The Evolution of Android: It's Ecosystem and Impact in the Mobile Application Marketplace

04 Mar 2011 • by Natalie Aster

Currently there are eight major platforms vying for mind share among developers and mobile consumers: Microsoft Windows Mobile, Apple iOS, Nokia Symbian, Java, BREW (Qualcomm), RIM Blackberry and OHA Android. These platforms run across a wide range of devices, a range of supported languages, IDEs and support tools. The key to these tools is the ability to allow third party developers to create mobile applications and get them to market quickly and efficiently.

Apple’s model is the standard here. With over 300,000 iPhone applications already in the iPhone store, they obviously offer the development tools and support products that encourage developers to work on the iPhone platform. Current Android is the only other product that can challenge Apple with large volumes of applications. Current Android has about 140,000 apps in its store. RIM, Nokia and Palm all have much ground to gain on to catch up to iOS and Android volumes.

The research “The Evolution of Android: It's Ecosystem and Impact in the Mobile Application Marketplace” by Mind Commerce Publishing LLC focuses on Android OS, OHA devices and the impact on the growth of the wireless/smart phone marketplace. The report provides an insight into the evolution of the mobile marketplace around the Android and the Apple mobile OS standards to date. The report looks at the reasons behind the creation of the Android ecosystem, including the improved user interface of the new generation of smart phones, the introduction of new high speed mobile networks and the emergence of usage based data pricing with handset subsidies - in return for long term pay monthly contracts in developed markets.

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The Evolution of Android: It's Ecosystem and Impact in the Mobile Application Marketplace
Published: February 2011
Pages: 74
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Report Sample Abstract

Analysis of Developer Support Programs
In general, there are many similarities between all the Developer support programs. They offer documentation, technical support and tools to help developers implement applications for a vendor platform. The key to the support programs are in their ability to encourage the development of applications for specific platforms (i.e., RIM has provided three levels of programs with different benefits and costs to encourage more developers to sign up for Blackberry application development). The chart summarizes how the major programs are doing in fostering application development on their platforms.

Business Opportunities
There are a number of areas to watch for new business development and trends in the Android marketplace. The technological advances of the smartphone were part of the network operators’ business model to expand revenue. In responding to network changes and market demands, new cell phone technology, new models and types of phones have been produced by handset manufacturers with frequent regularity. Monitoring the handset business for the last few years, a specific cell phone model is on the market for less than a year. Model upgrades and changes, version and evolutions in technology fuel the handset development process. For example, iPhone has been on the market for about three years and the fourth model (iPhone 4.0, which succeeds the iPhone, iPhone 4G) is in release.

Another area to watch is tablet market. The tablet combines the features of the smart phone and the net book. This device is slightly smaller than the net book with a touch screen slightly larger than iPhones. We have discussed the Android tablet products above. But the market is young and developing.

They third area to watch is the new common OS Platforms. We currently have Android, Symbian and MS Mobile Windows. Vendors are joining consortiums like OHA or migrating to Symbian or MS Mobile to cut their development costs. A side benefit is that developers can choose to develop to….

More information can be found in the report “The Evolution of Android: It's Ecosystem and Impact in the Mobile Application Marketplace” by Mind Commerce Publishing LLC.

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