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21 Jun 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Market Publishers is happy to announce that new country risk studies elaborated by BMI RESEARCH have been added to its online catalogue.

In Luxembourg, the economy is set to show moderate growth over the next decade, and this increase will be mainly encouraged by the financial services sector. Private consumption is expected to demonstrate sustainable growth in the years to come, and it will be supported by high levels of income and a low level of inflation. The inflation will stem from a gradual recovery taking place in the world’s commodities prices, a stable consumption rise and increasing housing prices. The local fiscal surplus is expected to be around 0.6 percent in 2016-2025.

In Montenegro, gradual growth is set to occur in real GDP in the years to come. It is forecast to rebound to just under 3 percent in 2016, and demonstrate further 3.2 percent expansion in 2017. Aluminum – key export commodity of this country – will provide support to the growth. The rate could be higher, but the increase is restrained by a combination of factors, such as weak external demand, political instability, and more.

In Norway, GDP growth is forecast to experience certain pressure given a slowdown taking place in investments in the hydrocarbons sector. The local government will continue to proceed with expansion of the fiscal policy, with stimulation of the demand and encouragement of stronger non-hydrocarbons’ sector growth being its major purposes. Though residential housing has been the number one contributor to overall GDP growth over the recent years, it is likely to be cool in the upcoming years.

The research reports offer insightful examination of risks across different countries. The studies comprise detailed economic outlooks of each country. They focus on operational risk of the countries and include in-depth macro outlooks.

Countries Covered in the Report Comprise:

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