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08 Aug 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – is very happy to inform that you can access BMI Research reports covering transport and shipping markets in different countries in its online store.

At present, a state of the Taiwanese economy is not very bright: the local economy is contracting due to a number of factors like ongoing weakness experienced by the Chinese economy. Being a key trade partner of Taiwan, China has huge impact on the state of the Taiwanese economy. Rail freight is expected to be the dominant one in terms of freight modes in 2016, up by 1.6% YoY from 2015…

In Turkey, swift economic growth encourages trade activities, as well. Positive developments are taking place in the field of freight and port throughput. Heavy growth is likely to occur across main ports and all freight ports in 2016. For instance, road freight is forecast to grow by more than 5% in 2016. It will possibly reach 2.2 billion tonnes in the same year. In the meantime, rail freight is expected to increase by 3.7%...

In Saudi Arabia, freight modes are forecast to witness relatively heavy growth in 2016. Rail freight is set to hold the dominant position by some margin in YoY terms. Its growth is encouraged by infrastructure projects requiring heavy goods’ transportation. However, road freight dominates this marketplace in terms the total market share. Key trade partners of this country in the short term will comprise: the USA, China, India and Japan.

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