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11 May 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON - Market Publishers, Ltd. is more than happy to inform that a new series of insightful and all-encompassing research reports, covering the energy drinks market performance in various countries, elaborated by MarketLine has been recently uploaded to the publisher’s catalogue at

In Australia, the energy drinks market revenues outlined the USD 805 million mark in 2015, registering a 8.4% CAGR from 2011 till 2015. Australia is amid the key consumers of energy beverages worldwide. Demand for energy drinks in the country is anticipated to remain at the high level.

Meanwhile, the Brazilian energy drinks market stood at USD 758.5 million in the year 2015, posting a considerable CAGR of over 15% from 2011 till 2015. The consumption of energy drinks in Brazil reached 109.3 million liters in 2015, increasing at a CAGR of almost 7% since 2011. The Brazilian energy drinks market is highly attractive for overseas companies owing to the fast-expanding middle class and a large consumer base in Brazil.

When it comes to Canada, the energy drinks market generated total revenues of USD 726 million in the year 2015. Over 2011-2015, the country’s market was growing at a 10% CAGR. The consumption of energy drinks in Canada amounted to 108.3 million liters in 2015, exhibiting a CAGR of 6.7% during 2011-2015. Product innovation is the top trend in the Canadian energy drinks market today.

In 2015, total revenues of the Chinese energy drinks market reached USD 10.5 billion, demonstrating an unbelievable CAGR of 36% during 2011-2015. The consumption of energy drinks in China stood at about 1.878 billion liters in 2015, posting a CAGR of almost 32% from 2011. In the offing, China’s energy drinks market is anticipated to continue following an upward trend, driven by surging demand for functional drinks and constantly rising disposable incomes, mainly in urban areas.

Other Country Markets for Energy Drinks Examined by MarketLine Include:

These new topical studies by MarketLine provide all-encompassing analyses of the performance of various country markets for energy drinks with reliable details on the historical background, current scenario and future outlook. Each report from the ‘energy drinks’ series includes top-line qualitative and quantitative information on the market, covers the market size and shares, uncovers updated statistics, touches upon the key competitive pressures, highlights the market dynamics and prevailing development trends. Moreover, each study contains future forecasts up till 2022.

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