DataResearch is a research division of EuroEuro S.r.l was established in 2010. Being engaged in industrial, economic and market analysis it applies innovative and coherent approaches to satisfy consumers of various fields. Export management companies, CEO and market managers are provided with exhaustive knowledge on:
  • Comprehensive data on numerous sectors and trends;
  • Partnership opportunities;
  • Competitive analysis;
  • Supply and demand review;
  • Competitors’ web strategies;
  • Financial situation and perspectives in the field;
  • Tracing of investment likelihood.
Direct observation of industrial environment enables DataResearch to produce both short-term and long-term forecasts for the customers. The reports contain contact information of the investigated company. To introduce new products, obtain competitiveness and handle market challenges. DataResearch is an independent institute where its proficient staff evaluates clients’ opportunities on the international arena and empowers them with appropriate business strategies.

Research Reports By DATARESEARCH

Found 17 publications
Manufacturers of Traditional Coffee Machines US$ 6,500.00 Nov, 2014 375 pages
Manufacturers of Automatic Coffee Machines US$ 5,500.00 Nov, 2014 326 pages
The European Market for Professional Coffee Machines US$ 5,500.00 Jun, 2014 140 pages
Professional Coffee Machines in Spain US$ 1,900.00 Apr, 2011 56 pages
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