Vietnam's construction update US$ 249.00 Nov, 2011
Vietnam's trade update US$ 249.00 Oct, 2011
Vietnam's Textile and Garment Update US$ 249.00 Sep, 2011 5 pages
Vietnam's Tourism Update US$ 249.00 Aug, 2011 7 pages
Vietnam's Aviation Update US$ 249.00 Jul, 2011 7 pages
Vietnam's ICT Update US$ 249.00 Jun, 2011 7 pages
Vietnam's Capital Market Update US$ 249.00 May, 2011 6 pages
Vietnam's Automotive Update US$ 249.00 Apr, 2011 7 pages
Vietnam's Power Update US$ 249.00 Mar, 2011 6 pages
Vietnam's Real Estate Update US$ 249.00 Feb, 2011 6 pages
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