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13 Apr 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – is very happy to inform that new country risk studies elaborated by BMI RESEARCH are currently available in its online catalogue.

In Mauritius, real GDP is forecast to exhibit modest growth in 2016 and 2017 due to recovery in the investment field, declining prices for oil and an expansionary fiscal policy. The government is expected to focus on spurring economic growth ahead of the fiscal consolidation. This is expected to result in an increase in the budget deficit in the upcoming years.

Ethiopia is set to be amongst the fastest growing economies in Africa over the period 2016-2017 due to large-scale investment. The local population is expected to be increasingly engaged in the economy given investments of the country’s government into the agricultural sector and improvement of the infrastructure.

Uruguay is forecast to witness a period of structurally lower growth in the years to come. However, this country is set to continue outpacing the region’s average GDP expansion since the local middle class provides support to growth of private consumption.  Inflation is expected to stay elevated since no significant policy measures aimed at stymieing price increases are likely to take place in the near term.

In Austria, real GDP is expected to grow at a higher rate if compared to recent years. Nonetheless, the local economic activity is likely to be lower that it is amongst regional peers, though external demand from the eurozone is currently improving.

These research reports represent valuable sources of information in different countries’ risks. Each study starts with a detailed economic outlook of the country being discussed. It sheds light on economic growth trends, delves deep into a fiscal policy and public debt, explores external trade and monetary policy, etc.

The reports comprise thorough political outlooks and a global macro outlook. They also include 10-year forecasts for each country. Some research studies cast light on operational risks, too.

Countries Investigated in the Reports Comprise:

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