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16 Mar 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Considering relatively positive macroeconomic forecasts for the Nordic countries and also sector trends, energy consumption is expected to increase through 2016 in Sweden. In a similar vein, whilst growth outlook for the region is improving, economic hardships in the Eurozone region remain a key risk factor for the power generation and consumption outlook for the country, as the increasing instability in the region could upset their economic activity.

In Sweden, where hydropower and nuclear dominate electrical power supply, the power outlook for the medium-term and long-term looks less bright. The greens' and Social Democrats' minority coalition government in power since September 2014 have announced their plans to shut down nuclear power stations and substitute it with renewable energy sources. However, a change to the country’s long-term energy strategy will likely demand support from the conservative party, thus bringing in uncertainty.

The worsening of the operating environment for nuclear energy in Sweden will likely instigate generators, like E.ON and Vattenfall, to scale down their output, as low electricity prices alongside novel nuclear taxation rules suppress profit expectations for power-generating units. Other domestic electricity sources, like hydropower, in tandem with an upsurge in electricity imports from Norway will consequently have to take up slack in the power mix in the coming ten years.

New market research report “Sweden Power Report Q2 2016” elaborated by BMI RESEARCH offers an essential guide to the power sector performance in Sweden.

It provides a comprehensive SWOT analysis of the national power sector; presents economic and demographic data for the country for 2015-2019 and 2020-2025; sheds light on the power forecast scenario. The study further provides deep insights into the country, covering the aspects like electricity generation and power generating capacity, electric power consumption, and also distribution and transmission issues. The report provides risk/reward ratings (RRRs) for the power industry; contains a database of the top 10 power projects by capacity; discusses the regulatory issues and competitive landscape; gives insights into sustainable energy policies. An overview of pricing issues is available as well. Additionally, the study presents an in-depth evaluation of the top 3 market players – Vattenfall, E.ON and Fortum, alongside giving insights into the competitive landscape. Detailed development forecasts are also available in the report.

Report Details:

Sweden Power Report Q2 2016
Published: March, 2016
Pages: 51 
Price: US$ 1,295.00

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