Antibacterial Drug Resistance Market to Showcase Further Growth, Expects Roots Analysis in Its Report Published at

08 Dec 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – The over-prescription of antibiotics that is a result of improper diagnoses, widespread availability of antibiotics as OTC drugs, a lack of the adherence to proper regimens of dosage, etc. most of antibiotics are believed to be ineffective.

What is more, the lag between the time required for new drugs to enter the marketplace and the pace at which drug-resistant bacteria evolve is expanding at a relatively swift rate.

Consequently, the antibiotic drug resistance has become a burning issue which is turning into a global threat. Around 700,000 deaths occur on an annual basis owing to the resistance to antibiotic drugs.

So there is growing need for new antibiotics that would have novel mechanisms of action.

Governments of Europe and the U.S. very concerned over the situation, and they pay much attention to solving this issue. Their efforts include, for instance, support of R&D initiatives of drug developers.

The pipeline of new generation antibiotics includes some molecules targeting infections that are caused by deadly pathogens being classified as urgent threats by the CDC or under ESKAPE.

Several newcomers have entered this market and have already start working on novel antibiotics.

Approximately 200 new gen antibiotics have received approval since 2010/ or in preclinical/clinical stages of development. 10 of these drugs are commercially available.

The CAP segment is set to hold the largest share of the worldwide market by 2026.

Insightful research report “Antibacterial Drug Resistance: Market Landscape, Challenges and Upcoming Opportunities, 2016-2026” drawn up by Roots Analysis offers a comprehensive guide to the world’s market for antibacterial drug resistance. The study starts with a detailed introduction to this marketplace: it classifies bacteria, describes the concept of the drug resistance, limelights key antibacterial agents, and more.

The report explores the development pipeline and sheds light on the clinical development analysis. The research study throws light on marketed drugs and phase III drugs. It investigates emerging therapies in this market space.

The research report concentrates on major therapeutic areas and gives detailed market forecasts. It examines opportunities of this marketplace and projects development trends through 2026.

More in-demand studies by Roots Analysis are available at its page.


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