New Country Risk Reports Q1 2016 by BMI Research Now Available at

08 Dec 2015 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – TD The Market Publishers, Ltd. is extremely pleased to inform that new cutting-edge country risk reports Q1 2016 prepared by BMI Research have been recently added to its online catalogue.

Albania is expected to witness a relatively low growth trajectory in the years to come given weakness of private consumption and government efforts to carry out fiscal consolidation. Country's current account is set to remain firmly in deficit in the upcoming years due to a shortfall of the country’s large and entrenched trade balance. In the meantime, a scope regional instability is expected to increase following uncertainty in Greece that took place throughout 2015.

In Australia, growth of the real GDP is forecast to become slower in the years to come given a number of factors, such as a growing risk of deflation, a high share of government spending if compared to GDP, and more. As a result, real GDP growth is forecast to be no more than 2.3 percent on average over the next 10 years, while it averaged 2.9 percent over the last ten years.

In Germany, household consumption outlook is positive. Net savings rates for both the private and public sectors are set to remain high in the country in the years to come. The country’s account surplus is expected to reach its peak in 2015, while narrowing of the surplus is likely to be limited by a tight fiscal policy.

Countries covered in the reports comprise:



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