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09 Mar 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – TD The Market Publishers, Ltd. is very pleased to inform that new country risk studies by BMI RESEARCH now available in its online catalogue.

At present, Algeria is on the way to austerity, but country’s fiscal buffers that still remain will assist in postponing a more dramatic economic and fiscal adjustment. The country is expected to continue witnessing subdued growth in the years to come, and macroeconomic challenges will also continue to rise. Real growth may drop to 1.9 percent in the near term, while it stood at approximately 3.3 percent over the period 2010-2015. In 2016, the Algerian dinar is expected to continue weakening against the US dollar.

However, it is expected to weaken at a slower pace. Oil prices are unlikely to recover quickly and trade fundamentals of the country’s economy stay bleak. Foreign direct investments inflows are forecast to continue being sparse in the upcoming years given numerous restrictions and weak business climate in Algeria. 

In Australia, real GDP growth is expected to show a slowdown in the years to come due to a high share of the government spending in respect to GDP, sluggish growth in the working age population, and more. Real GDP growth is set to be around 2.3 percent over next ten years, while it grew by 2.9 percent annually over the past decade.

The research reports offer through examination of the different countries’ risks. The studies contain detailed economic outlook of each country under discussion. They cover latest events and activities related to the local economy. The reports also contain in-depth political and demographic outlooks. The research studies include valuable historical data and forecasts for all countries.

Countries Investigated in the Reports Comprise:

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