High Unmet Needs Still Exist in Global Asthma Therapeutics Market, States GBI Research in Its In-demand Topical Report Recently Added at MarketPublish

02 Dec 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – With disease occurrence linked to environmental as well as genetic factors, asthma is recognized as a chronic condition affecting the respiratory system.

Nowadays, asthma has high global incidence, and still there is no cure for it. Pharmacotherapeutic intervention helps to provide patients suffering from an increased level of asthma to control and also prevent certain symptoms. Currently, a number of inhalation therapeutic options are available.

Though remarkable scientific advancements and ongoing development of combination and add-on therapeutics have provided people suffering from asthma with treatment options that allow rather great level of disease control, high unmet needs still exist in the form of patients, who don’t respond well to the existing therapeutic options.

Presently, the pipeline product development is aimed at improvement of the current therapeutics and development of treatment options for satisfactory disease control, particularly to patients with unmet needs.

Topical research publication “Frontier Pharma: Asthma Therapeutics - Cytokine and Kinase Targeted Small Molecules and mAbs Increase Pipeline Diversity and Dominate First-in-Class Innovation” worked out by GBI Research gives access to a comprehensive guide to the world’s asthma therapeutics market and presents valuable reliable data on the asthma pipeline products. This report reviews the recent developments and innovations in the asthma therapeutics market, describes the current market landscape and contains an analysis of the deals landscape. It includes all the important info on the disease (like symptoms, pharmacotherapy and pathophysiology), covers the currently available treatment options as well as identifies unmet needs. The research report reviews the current pipeline first-in-class therapies, offers info on the product under development and outlines future possible growth prospects and possible market development.

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