Asian Soft Drinks Consumption Continues to Drive Future Closure Demand

29 Mar 2011 • by Natalie Aster

The new report “Innovation in Beverage Closures” by Canadean presents an overview of current trends and developments in the global market for beverage closures, focusing upon recent technical innovations, areas of growth and decline and the key drivers of change.

The CAGRs have been particularly strong in the period 2003 to 2010. Sales of sports caps have been advancing by 10% per year, those of plastic screw caps by 7% and other closures up at 13% per year. Metal caps have recorded a negative trend, ring-pulls held steady at 1%. Going forward ring-pulls will maintain a slow and steady CAGR of around 1%. Metal caps will return to recording positive growth. Sports caps will continue to register a very healthy 9% CAGR, plastic screw caps 5%, carton closures will revive to a 4% CAGR and sales of other closures will continue to forge ahead at around 10% per year.

Global Trends in Closure Type for Soft Drinks, 2003-2015

All of this will deliver cumulative additional unit sales to 2015 of 400 billion units, 75% of which will be plastic – screw (flat) cap or sports cap – with another 50 billion of other closures and 25 billion each of ring-pulls and metal caps.

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Innovation in Beverage Closures
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On a regional basis Asia will account for 320 billion out of the cumulative 400 billion extra soft drinks closures sold between 2010 and 2015, dwarfing the expected opportunity in all other regions. Continued good growth in Latin America will help to deliver cumulative five year sales of around 40 billion more closures than in 2010, while in Eastern Europe around 25 billion will be added, almost three times the extra sold in West Europe.

Soft Drinks Closures Cumulative Additional Units by Type, min closures, ‘03/10 & ‘10/15

Another solution has been developed by OC Beverages and Quantum Health Beverages, the Vitamin Infusion Cap, which also features a twist and dispensing technology. At present it is being utilised on a line of enhanced beverages, one, considering the dispensing system, the aptly named Release.

In Italy, INCOS Cosmeceutica Industriale has introduced its Phil-O-Cap as part of an Active Caps range. The cap contains 2 grams of soluble granulate, intended to be dispensed into 500ml. The caps can be supplied loose or in packs.

Japan’s Ito En launched Oishi Ocha Omatcha , November 2008 – Fresh Green tea product 275ml PET bottle featuring a unique lid. The bottle incorporated an air tight lid which holds 1.2 g of green tea powder. Turning the lid counter-clockwise releases the power into mineral water below and the bottle can be shaken to mix thoroughly. The dark green cap shuts out more light than traditional white caps and contains a mechanism to prevent tainting.

More information can be found in the report “Innovation in Beverage Closures” by Canadean.

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