New Product From Tariff Consultancy Ltd Capturing and Analysing ADSL Prices from 84 Operators in 54 Countries Finds That Three-Quarters of all Provide

30 Jul 2010 • by Natalie Aster

London: A new subscription product, the Fixed Broadband/ADSL Tariff Tracker by Tariff Consultancy Ltd (TCL), reveals the many different broadband offerings available in the 54 countries surveyed. It shows the diversity of products that are being introduced in both emerging and mature broadband markets with data speed and packaging being the key product differentiators.

The Fixed Broadband / ADSL Tariff Tracker is based on extensive research conducted with 84 operators across 54 countries. The June edition includes some 926 tariff packages which presents one of the most far-reaching services to address broadband user pricing worldwide complete with analysis.

Uniquely, the service provides a comparative cross-country analysis of all tariffs which allows easy comparison of the main trends. Future editions will show the movement in subscriber figures over time and provide a trend analysis twice a year.

The analysis reveals that 75 per cent of the residential offerings are marketed as ‘unlimited' and 25 different types of inclusive allowances are offered from a pay-as-you basis up to the largest allowance of 250 GB per month. But there is still considerable variance in DSL pricing across all regions.

‘The Fixed Broadband / ADSL Tariff Tracker service covers much more than just the monthly fee charged by an operator' commented Margrit Sessions, Managing Director of Tariff Consultancy." Like and like comparisons are becoming increasingly more difficult as operators starting to differentiate their products, so it is important to have an expert guide which compares like with like and which simplifies the analytical process."