Reinventing Pharmaceutical Sales Forces

08 Nov 2010 • by Natalie Aster

London – “Frustrated customer groups and leaner economic times have forced a new pharmaceutical sales model to emerge. The arms race of the previous decade is dead. Faced with the challenge of increasing reach despite sales force cuts, companies are turning toward building stronger, more personal rep-physician relationships that add value. Today smaller and better-managed sales forces now fill the field.”

The report “Reinventing Pharmaceutical Sales Forces ” by Cutting Edge Information shows how reps can stand out from the crowd. It details the latest trends, tools, and practices innovative companies are using to ensure that their reps are spending their time influencing physicians, not languishing in the waiting room.

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Reinventing Pharmaceutical Sales Forces

Published: April 2009
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Benefits of Reduced Sales Force Mirroring

The effects of the reduction in sales force mirroring have been overwhelmingly positive for pharmaceutical sales organizations — both from a logistics perspective and the reactions received from targets, according to interviewees.

One interviewed executive points out that by having fewer mirrors, her company’s scheduling of doctor calls has become much easier. In the past, sales teams had to perform a delicate dance to avoid pestering physicians by calling too closely to other company reps. In addition, knowing that up to 10 other reps would be dropping by encouraged the reps to forgo visits.

Now that only one or two reps contact each physician, the reps feel much more accountable and have taken ownership of their targets. Reps are more personally involved with the physician and have a better understanding of physician needs. Because of this, the company is better able to reach the physician and provide the most pressing and applicable information.

Likewise, at another company, the lower rep-to-physician ratio has created higher quality rep/physician relationships, according to internally collected measures. The company maintains a one-to-one relationship with every doctor, regardless of prescribing level or range of influence. This — in combination with a lower-than-average rep turnover rate — has generated outstanding relationships with physicians.

At still another interviewed company, drug reps who maintain one-to-one relationships with targets are greeted “like rock stars” within the physicians’ offices. On a recent ride-along with a rep, everyone within the doctor’s office knew the rep by name and was excited to see him. There was no hint of “the doctor’s busy, so come back later.”

More information can be found in the report “Reinventing Pharmaceutical Sales Forces ” by Cutting Edge Information .

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