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We understand Africa’s consumers, we know their likes and dislikes and we offer you the key to their loyalty. Africa has the potential to build global brands, but it falls short because it fails to lay the right foundation for growth – that foundation is research. Consumer Insight exists to research on the continent’s consumers to help companies such as yours improve their brand value.

Research is the lifeline of every company. From inception to product development, launch to growth and expansion, companies need to constantly stay in touch with their consumers’ needs, aspirations and perceptions to navigate the evolving market. If you really want African consumers to own your brand you need to knowAfrica. And to know Africa means you need to do your research well. As a company, you research or you die. It really is that simple.

Africa is home, it’s where we were born, raised and reside, we understand the market nuances and dynamism that others would overlook or undervalue. Those nuances are what feed into building your unique brands to suit the needs of the growing African consumer. We operate throughout the continent with offi¬ces in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

We guarantee accurate and incontestable research. Consumer Insight exists to provide indisputable, factual, scienti¬fically sound research collated using the highest forms of tech-based research methodology. We ensure that the research data is accurate, reliable, practical and irreproachable. That’s why we employ numerous quality assurance measures to ensure unequivocal accuracy in our findings.

We are Tech-savvy. How we make it happen:

CATI – Computer Aided Telephone Interviews

CAWI – Computer Aided Web Interviews

MAPI – Mobile Aided Personal Interviews

CAPI – Computer Aided Personal Interviews

VoicesAfrica Online Panel - We have a rich database of over 250,000 panelists across all demographics in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. These technologies allow us to retrieve accurate, reliable and actionable data more affordably and faster.

We deliver user-friendly reports. It’s one thing to get all the exciting data, it’s another to understand what to do with it. Consumer Insight ensures that all the research conducted is presented to you in an actionable format. We ensure that as soon as you get the data, you can go straight to the market to execute it.

We uncover the deepness and magnitude of the linkage between your brand and market. Our quantitative and qualitative research will ensure you know the extent and depth of consumers' connection to your brands.

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