The Russian cheese market is oriented to local manufactures

08 Sep 2009 • by Natalie Aster
Now in Russia cheese manufacture shows small growth despite reduction in demand. Experts of «Information Agency «CredInform North-West» reached such conclusion having made marketing research: The Russian cheese market: state and development trends. At the same time import that in 2008 according to estimations was almost 40% in cheese suggestion structure in Russia would considerably decrease due to crisis.

From the beginning of the current year cheese group price grew more than other products categories. It is results of prices growth for dried milk more than of financial crisis. In general according to experts the world milk growth was about 30%. Thus crisis did not strongly influence cheeses market.

More than thirds of consumers while choosing cheese think about its price and almost as much – design and goods package. 16% of consumers pay attention to taste. A share less than 10% is occupied by such criteria as weight and storage periods.

In Russia there is a good material base for manufacture of the most popular types of cheeses as hard pressed cheeses as smelt ones. Last years cheese output volumes growth was observed in all regions that is first of all related to increase in manufacture of basic raw materials for cheese preparation – milk.

Cheeses output volume essentially influences consumption volume in that case local manufacturers products obviously dominate in the regions majority. Prevalence in cheeses assortment of local manufacturers is explained in many respects by their lower price, minimum transport expenses, and long sale term.

In Russia under crisis conditions according to a pessimistic development scenario the market participants expect state support in the form of introduction of higher customs duties on import cheeses, and, thus, receiving additional benefits before foreign manufacturers.