Edbiz Consulting

Headquartered in the UK, Edbiz Consulting is an international Islamic finance advisory company. It delivers a broad range of services to numerous clients such as entrepreneurs, financial establishments, governmental and private institutions, education providers, an a lot more. The services assist in the balancing of leadership development in this lucrative niche industry with the strengthening of the Islamic finance capacity for banks as well as businesses.

The Global Islamic Finance Report drawn up by Edbiz Consulting is an excellent source of unique data and detailed analysis of the whole spectrum of the Islamic finance: capital markets, retail and investment banking, wealth management and takaful across various markets.

The reports developed Edbiz Consulting’s experiment team assist in gaining lead over other market players. The company helps its clients to facilitate business strategy design and decision making process.

Research Reports By Edbiz Consulting

Found 1 publication
Global Islamic Finanace Report US$ 300.00 Apr, 2012 250 pages
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