Medical Device Competitive Intelligence

22 Nov 2010 • by Natalie Aster

London – “The access to C-level executives and strategic planners by director-level heads allows competitive intelligence teams to communicate their findings to strategic leaders and demonstrate the impact of their recommendations to senior decision makers. Greater access also creates greater visibility for the competitive intelligence team’s successes, thereby making the group less susceptible to downsizing.”

The report “Medical Device Competitive Intelligence ” by Cutting Edge Information includes benchmarks that detail competitive intelligence teams’ budgets and staffing metrics, structures and reporting lines. Other metrics explore team responsibilities, additional support from other functions and performance measurement methodologies.

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Medical Device Competitive Intelligence

Published: November 2010
Pages: 91
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Report Sample Abstract:

Seeing the departments from which competitive intelligence teams draw funding often reveals a great deal about the groups that CI teams serve most and how these teams coordinate and reside within the organizational structure. The largest and most common contributors to dedicated teams’ funding are marketing and market research organizations. In fact, marketing groups fund 100% of CI’s operations at two of the surveyed companies while market research funds 100% at another three surveyed companies.

Other functions that fund some level of competitive intelligence at participating companies include business development, strategic planning, knowledge management, new product planning and C-level executive teams. It is interesting to note the lack of consensus around funding sources among surveyed companies.

70% of the competitive intelligence teams surveyed have director-level or higher leadership in place. This arrangement is fortunate for medical device firms, as competitive intelligence teams led by positions lower than director generally have less access to strategic leadership.

A lack of access and strategic impact is one factor that most often leads to the cycle of staffing ramp-ups and downsizing among CI teams. Establishing a strong leadership position with access to strategic heads is the best method to break that cycle and empower CI.

More information can be found in the report “Medical Device Competitive Intelligence ” by Cutting Edge Information .

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