Asianet Pakistan

Pakistan Press International’s subsidiary and the country’s first-rate and oldest digital information content syndication service, Asianet-Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd, focuses on electronic dissemination and marketing of the editorial content to universities, research establishments, and think tanks.

The company’s offerings encompass but are not limited to:

  • more than 100 top magazines, newspapers, academic periodicals, professional publications, etc.;
  • wired news agency services;
  • specialised financial and business services from Pakistan to a slew of overseas customers;
  • content partnerships.
Asianet-Pakistan is proud to grant its clients prompt access to local and international media. Their solutions are destined not only expand the reach of press releases, but also target media outlets and journalists in a more effective way.

Research Reports By Asianet Pakistan

Found 7 publications
PPI News Service US$ 1,200.00 May, 2011
Flare US$ 960.00 May, 2011 86 pages
Pakistan Business News US$ 750.00 May, 2011
Pakistan Official News US$ 750.00 May, 2011
Pakistan News Releases US$ 750.00 May, 2011
Pakistan Company News US$ 750.00 May, 2011
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