Brazil Industry Developments (Epidemiology)

26 Aug 2010 • by Natalie Aster
Brazil Industry Developments (Epidemiology)
London - According to the research report “Brazil Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q3 2010” by Business Monitor International (BMI) Burden of Disease Database (BoDD) estimates that non-communicable diseases accounted for 63.9% of disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) lost to all diseases and injuries in Brazil in 2008. Compared with many developed states, this figure is reasonably low, suggesting well developed healthcare standards and disease management. However, the true reason behind this is a heavy burden of infectious communicable diseases caused by demographic factors, the country’s geography, the lack of basic healthcare provisions in many rural areas and generally poor preventative measures.

On a DALYs-per-capita basis, the issue of communicable diseases is large and growing. To help combat this, on January 30 2009 the World Bank approved a US$235mn loan to Brazil’s Health Network Formation and Quality Improvement Project (QualiSUS).

QualiSUS is a co-ordinated programme run by the Ministry of Health and state and municipal governments. It focuses on improving healthcare services provided by Brazil’s SUS. The first phase of the project aims to improve the quality and efficiency in Regional Health Care Networks (RHCN), in particular in hospitals, diagnostic and emergency centres. The initial focus is delivering systems for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of priority health conditions, with an emphasis on non-communicable diseases. The estimated total cost of the project is US$677mn.

BMI welcomes the World Bank’s support of efforts to combat a growing problem with communicable diseases. Despite steadily increasing health expenditure, life-style associate factors will continue to drive up the burden of non-communicable diseases in Brazil. Between 2008 and 2030 DALYs associated with these diseases are set to increase by 16.2%. While better basic healthcare access will lighten the burden of communicable diseases, managing conditions such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, respiratory diseases and diabetes will remain a key challenge.

More details on Epidemiology Industry Developments in Brazil can be found from the research study “Brazil Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q3 2010” published by Business Monitor International.

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