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data information intelligence GmbH (dii), a global full service company conducting market research mainly in the area of healthcare, with a specific focus on diagnostics (imaging and laboratory) services and health information technologies.

For more than eight years, the team of dii’s researchers has been working hard to amass a glut of experience in the healthcare domain. Their services comprise an accumulation of relevant market data with the assistance of a great many sources (primary and secondary), transformation of these data into market information, followed with the support of the proper business decisions – from concept evaluation to the satisfaction of customer claims.

They are devoted to building authoritative market models, determining user needs, evaluating rates of penetration, assessing high-value markets as well as establishing innovative products’ value and viability.

dii conducts custom research, which is either tailored to satisfy the requirements of a single proprietary company, or what is known as multiclient studies performed in liaison with companies involved to share expenses and results.

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