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Alpha Street Research (ASR) is a quantitative investment research company investigating over 3,000 U.S. publicly traded enterprises. It generates stock recommendations for investment decisions that are used by commercial banks, various institutional bodies and funds. Company’s ranking is highly acknowledged by many leading investment organizations.

The institutions under study are examined for technical, financial and behavioral characteristics. For ranking on a 1-10 scale the company integrates 92 factors to analyze stock relativity to all others. Among items considered are growth, profitability, valuation, financial strength ratios, prospective investments etc. Fundamental study leads to scoring and selection of outperform stocks possessing best performance characteristics.

Represented on an annualized basis the returns represent 10' ranked companies in the monthly rebalanced chart where stakeholders are able to track inter-temporal changes. Alpha’s stock researches are successfully audited that clearly demonstrates high ratio of conducted servicing and enhances credibility among the consumers.

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