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The BNC (Building & Construction) Network is a prominent and reputable provider of validated construction research. Since 2004 it has obtained over 6,000 consumers worldwide and achieved cooperation with highly-skilled specialists within this field. For today the BNC Network database has over 44,190 construction projects.

Willing BNC employees are aimed at overall construction sector research creating a chain of command which embraces experts, managers, engineers, contracting entities and suppliers. Such a policy contributes to complementary business relationships and effort aggregation for right decisions and marketing strategies. The clients save their time and get transparent and efficient data from company’s website.

The BNC Network mission is to:
  • identify favourable market areas;
  • forecast budget and resource;
  • track different construction projects;
  • provide sales leads;
  • identify and analyze business rivals;
  • minimize risks and increase in profits.
Nowadays the BNC Network is engaged in all sorts of projects in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region, therefore is the largest researcher in the Middle East.

Research Reports By BNC Network

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Qatar Construction Opportunities report Q3-2011 US$ 2,385.00 Jan, 2011 110 pages
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