Worldwide Carbon Fiber Competitive Analysis and Leadership Study 2009

03 Dec 2010 • by Natalie Aster

Texas, USA – The dynamics of the carbon fiber industry extends beyond routine macro-economic elements of supply and demand. It is the relationship between buyer's needs and seller's capabilities as well as the macroeconomic forces at work that affect the market. It is how well and how efficiently the sellers meet the needs of the buyers that determine long-term success.

In Lucintel 's newest competitive research study on the world's leading carbon fiber producers - Worldwide Carbon Fiber Competitive Analysis and Leadership Study 2009 ” the seven companies are thoroughly profiled with detailed competitive assessments.

The detailed analysis of each company offers a critical view into key strategic areas, including:

  • Carbon fiber producer target markets;
  • Key differentiators, strengths, competitors;
  • Product line overview, positioning, and mapping;
  • Market position in global carbon fiber business;
  • Revenue breakdown by market segments and regions;
  • Global manufacturing operations;
  • Current and forecasted production capacities;
  • Innovation and market leadership;
  • Marketing, sales, and organizational capabilities;
  • Management commitment and track record;
  • Financial strength.

Report Details:

Worldwide Carbon Fiber Competitive Analysis and Leadership Study 2009

Published: June 2010
Pages: 221
Price: USD 7,500

Report Sample Abstract:

Carbon fiber, once considered to be too costly for successful mass production, is rapidly becoming the material of choice for a variety of commercial applications, from aerospace to renewable energy. In fact, the market for carbon fiber has experienced good growth from 2004-2009, with a compound annual growth rate of approximately 7%. As a result of wider acceptance and emerging demand, the carbon fiber industry as a whole is now considered to be highly attractive with above average revenue growth and profit margin potential for those competing in the market.

Not surprisingly, this current environment has attracted considerable attention from the investment community as well as potential customers interested in alternative materials. The world's seven leading carbon fiber producers are also closely monitoring competitive activities in an attempt to navigate the landscape more adeptly and to capture as much share as possible. In virtually every respect, these producers are seeking to establish a tangible competitive advantage in the marketplace through the implementation of innovative strategies and creative product development capabilities.

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More information can be found in the report “ Worldwide Carbon Fiber Competitive Analysis and Leadership Study 2009 ” by Lucintel .

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